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One Billion Rising 2018- Important Dates For February 14th

one billion rising february photo violence
one billion rising february africa

Every third woman in the world is unspoken or officially a victim of sexual abuse and violence. Every third woman is beaten and abused, and for every third woman (equivalent to one billion = one billion), aggression is part of everyday life and is forced to be perceived as normal. And because the facts are so frightening, but at the… Read more »

Sleep Better At Night? Yes, With A Few Well-tried Tips!

Sleep much more work time have proven tips
Better sleep well rested to start the day Wish millions of people worldwide

In stressful everyday life, modern people always have a lot to do, but it also brings many positive and negative emotions with it. In the evening you want to totally switch off and recover properly, find his inner balance again. In order to make this not only a good intent, we want in this article proven tips on how to… Read more »

New Trends In 2018 In Interior Design

New Trends 2018 round table glass
new trends 2018 round sofa

New Year, new happiness, as you often get to hear on these days! But we want to formulate this good New Year’s wishes differently and use the slogan: New Year, new trends 2018 in the interior! The old year 2017 is over and well-known designers and interior designers are trying to formulate the latest trends in interior design. Most of… Read more »

Ornate Wall Decor Ideas With Wallpapers By Ellie Cashman Design

peonies wallpaper motifs wall decoration ideas
beautiful peonies as wallpapers wall deco ideas

Do you need new wall decor ideas to feel even cozier and more secure in your own home? Well, then you are right here, because today it is ours the gorgeous wallpaper by Ellie Cashman , The Dutch designer creates beautiful floral motifs with much love and enviable ingenuity. And then, thanks to the latest technologies, they turn them into… Read more »

4 Simple Bathroom Ideas For Better Order In The Bathroom

Bathroom ideas more order
Detail of a modern bathroom with white sink and towels

Statistics show that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in every home. In larger families there often arises in the morning and in the evening a muddle, which actually gets on everyone’s nerves. The mess in the bathroom can even be counted among the inevitable problems in the family. In the bathroom you can often see scattered… Read more »

Christmas In The Shoe Box 2017 – So You Can Give Hope

christmas in the shoebox 2017 benevolence christmas gifts for all
christmas in the shoebox 2017 benevolence christmas miracle wishes

Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time for everyone for many fantastic reasons. It is said that miracles happen at Christmas and the strange thing is that many still firmly believe in it. The tradition of giving is lovingly maintained and you surround yourself with kindness and likes to put each other with it. The heart expands and opens in both… Read more »

Christmas Baking – Which Cookies Do You Bake When?

Christmas baking butter dough
Christmas baking

If you want to prepare for the biggest party of the year, you can get really far with DIY and DIY ideas. A party is, but not only Christmas decoration and designer tips to create a magical ambience for yourself and your loved ones. Christmas carols and gifts enjoy and be happy, but there is something more important than anything… Read more »

Pour Candles: Simple DIY Instructions And Important Tips

Candles pour mason glass diy gift idea
make scented candle yourself make candles

Make candles yourself basically means either pouring or pulling candles. Depending on what you prefer, you can easily master original DIY candles. These are not only to be used as a mood maker at home, but also to give away. Beautiful candles are generally among the most popular gift ideas for every occasion – Advent, Christmas, birthday or just because… Read more »