Tattoo Fonts – 49 Ideas And Sayings For Your Personal Lettering

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The tattoos with fonts are some of the most popular and popular tattoos in the last couple of years since they look quite simple. They express your thoughts and feelings, thereby showing your understanding of the events of this world. The choice of the font depends entirely on you. Currently, the fonts are very popular and up-to-date in Chinese, Japanese, and Jewish. When you make your decision and visit a tattoo studio, the tattoo artist becomes Offer a catalog of fonts, so you prefer the best for yourself. He will still help you choose the appropriate body part and the orientation of the script. The tattoo artist will present you with the method to which he will apply the tattoo and how much time your skin needs to be healthy. Take care of it yourself!

In the article: 3 tattoo care instructions for the perfect aftercare You will find important tips and tricks for a faster healing after tattooing.

Find the matching font for your tattoo

The selection of tattoo fonts is, in fact, so huge that you lose track of the whole thing quickly. Fortunately, some online portals, the so-called font generators, Tattoo fonts to generate , So you can test different fonts for tattoos easily on the Internet and make the perfect font for your next tattoo yourself. With the help of such tattoo font generators you can only set the font, size and color with just a few clicks, and if you are satisfied with the results, you can download the template, print it and show it to the tattoo artist of your trust. Easier to go!

The Infinity symbol Is very often combined with tattoo fonts

Tattoo fonts infinity symbol you and me

Well, the most important thing is the actual saying or the word you want to get under your skin. Because if it is a permanent tattoo, you should accept that it will remain on your body for as long as you do not remove it or overwrite it. What is again associated with costs and pain.

It is no less important, therefore, to the body of the tattoo itself. Depending on the way of life and the work sector, one should already consider in advance which parts of the body are in question for a tattoo and which may be a taboo. In most cases, a tattoo is not recommended – face, neck, legs, or hands. Similar to piercing, however, the decision lies only with you and only then do you bear the responsibility as well as the consequences.

The inner side of the forearm is therefore often chosen as a tattoo site

Writing tattoo underarm love

What types of tattoo fonts are available for you?

There are thousands of fonts that would be possible for a tattoo. Mainly, however, these are shared in some fonts. The four most popular and popular of these are – calligraphy, printed, handwriting and the recent heart-beat font. Depending on the taste, body position and length of the spell, these fonts are different for each type of tattoo. The choice of the font is also often chosen gender-specific. A filigree curved manuscript, on the other hand, looks much better on a delicate ladies’ shoulder or wrist compared to printed block letters than on a muscular male breast. So, before the actual tattooing, try out different variants and play in your mind where you really want the tattoo.

The hip heart beat font

Writing tattoo women heart power shoulder tattoo heart beat

Some particularly hip body sites for fine tattoos in women are, for example, the spine or the two rib sides as well as the site behind the ear. Men prefer upper or lower arm as well as larger tattoo fonts on the chest or on the back.

Trendy trends in tattoos with fonts

A popular tattoo trend has been for several years, the names of their own children or the lover to the rear part of the forearm. Men often do it with larger calligraphy letters in blackwork and women rather in filigree handwriting. Tattoo fonts can also be perfectly combined with different motifs, such as feathers, hearts, swallows, etc.

White tattoos are currently quite trendy, as are tattoos with black light ink. These, together with the water color tattoos, are also very simple for fonts.

Watercolor tattoos are particularly popular this season

Watercolor tattoo with font women tattoo

Also find the perfect idea for your tattoo with writing and let it stand out from an experienced tattoo artist. Your motto of life, an ancient wisdom, an affirmative slogan or a name – this is really only yours.

Be inspired by our picture gallery and if possible, try a non-permanent tattoo first.

Have fun viewing and searching! We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Ankle joints are preferred by both women and men for tattoos

Leg tattoo writing ideas tattooing

The feet are just as much for the tattoos

Foot tattoo font tattoo

Delicate font and delicate flower in one

Poppy tattoo idea women shoulder

Filigree back tattoo tattoo sayings flowers

Hortensie font tattoo idea

Spine tattoos are definitely among the most popular trends par excellence

Filigree font spine tattoo women tattoo

Megan Fox prefers tattoo fonts on his back

Tattoo fonts lettering megan fox

And which is your desired tattoo site?

Underarm tattoo writing ideas

Dance tattoo with font infinity foot tattoo

Dolce vita tattoo writing ideas wrist arm

Be free tattoo fonts hand tattoo

Friendship, tattoo, writing, friends, infinity, foot, tattoo

Neck tattoo font be happy women tattoo

Little tattoo saying smile women tattoo

Little tattoos sayings always

Love without basic tattoo underarm

Lifetime stern tattoo underarm tattoo

Neck tattoo font letter calligraphy tattoo

Name tattoo writing ideas for men wrist tattoo

Upper arm tattoo script ideas family

Writing tattoo foot smile

Writing tattoo ideas women tattoo on the back

Writing tattoo neck lifestyle

Shoulder tattoo women's writing tattoo

Shoulder tattoo motif pen name

Tattoo on the back tattoo font English

Tattoo writing ideas with heart affirmation

Tattoo writing ideas neck tattoo

Tattoo writing ideas tattoos

Fonts tattoo
Tattoo fonts
Fonts tattoo
Tattoo fonts tattoo
Tattoo fonts tattoo
Tattoo sayings ideas war

Tattoo fonts on the shoulder tattoo

Tattoo writing shoulder tattoo with lettering

Tattoo writing tattoo underarm idea

Tattoo writing underarm name love

Tattoo spike neck shoulder tattoo

Love symbol tattoo font idea

Father, daughter, tattoo, writing, idea, forearm, tattoo

Wanderlust tattoo motif wrist

Spine tattoo women tattoo fonts ideas

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