88 Italian Cerdisa-Ceramiche Tiles

Achistone d bloomstone floor tiles Italy

Cerdisa-Ceramiche is 1959 and offers exquisite wall tiles in response to the development of innovative production technologies at Ceramiche Ricchetti Spa group.

Cerdisa is one of the first factories, which produces porcelain stoneware porcelain tiles and gaining recognition in the largest area of the project. Today is a wide range of ceramic floor and wall tiles with a high technological value on the market. Cerdisa’s innovation consists in the wealth of experience and has an ever-increasing focus on customer needs. It offers full service solutions for the design schemes, both for individual customers, for the individual and for the community as a whole.

Italian tiles of Cerdisa-Ceramiche

Gainsboro NAT part books Cerdisa tiles

All Italian ceramic tiles represent the tradition, the experience and the innovation, connected in an excellence. These lead to new solutions in the architecture world Cerdisa. In accordance with the latest design trends, Cerdisa produces functional and beautiful tile – versatile products for Interior and exterior, the floor and the walls. To invest considerable energy in the protection and strengthening of the products “Quality and originality”. Supported by the service and the advertising materials, the company offers products that uncover a meaningful, significant and essential style.

Floor tiles for the swimming pool

bathroom tiles ideas pool floor tiles Cerdisa wood

Cerdisa is an ethical and responsible attitude to the environment and the people.  The company long has worked to improve the production processes and quality, by reducing consumption and on renewable energy sources. Cerdisa is a member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the American society, which regulates the construction of sustainable buildings and running. Thanks to their technical, structural characteristics and the 20% to 40% recycled composite Cerdisa brand products can contribute to the LEED rating.

Achistone d bloomstone

Achistone d bloomstone floor tiles Italy

Achistone Pietra di Bavaria

Achistone Pietra Di Bavaria dining room tile

Zen interior design

Achistone Pietra Di Bavaria Zen establishment

Almond Lapp Cerdisa

almond Lapp Cerdisa tiles abstract art

Bedroom Cerdisa tiles

bedroom tiles ideas Cerdisa Italian

Black leather sofa

Altai leather sofa black

Altai in beige and Brown

Altai sink mirror #-altaj sink mirror

Archistone lime series

Archistone limestone Bianco living room

Archistone limestone Crema

pool outdoor use

Archistone Pietra di Bavaria

Archistone Pietra Di Bavaria Cerdisa outdoor

Bathroom and shower

ash NAT Cerdisa tiles bathroom

Grey monochromatic tiles in the bathroom

grey Grafite wall tiles bathroom sink

Grey wall tiles in the bathroom

light grey tiled bathroom COMMODE

Cementi Cerdisa

Cementi collection Cerdisa bedroom

Sturdy, eco-friendly wall tiles Cerdisa

Cerdisa floor wall tile

Levitas collection

Cerdisa tiles bathroom online Levitas bathroom tile ideas

Open living areas

Cerdisa Italian tiles living area stairs

Chromatic flooring

Darkstone red armchair Cerdisa Fleisen

Beige wall tile and glass walls

Cerdisa open residential tile

Sunny environment

Cerdisa stone wall garden floor tiles

Remarkable, minimalist atmosphere

wall shelf bedside lamps cats ornaments

Wood flooring and Cerdisa tiles

wood flooring wire chairs outdoor garden

Effective, Italian tile

summer residence tiles flooring

Pale floor tiles in the Home Office

wood look tile floor Home Office Cerdisa

Nature-oriented look at the pool

swimming pool wood flooring ideas stool

Wall tiles in the bathroom

graphite black Cerdisa tiles Italian bath

Brown Wall and floor tiles of Cerdisa

bold Brown colors saturated Cerdisa tiles

CityLine Cerdisa

CityLine Cerdisa tiles Italy

More living ideas by CityLine’s collection

CityLine pink sofas Cerdisa tiles

Beige pattern tiles in the bathroom pattern flower wall tiles Cerdisa

Innovative wall decoration in the bathroom

bathroom tiles ideas shine Italian Fleisen bad pattern

Magnificent, monochromatic flower pattern

black white flower pattern wall decoration tilesGreige NAT collection Cerdisa tiles

Greige collection

H2o life Bordo Listelli

H2O life Bordo

H2o life Bordo Monolitico pool

H2O life project

H2o life project Cerdisa

H2O sports project

H2o sports project tile

H2O sports project Cerdisa

bathroom tiles ideas H2o sports project Cerdisa

Sports project at the pool

H2o sports project tile

Hamada collection for outdoor

Hamada outdoor tile floor

Ceiling walls with tiles covered

high ceiling wall tiles Chair interesting

Colorful, pop duvet

Honey color floor tiles bedroom

Clear, smooth tile surface

Indian silk floor lamps tiles Italian

Indian silk

bathroom tiles ideas Indian silk Cerdisa tiles flooring

Juta grip

Juta grip Cerdisa tiles outdoor

Legnotech collection

bathroom tiles ideas Legnotech leaves pattern wall

Classic, ornate look

Sisch artistic tradition Italian tiles of Klas

Legnotech kitchen rear wall

Legnotech kitchen rear wall tile

Levitas tiles at the hotel reception

Levitas Cerdisa tiles HP Hotel

Tiles for outdoor

Levitas collection Cerdisa tiles pool

Indirect, built-in lighting in blue

bathroom tiles ideas Levitas pool swimming pool tiles

Wall tiles cover up luxury and character

aesthetic tiles wall collection Italian Cerdisa

Symmetry and style on the wall

stone optics idea concrete tiles Italy

Floor tiles in beige

bathroom tiles ideas pool loungers recreation ground Cerdisa tiles

Garden design with POOl

pool built a garden model glass walls

Reliefiert and close to nature

Omnia collection floor tiles Reliefiert

Brilliant, blue wall tiles in the bathroom

blue tiles bathroom ideas

Bang red for the kitchen

bathroom tiles ideas pop red tiles kitchen dining area round dining table fridge

Bathroom tiles in red

red bathroom design by Cerdisa

Bright orange circle pattern wall tiles

circle pattern wall tiles orange colors

Combining pink and pink

bathroom tiles ideas feminine beam effect Fleisen wall bath

Pietraforte collection

Pietraforte sofa floor skylight

Warm, neutral shades of brown colour

apartment bathtub ideas window bathroom

Perfect consistency of materials

bathroom tiles ideas rough fabrics materials wall tiles bathroom sink

Pietra Piasentina

Piasentina stone dining room lamps

Romantic purple bathroom tiles ideas pool candles romantic Cerdisa tiles

Comfortable living Cerdisa

cosy residential atmosphere Cerdisa floor tiles Italy

Portland tiles collection

Portland Cerdisa floor wall tile

Brown pattern – floor tiles

combined tiles floor Cerdisa Italy style

Sandstone shades

sandstone color tiles Italian

Urban furnishing ideas

sandstone collection colors ideas

Simple marble effect

glossy floor tiles of Cerdisa marble effect

Saturnia floor tiles

Saturnia couch table round tiles

Combining rustic and modern

Saturnia table wooden beams light

Sadhanala Immagine

Sadhanala Immagine dining room tile

Living area separated into two parts

grey brown colors Wandfleisen Chair floor lamp

Stone cult

bathroom tile ideas tile Stone Cult design

Pattern carpet from floor tiles

gray floor tile design pattern carpet Cerdisa

Bold color combination in the bathroom

daring colors nuances tiles floor wall Cerdisa

Elegant, pleasant textures and surfaces in the bathroom

textures surfaces interior design elegant cute bath Cerdisa tiles

Colorful elements on grey background

bathroom tiles ideas grey design colorful patterns spice up tiles

Pink surfaces for ladies

feminine creation pink pink colours sink bathroom tiles

Shining details

detail beautiful floor tiles ideas Cerdisa

Living room in the modern home

living room in modern home

Carpet patterns from floor tiles

pattern carpet tiles flooring

Translucent wall tiles

tree nature nice ideas wall tiles Cerdisa