Bathroom Tiles Properly Lay – A Few Professional Tips For You

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bathroom tiles properly lay elegant honeycomb pattern in light grey

Bathroom tiles properly set

Who does not know the problem flaking and loose tiles -? If the substrate has been prepared incorrectly, intensified the pressure between the tiles and they flake off or the grout gets cracks. Almost all materials and surfaces in the House are worn with time – they expand or shrink. Even with the shuttering Panel are these changes feel.

Here you find a few professional tips for the preparation and execution of the tiling in the bathroom that will make you a valuable help.

As first, avoid large tiles. The many smaller tile joints to prevent their movement and their spreading over time. If you have such a bright bathroom, as indicated below, smaller tiles in neutral, lighter shades are the right choice. The darker tile absorb much light and heat and spread in this way much longer.

Sand color is perfectly suited

bathroom tiles properly laying oval free-standing tub off white ceramic

Make sure that the substrate free of dust, dirt or adhesive mortar is. That made for a better adhesion of the tiles.

Below is a skillful move. In this case, count the most, the fact that the joints with adhesive or conventional mortar have been filled.

The substrate can move unverhindert in this way without causing flaking

bathroom tiles properly laying sand and smooth

Do you often drive over bridges? If Yes, then you have probably already noticed that bridges have expansion joints. Yes, exactly – it is this weird rattling under the tires. You hear it especially when it gets colder because of the concrete then shrinks. In the summer when the temperatures rise, the material stretches back and the joints are filled.

So you have to think also when laying tiles. It is important to remember that tiles are movable. To give her flexibility during tile floor, you need membranes feedback from anyway.

The membranes of strata mat of grout are a recommendation of high quality

bathroom tiles properly laying rubber hammer insert

Unfortunately, if you hear a Clunk when iterating on your newly laid tile floor, that could mean a potential Abplatzung. The reason for this is most likely a sparsely-run priming or insufficient amount of mortar.

With a rubber hammer handle you to carefully knock the suspicious site. So you can evaluate the best, where exactly the problem lies.

The same also applies to the bath base

bathroom tiles properly laying bathtub with base

In steam showers, you must be extra careful and use a special grout that adapts very quickly to the high temperature and extreme wetness.

The steam showers, which are especially popular in the winter, are in principle to handle extra

bathroom tiles properly laying shower cabin with glass door

Glass spreads particularly hard. When such large glass panels that allow plenty of light and heat, quickly increases the internal temperature in the bath and leads to more intense stretch in the tiles.

In such cases, use double-layer, waterproof membranes for the corners of the shower enclosure

bathroom tiles properly laying good ventilated through large Windows

Products such as NobleSeal TS membranes are thicker and withstand a stronger pressure.

With large bathrooms, one must not forget the expansion joints. If your bathroom is longer or wider than 4 metres, you should it think in any case and use this special mortar mixtures and tile adhesive, which can withstand the shrinking and stretching of the tiles without concern you.

With this professional advice are prepared now better at things tiles and certainly no surprises have more with your tile floor. Let us hope that at least!

bathroom tiles properly laying minimalist shiny grey white

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