77 Modern Bathroom Tiles Ideas Of The Italian Company Of Cerdomus

Anima bathroom beige shades tiles Cerdomus modern bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles ideas to suit all tastes

The Italian factory Cerdomus proves to be the leader in the production of ceramic granite tiles. To use contemporary technology and the best composite how – get white clay in Germany and the Ukraine. The production is characterized by very high quality characteristics. Each tile Cerdomus is checked for quality, thus avoiding cracks and even minor errors.

Modern bathroom tiles ideas cerdomus specifically for your bathroom

exotic bathroom design Buddha shape modern bathroom tiles

The dynamics, technological innovation, new product development, interest in design and cooperation with other designers suggests the flavour and high quality under the motto “Made in Italy” on the international market.

The company is a recognized manufacturer of ceramic tiles, through its specialized production and technological know-how. Cerdomus is able to design modern interior design by working with the best planners and designers and realize. It offers advanced products for foreign customers.

Wave wall tiles for the bathroom

wave wall tiles of Cerdomus bathroom

Dome, Angkor, Avenue, Kyrah, Lily, over, stage are the magnificent collections cerdomus, representing numerous offers for the bathroom, living room, kitchen and outdoor Pointe, wave, and dynasty. Designs of all these collections can here see and appreciate their aesthetic presence itself.

Penthouse apartment in London

penthouse apartment London Architecten bathroom

A video of Archiproducts

The collection of “Avenue”

bathroom tiles ideas Avenue wood tiles wall mirror of Cerdomus

Contempora collection

bathroom Cerdomus contempora Italian

Contempora design provides much more

bathroom tile wall tiles modern bathroom tiles ideas contempora

Cerdomus / Club

bathroom tile ideas bathroom tile floor Cerdomus Club

Cerdomus and the collection of “Regis”

bathroom tiles Regis classic wall mirror of Cerdomus

Is black always in fashion when it comes to bathroom

la Montagn'art à UN loft Chair yellow wall mirror

‘Wave’ wall tiles bathroom tile ideas bathroom tile wave Cerdomus wall tiles

Purist wall tiles in the modern bathroom

purist wall tiles bathroom of Cerdomus

Mosaic tiles as a bathroom – Lefka collection

bathroom tiles ideas bathroom modern bathroom tiles cloths mirror of Cerdomus

“Savanna” wood look wall tiles

savanna tile bathroom wall

Lefka mosaic tiles

Bathroom bedroom tiles mosaic Lefka

“Tahoe” wall and bathroom tiles

bathroom tile ideas bathroom Tahoe wall tiles floor tiles of Cerdomus

Pitsou Kedem

Pitsou Kedem modern bathroom tiles of design Cerdomus wood stool

Cerdomus / epic

bathroom tiles Cerdomus epic

Flint collection bathroom tile ideas bathroom tile Cerdomus Flint

Empire cerdomus

modern bathroom tiles of Cerdomus Empire

Clear lines of “Chrome” Cerdomus

bathroom tiles chrome Cerdomus shower

Lefka Maxi

bathroom tiles ideas wall tiles white of Maxi Cerdomus

Oak design

bathroom tile ideas bathroom tile mirror oak

Darker shades of oak

oak bathroom pool candles of Cerdomus tile

Oak black

barrique bath tiles floor tiles bathroom

Wall tiles barrique

barrique bath tile wall tile of Cerdomus

Benchmark Collection

bathroom tiles ideas benchmark bathroom of Cerdomus

Matt tones

benchmark bathroom black basket sink

Benchmark in red

benchmark red bathroom tiles Cerdomus

Tradition meets modernity

bathroom tiles ideas blue wall tiles floor tiles wood sink


bathroom tiles ideas of Cerdomus bathroom tiles Tahoe style

Hampstead London

Hampstead London bath house

Club wood

Club bathroom tiles floor tiles of Cerdomus

Dome design

bathroom tiles ideas dome bathroom of design Cerdomus

Dome collection

bathroom tiles ideas dome Cerdomus bathroom bathtub freestanding

Cerdomus and his Durango

Durango bathroom tiles design

Durango dark red

Durango Cerdomus bathroom tiles floor tiles bathroom sink

Epic in natural colors

epic bathroom tile wall tile granite tiles of Cerdomus

Hiro’s beige

tiles bathroom Cerdomus of Hiro's

Forge for the bathroom

bathroom tiles ideas forge bathroom wall floor of Cerdomus

Hiro’s in marble look

Hiro's bathroom tile wall floor

Kairos with mosaic effect

bathroom tiles ideas of Cairo bathroom tiles window wall

Kairos in grey than wall tiles

Kairos bathroom wooden wall tiles

Quite conventionally in light brown – Kairos collection

Kairos traditional bathroom tiles floor tiles of Cerdomus

Kyrah gives rural touch

bathroom tiles ideas Kyrah bathroom of Cerdomus tile

Natural effect and Kyrah

Kyrah bathroom modern tiles Cerdomus

Lefka with mosaic effect

bathroom tiles ideas Lefka shower sink tiles

Cerdomus and Lefka

wall tiles Lefka collection Cerdomus bath tile

Lily wall tiles

bathroom tiles ideas Lily bathroom of Cerdomus Dresser

Italian style

Lily bathroom round mirror candle stand

Metalskin effect

Metalskin bathroom of design Cerdomus

Refined ambiance

master bathroom with double sinks and closet space

Masculine touch in Brown

Bathroom tile ideas floor tile wall tiles bathroom

Pietra d Assisi

Pietra D Assisi concrete look bathroom of Cerdomus

Pietra di Borgogna

style Pietra Di Borgogna bathroom tiles

Same collection

Pietra di Borgogna bathroom tile of design Cerdomus

Portico – country house style portico wooden chair bathroom tiles

Feminine touch and beige shades

project of Cerdomus bathroom mounted sink mosaic tiles

ROK collection cerdomus

ROK bathroom tiles design modern Cerdomus

Neutral colors

ROK bathroom wall tile mirror of Cerdomus

Sculpture collection – neutral environment

sculpture water of Cerdomus bathroom modern bathroom tiles

Sculpture in red

sculpture red wall tiles of Cerdomus modern bathroom tiles

Stage pointe

stage Pointe bathtub of Cerdomus modern bathroom tiles


Tableau wall tiles Cerdomus design

Wood collection

wood bathroom wood finish bathroom tiles green