Beautiful Fashion Home With Tile

With tiles on walls and floors get aesthetics and durability in your home. For that, from the outset thought, you must be what type of tile is best for your claim. A tile must meet different requirements depending on the type of use. In addition to purpose and quality optics and personal preferences play a role. Before you choose a particular variety, you therefore find out what type of tile you are.

Beautiful fashion home with tile

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It all depends on the purposeBasically between the glazed and unglazed tile. The tiles are made from stoneware, earthenware or stoneware. This is the unglazed tile suitable for highly stressed areas of a home. Because it is durable and slip-resistant, they serve their purpose in the entrance area, terrace or balcony.

Unglazed tiles do well even in a garage. With glazed you sure hold dirt and chemical influences of wall and floor. Therefore, these are ideal for kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Here, there must be meticulous cleanliness. In addition, these rooms of fat dirt or moisture are exposed. The wall and floor tiles resist sure even a strong cleaner.

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Stoneware tiles are ideal for interior walls. Fine grained, crystalline shards are pressed in the production under enormous pressure in the form, glazed and burned at a temperature of up to a thousand degrees Celsius. Glazed earthenware must be because it is soft and prone to breakage. The glaze protects against chemical and dirt, makes it easy to clean and easy to clean the tile. Porcelain stoneware tiles are manufactured in the same way. At higher firing temperature of over a thousand degrees, the pores close however, blend all ingredients. Because the tiles thus repel water and are Frost-proof, you can move them both indoor and outdoor.

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The price plays a role type, material, appearance and size of the tile. Tiles the abrasion class 1 withstand only a small load, are suitable for walls and little-used rooms and cheaper than the higher classes of abrasion. The highest abrasion class 5 is suitable for heavy duty. Polished porcelain stoneware tiles and coloured tiles are generally slightly more expensive. Also tiles made of natural stone cost more. They are suitable especially for rooms that are to be upgraded visually. Otherwise, there are beautiful decorative tiles in concrete look, wood or natural stone look and aesthetically sophisticated decorative tiles in the middle price segment. To save, select a lower abrasion class never, as needed. You can save if you put on accents. Set expensive decorative tiles in highly visible locations and choose otherwise less expensive models for less conspicuous areas on floors and walls. No matter what you decide, you will find the best tile tiles Under, you can consult online.

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The best choice for walls and floorsTiles are the best option for floors and walls. They are hygienic, durable and beautiful, save heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Their variety in form and color allows for countless design possibilities. You can practically enhance your home and brighten.