Beautiful Tile Decoration Made Ceramic Wallpaper Look

Dekofliesen as wallpaper

Romantic Dekofliesen of ceramics that look like wallpaper

Do you Dekofliesen are not comfortable enough for your living room? Then you should look at this beautiful ceramic wall tiles more. Combine the benefits of wall tiles and the soft, ornate texture of the wallpaper. The French manufacturer of Novoceram has produced a variety of Dekofliesen with filigree patterns. Two variants of it, which we have like the best are the Florilège and Trèsjouy series.

The first reminiscent of a paradise-like garden with delicate flowers and colorful birds. The silky-smooth surface of the cushion looks very classy and is pleasant to the touch. Thus, each space can be lighten up and completely transform. With the Dekofliesen of this series, you have always a heavenly feeling at home and your guests to enjoy an incomparable, floral ambience.

The Dekofliesen series Trèsjouy were inspired by the ancient French tradition, the houses with toile de Jouy fabrics and wallpaper to decorate. The characteristic, fine pattern of this style are on a white background and usually dramatic or historic scenes. Very often they are hunting motifs or everyday activities of the nobles. Earlier, toile de Jouy, who actually originally comes from Ireland, was applied mainly in traditional country houses and residences set up. The filigree patterns have proved to be timeless, and also now very happy to be integrated in the modern interior. With the Dekofliesen from Trèsjouy, you can create a cozy and at the same time romantic atmosphere without further ADO.

Attach small cages with plants to achieve a stronger garden effect

Dekofliesen with floral patterns and birds

Would you ever guess that it’s a tile?

Dekofliesen intricately painted

Especially in the dining area, the colourful Dekofliesen are very welcome

Dekofliesen masterfully decorated with flowers and birds

Other accessories in the Asian style are in harmony with the magnificent wall motifs

decorative tiles In the Chinese-style

By very close look the tiles as a masterful painting

Dekofliesen Butterfly motif

Romantic dinner for two

Dekofliesen with romantic motifs

Toile de Jouy reloaded

decorative tiles noble atmosphere motifs

Masterful and timeless

Dekofliesen with Baroque drawings

Even in some places, these traditional patterns are very popular

decorative tiles wallpaper look at the bar

Cuddly soft art on ceramic

Dekofliesen far East flair

Unique for the special taste

Dekofliesen filigree decorated poolside

A fascinating mix of styles

Dekofliesen decorated with peacocks and noble