Black Light Tattoo Is Actually Safe?

tattoos-UV tattoo eyes

Black light tattoo – your bright accessories

The desire has laid the foundations for the black light tattoo on glow-in-the dark accessories. UV tattoos are really popular and cool. To what extent are they but harmless? Today we will discuss the issue of the safety of UV tattoos. If you are a fan of the tattoos, this article may prove to be very useful for you.

UV tattoos – images and information

There are two types of glowing tattoos:

-Those that can be seen in the dark with black light. You remain invisible in other light except UV. At their tattoo using fluorescent pigment as an encore to the invisible ink. There is also a color UV ink, which can be seen during the day and also at black light.

-Those that shine in the dark and need no light source. To enable this effect by is there phosphorus to the ink.

UV tattoos are certainly attractive and unusual… But, the question remains open after their safety.

Luminous butterflies

tattoos designs UV tattoo butterflies

UV tattoos, contained phosphorus as held for health dangerous. They can cause skin diseases and cause allergies. It is believed that tattoos that glow only under UV light, bear no risk for the health.

To prevent allergies, we advise to you, to keep your UV tattoo of the Sun about three months. Also, you must avoid the use of perfumed creams and lotions to protect the ink without damage.


Alchemy UV tattoo ideas

If you have opted for a UV tattoo, check beforehand where a specialized Studio is so that you can minimize the risks. The UV tattoos are undoubtedly a great accessory, which is a hammer night club fans. Motifs below cool designs and tattoo! Have fun!

UV tattoo – unique designs

tattoos-UV tattoo ideas

Tattoo designs with flower

tattoos-UV tattoo ideas beautiful flower

Sweet bird

tattoos-UV tattoo ideas bird

Colored dragonfly

tattoos-UV tattoo Dragonfly

Marine inspired

tattoos-UV tattoo sea inspiration

Jellyfish motif

tattoos-UV tattoo jellyfish

Arm UV tattoo

tattoos-UV tattoo sayings upper arm

Tiger on the upper arm

tattoos-UV tattoo Tiger

Skull pattern

tattoos-UV tattoo skull

Unique rose

Tattoos Uv Tattoo Unique Rose

More UV tattoo designs

tattoos-UV tattoo forearm

Black light tattoo – spine

tattoos-UV tattoo spine

Original bracelet

tattoos-UV tattoo bracelet

Cool tattoos – rose

tattoos-UV tattoo ideas flower pattern

UV tattoos are hammer

UV tattoo flower pattern breast

UV tattoo ideas

women Uv tattoos UV tattoo

UV tattoo with flower pattern

UV tattoos UV tattoo red flowers

Butterfly tattoo with jewelry

women Uv tattoos black light tattoo butterfly back

Snow flakes

UV tattoos black light tattoo snowflakes


women Uv tattoos black light tattoo

Wild and emotionally

male tattoos black light tattoo

Male UV tattoos

UV tattoos black light tattoo sleeve

Knife on the finger

black light tattoo finger knife

Stars in the neck

black light tattoo neck star

Bright wings

black light tattoo back wing


black light tattoo arm hammer

“Dark Mark”

black light tattoo dark mark

Cool tattoos designs – rose

cool Uv tattoo Rose

Three star

tattoos black light tattoo forearm

Bird on the finger

tattoos finger UV tattoo bird

Flowers at the foot

tattoos foot black light tattoo flowers


tattoos black light tattoo forearm

Tattoo sayings – family

tattoos black light tattoo hand

Beautiful tattoo fonts

tattoos black light tattoo dream

More design motifs in UV

tattoos black light tattoo motifs

Cute and funny

tattoos-UV tattoo designs

Tribal tattoo for men

tribal tattoos black light tattoo

Heart with Crown

forearm of tattoos black light tattoo heart Crown

Jupiter and Sagittarius

forearm UV tattoo Jupiter Sagittarius

Star on your wrist

wrist tattoo star motif

Cool and cheerful

UV tattoo cat on the back

Lips on your neck

UV tattoo motives lips

Musical inspiration

UV tattoo sayings musical

tattoos black light tattoo on the foot

Tattoo on back for women

tattoos black light tattoo flower on the back

On the Palm of the hand

tattoos black light tattoo hand

Great color

tattoos black light tattoo hand red

Cross motif

tattoos black light tattoo cross motif


tattoos black light tattoo skeleton hand


black light tattoo love tattoos sayings