Woodcarvings From Val Gardena: Wooden Figures With Natural Charisma

wood carving art from Val Gardena Nativity figurines and wooden figures woodcarvings

Beautiful woodcarvings from Val Gardena

Wood carving everyone first and foremost think of souvenirs from the Alpine country. Perhaps that has an or other holiday already brought such figures. Here, the wood carving has a long tradition. You is one of the oldest crafts at all. Now this high-quality products available but also worldwide online. Who is more interested in unique work, which should to look even closer on Wood carvings world Web site. There are about how to hand-carved gifts made of wood.

The Val Gardena wood carving art

wood carving art from Val Gardena and wooden figurines Nativity carvings

The wood carvings are offered?

With much dedication and attention to detail, the woodcarvers manufacture their artworks from Val Gardena South Tyrol. According to tradition traditional Val Gardena, the various carving works of art are created together with professional wood-carvers, gilders and painters. For example, these include:

the wide range of wooden figurines,
Angel figurines,
Wooden animals and
exceptional wood carvings


However, a special highlight and speciality of wood-carvers in Val Gardena are the unique Nativity.

woodcarvings from Val Gardena and raft wood carving art

Distinctive wooden figurines with natural charisma

the unique wood figures from South Tyrol are today highly sought after by many collectors. This hand-carved treasures are true masterpieces and are always well received usually as a gift. Thanks to the unique quality of the wooden figurines have a long and lasting value.

wood carving art of Val Gardena and raft Ängelchen wood carvings

Madonna (virgins)

The Italian name Madonna stands for “My Mistress”. Most of the characters were originally manufactured for churches for the purpose of a biblical background. Most of the time, is meant the Holy Maria Mutter. Always wood Madonnas have an important role. Today they are not only in churches, but also in several apartments. They form there is always a distinctive focal point and pick up the ambiance appealing. The South Tyrolean can supply the entire range of wood Madonnas woodcarvers. It does not matter whether, for example, to a Madonna of love, a tenderer Madonna, a Madonna with child, a Madonna of the Alps or the Madonna of Lourdes. All figures represent unique, very appreciated among collectors.

woodcarvings from Val Gardena and wooden figures MadonenWhat is actually in the devotional?

The devotional involves Christian religious representations and religious figures. According to the Latin text, this is referenced on the concepts of “Devotion” and “Devotion”. The wooden cross with other decorations, which will be handed out at the confirmation, communion, but also for weddings and other events is one of the most popular devotional. Even life-sized field crosses and crosses for passion moves can be ordered on the portal of wood carving world. Including too many saints can be found, as for example

the Saint Anthony,
St. Christopher,
the Saint Hubertus as well as
a variety of number.

woodcarvings from Val Gardena wood carving art

A real Christmas crib from Val Gardena

Who do not wish a unique Nativity scene located under the local Christmas tree with carved wooden figures? Here, the children’s eyes will glow. The Christmas cribs are made of South Tyrol to the smallest detail. This, the customer must ultimately choose between many different styles. Not only the buildings make for an exciting eye-catcher, but also the Nativity animals and individual Nativity stables. A Nativity scene is now an integral part of every Christmas. With a real Grödener crib, lifelike figures and Nativity animals, a special note is awarded to each party. Wood carvings the world everyone now has even the possibility to order these high-quality Nativity inexpensively online.

wood carving from Val Gardena Nativity carvings

The Val Gardena wood carving art

Back well into the 17th century is the Val Gardena wood carving art. Originally they employed former mountain farmers in the winter time to carve little wooden figures and animals. Several Gardena farm families could earn a little extra income through this kind of avocation. Today, this art has become a new branch of economy. The wood carver from the Gardena Valley are now able to take orders online and can send the item within 48 hours. This is taken great value that the carvings packaged shipped to their destination.

wood carving from Val Gardena and raft wood carvings