90 Tattoo Wrist Ideas According To The Latest Trends

Tattoo wrist designs are currently experiencing their comeback. More and more often, even some celebrities decide for small tattoos, just at this body site. The inside of the wrist is quite popular because it allows reasonably enough to hide the tattoo with jewelry or a wristwatch when needed. But also on the side of the wrist pierced tattoos look pretty cool and are not so noticeable at the same time. Tattoos on the back of the hand have become quite popular lately, and although this spot is much more exposed to the looks of others, many tattoo fans are taking this step.

Maybe just think about whether you are one small tattoo should sting on the wrist? Well, today we have put together 90 great tattoo wrist ideas for you. Discreet, original and diverse – there is certainly something for everyone.

Fine Tattoo Wrist Ideas

tattoo wrist ideas designs

Mini tattoos are very trendy

Minimalist tattoos with fine lines are increasingly favored by both women and men. The selection of designs is surprisingly extensive, despite the size. Many of them have a specific meaning or can be freely interpreted. Others are logos that reflect important life wisdom or quotes.

And yet others are so tiny and barely noticeable, but they contain a mission or message that only the enlightened can recognize. This is the case, for example, with the semicolon and the three-point tattoo.

Filigree characters as a wrist tattoo

graphic tattoo wrist

The heartbeat tattoo directly on the pulse artery or on any other parts of the body has been gaining in popularity recently. It is a petite tattoo that is a sign of life energy and movement. Of course, everyone can also have their own interpretation of it, depending on their life experience and world view.

Faith Hope Love Heartbeat Tattoo Interpretation

Heartbeat tattoo wrist idea

What do semicolon tattoos actually mean?

The small semicolon tattoos were created by the so-called”Semicolon Project”and are considered a symbol of zest for life and more confidence in life. The charitable project aims to support suicidal offenders and give them hope to continue living. The clear message of the semicolon: This sign is at the end of a sentence that could be ended by the author. But the author has decided not to do it. Just as you should do with your own life.

Semicolon tattoo wrist to combine with a heart

heart semicolon small tattoo wrist

Dotwork: How is this trend tattoo technique performed?

This tattoo trend or more precisely method is currently favored by many tattooists and tattoo lovers. Especially mandalas, but also graphic patterns come through this lancing method to advantage. Dotwork is relatively time consuming and is specially trained by tattoo artists and often done by hand. In black, gray or even in red, great tattoo motifs can be transferred to the skin, where true works of art come from numerous points. Just beautiful!

Dotwork wrist tattoo design to admire

dragon scales tattoo wrist

No matter which tattoo wrist design or lancing method you choose, find out well in advance. What about the cost, pain and care of the tattoo? Carefully choose the exact spot for your tattoo and discuss more details with the professional tattooist of your choice.

Have fun and a good luck!

Filigree jewelry tattoo on the wrist

tattoo wrist astrological jewelry tattoo

It can also be made more colorful

be happy tattoo wrist idea

Or even minimalist in dotwork

fine tattoo wrist idea jewelry

Ethno motifs are among the most popular tattoos on the wrist

dotwork tattoo wrist
ethno motif tattoo wrist

Spiritual signs and symbols have been firmly in fashion for a long time

tattoo wrist ideas little buddha tattoo

The Lotus flower is a popular classic among them

Tattoo wrist lotus crescent
lotus small tattoo wrist
lotus mini tattoo wrist
lotus red tattoo wrist idea
namaste lotus tattoo wrist idea

Indian motifs as a tattoo are often preferred in principle

Indian jewelry tattoo wrist

Among them, the elephant is particularly appreciated

elephant indian tattoo wrist

The sun is another popular tattoo motif

Indian small tattoo wrist
tattoo wrist dotwork graphic

Wrist tattoos with a Far Eastern flavor have it all

waves mountains japanese tattoo wrist
bracelet kanji tattoo wrist
minimalist tattoo wrist idea
wave graphic tattoo wrist

Religious signs are stung by believers or just like that

3d jewelry tattoo wrist
Jewelry bracelet with cross tattoo wrist

Flowers are still a topic in themselves

blue flower tattoo wrist
flowers jewelry tattoo wrist
flowers tattoo wrist ideas
flowers tattoo wrist ideas finger tattoos
colorful flowers mini tattoo wrist
colorful leaf tattoo wrist
triangle flower dotwork tattoo wrist
hibiscus tattoo wrist
roses tattoo wrist
tattoo wrist back flowers minimalist
delicate flower tattoo wrist

Colorful watercolor tattoos are still preferred by many

watercolor wristwatch man tattoo wrist
Half moon watercolor tattoo wrist
Watercolor tattoo wrist

So are 3D tattoos

3d spine tattoo wrist

Hearts and diamonds are simply timeless tattoos

heart friendship tattoo tattoo wrist
Heart tattoo wrist idea small tattoo for women
heart tattoo wrist minimalist
diamond tattoo wrist
small tattoo wrist heart infinity symbol
girl tattoo wrist arrows
infinity sign tattoo wrist idea with heart

The crescent moon tattoo is often seen especially on the wrist

crescent cats tattoo wrist
crescent jewelry tattoo wrist
small tattoo wrist with stars and crescent moon
moon sun tattoo wrist

Tiny crescent moon tattoos are often popular as a friendship tattoo among women

crescent moon women's small tattoo wrist

Different fonts and life mottos are pretty cool on the wrist

faith tattoo wrist idea
graphic tattoo man tattoo wrist
motto double tattoo wrist idea
motto font tattoo wrist
nice tattoo wrist women
selftrust font tattoo wrist
wanderlust tattoo wrist unisex

Classics such as anchor, compass, wolf and dream catcher tattoo are always at your disposal

anchor with flower tattoo wrist
Compass tattoo wrist small tattoos
dream catcher small tattoo wrist
wolf tattoo wrist idea women

When it comes to tattoo wrist ideas, creativity knows no bounds

bracelet fine infinity symbol tattoo wrist

eye tattoo wrist

eye tattoo tattoo wrist idea
code tattoo wrist man
eagle man tattoo wrist
graphic geometric tattoo wrist idea
indian tattoo wrist man

bee small tattoo wrist

fern plant tattoo wrist
wing tattoo wrist
small star tattoo wrist
mandala tattoo wrist
origami bird tattoo wrist
smoke jewelry tattoo wrist
jewelry graphic tattoo wrist
jewelry tattoo wrist idea
swallow tattoo wrist idea
Semicolon tattoo wrist against suicide
star tattoo wrist man and cat
starry eyes tattoo wrist
zodiac tattoo wrist
tattoo wrist flowers jewelry
infinity sign semicolon tattoo wrist
birds tattoo wrist small tattoo
mini tattoo wrist semicolon and lotus