The Watercolor Tattoo – Most Beautiful Motifs And Important Tips

A new trend has already established itself some time ago on the international tattoo scene – the watercolor tattoo. Also called watercolor tattoo, this kind of tattoo features the magnificent flowing colors that look like painted on a canvas. We are already no longer used to seeing blackwork tattoos with their black lines and profiles. In the field of body art, something has often happened. Maybe you already have in addition to biomechanics, 3D and Maori Tattoos Also the so-called white tattoos and even those, which were stung with black light ink.

But watercolor tattoos are something quite different. As tattooed with real brushstrokes, these tattoos fascinate with their highly artistic charm. Experienced tattoo artists swear by the uniqueness of the tattoos in watercolor optics, although not every tattoo artist in the watercolor tattoo technique is perfect. So if you opt for a watercolor tattoo, then you definitely find a tattoo artist with enough experience and talent, by the way Per se applies. Today we have collected some of the most beautiful motifs and ideas for Watercolor tattoos for you.

The watercolor tattoo – first-class body art in delicate colors

Watercolor tattoo bird shoulder women tattoo idea

But first you’ll find out more about the watercolor tattoos and then let the pictures speak for themselves!

Are Watercolor Tattoos really durable?

It is, in fact, a question that one poses before tattooing. The answer is, of course, relative, because it depends first on whether the tattoo artist uses high-quality colors and sticks them deep enough into the skin.

Light fading due to the UV sunrays is normal, as is the case with conventional tattoos. In the case of water color tattoos, in addition to the colors, it is also recommended to pry outlines, because these have a positive effect on the longevity of the motifs.

Filigree ballerina on the shoulder

Ballerina watercolor tattoo upper arm

Which body is the right one?

Of course, the right place is not. Because everyone has their own preferences and ideas about where his watercolor tattoo is to be engraved. Nevertheless, here is a simple rule: prefer these body sites, which are rarely exposed to the sun. Thus, the tattoo fades much more slowly and the colors get their luminosity much longer. Some of the most favorable body parts are, for example, the thigh, the scapula, the sides, the abdomen and the back. Fingers, hands and ankles are rather unfavorable in this context. In addition, you should remember to always provide sufficient space for the Watercolor Tattoo, because otherwise the beautiful colors can not unfold properly. Avoid the combination with other existing tattoos. A watercolor tattoo is like a real work of art and should therefore stand alone on the skin.

Watercolor tattoo idea with angel on thigh

Engel tattoo idea watercolor tattoo

Does the watercolor tattoo fit your skin type?

Well, logically, tattoos in watercolors look the most beautiful when they are stung on bright skin types. Similar to drawing on the white surface of the sheet or canvas. Whether you have dry or greasy skin, it does not play a role. In the case of persons with a darker skin, the watercolor tattoos are definitely not recommended.


Whether the watercolor tattoo trend continues for longer, only the time will determine. However, it is a fact that Watercolor Tattoos are one of the most beautiful tendencies that have so far arisen in tattoos and are immediately becoming undisputed hunts. Let yourself be inspired by the awesome motifs and vibrant colors and find your right body point and your own, very individual motif for a tattoo in watercolors!

Elegant watercolor tattoo on the shoulder

Women tattoo ideas shoulder tattoo watercolors tattoo

Watercolor tattoo blue back tattoo women
Atom tattoo watercolor tattoo underarm idea
Watercolor tattoo forearm colorful colors
Lion tattoo watercolor tattoo trend
Mandala watercolor tattoo upper arm
Pusteblume motif colorful watercolor tattoo
Stars watercolor tattoo watercolor
Tattoo watercolor forearm tattoo
Watercolor tattoo underarm watercolor tattoo
Watercolor tattoo back geometric pattern
Elephant watercolor tattoo ideas leg tattoo
Frida kahlo watercolor tattoo idea
Anchor motif watercolor tattoo forearm
Bandwatch watercolor tattoo watercolor
Chemistry watercolor tattoo ideas men tattoo
Fish quail motif arm tattoo idea watercolor tattoo
Heart tattoo ideas watercolor tattoo women
Dog motif water colors tattoo underarm
Dog watercolor tattoo leg
Watercolor tattoo idea shoulder women tattoo cat
Watercolor tattoo upper arm men tattoo
Cat watercolor tattoo shoulder
Small mermaid watercolor tattoo idea
Small tattoos watercolor ideas women tattoo
Hummingbird bird watercolor tattoo ideas
Horse tattoo shoulder breast watercolor tattoo
Reh motif watercolor tattoo idea
Pink watercolor tattoo women tattoo
Rose tattoo idea shoulder
Back tattoo butterfly colorful watercolor tattoo
Watercolor tattoo stars shoulder women tattoo
Tattoo watercolor to the moon and back
Tiger watercolor tattoo shoulder idea
Watercolor tattoo thigh women tattoo
Watercolor tattoo colorful colors tattoo trend
Watercolor tattoos ideas watercolor tattoo
Watercolor tattoos small women tattoo
Wolf tattoo colorful watercolor tattoo