Ceramic Tiles – 22 Decorating Ceramic Tile With Craquelure Technique

Ceramic tiles with a Craquelure technique for a beautiful wall design

The original name of the decoration technique, by which this article the speech will be “craquelure” is. It comes from the French. On German man used the term Craquelure. Both labels stand for a surface phenomenon with cracks and cracks. This technique is popular in the painting, but also in the decorative interior design. There are some small variations in the name. In the painting, we speak of crack. This term could be suitable also for surface treatment in the interior design, when it comes to a more elaborate design. But mostly it is the imitation of ageing-related jumps and it is therefore more appropriate to speak of “Craquelure” at the design ideas.

Use ceramic tiles in an attractive way for the wall decoration in the kitchen

craquelé tiles wall design ideas technology metro tiles blue wall

Ceramic tiles with a Craquelure technique for the bathroom walls

wall design ideas bathroom tiles craquelure technique

Decorating ideas with ceramic tiles in the Craquelure style are especially popular. Based on this, the effect can be explain their design with Craquelure technique very well. For this reason, we have compiled for today some design ideas with ceramic tiles . The applied principles but also for other methods for surface treatment.

Matching styles

We begin, in which styles the Craquelé tiles very well write a. Primarily these are: Provence, country, loft, industrial, vintage, Shabby Chic, Mediterranean style.

Kitchen design with beautiful wall tiles in the Craquelure style

wall design ideas kitchen wall tile stone look Craquelure technique

Combine bright colours

ceramic tiles mural bathroom bathtub decorations

Spice up the beautiful roses wall tiles

ceramic flower tiles design of wall decoration ideas

Imitation of various other materials

The Craquelé tiles be carried out often so that they mimic various other materials. You can find tiles with cracks, which look like brick, plaster or stone. The effect can be more or less visible. This is a matter of taste and of course linked to the selected effect.

Stone look more style gives the living area

wall design ideas living room wall tiles craquelure technique stone look

Beautiful kitchen tiles are a type of decoration in the room

wall design ideas kitchen wall tiles residential ideas dekoideen

White wall tiles in the bathroom

wall design ideas bathroom of wanddesign white metro tiles

Stylish wall design in the bathroom

wanddesign bathroom tiles ceramic set

If the Craquelé tiles imitate no other material, then the ceramic tiles mostly in neutral pastel colors are made, which gives a better effect in the interior design.

Modern kitchen rear wall as a kind of decoration

wall design ideas kitchen craquelure technique wall tiles open Wall shelves

Ceramic tiles give an aesthetic touch the room with beautiful texture

ceramic tiles wall tiles kitchen green white hanging lamp

Green Metro laying tiles in the bathroom

ceramic tiles green bathroom of wall decoration ideas

Chic wall tile for kitchen walls

ceramic tiles design colours dekoideen wanddesign

Metro tiles in the kitchen

ceramic tiles design kitchen design wanddesign flowers

Very simple but still stylish wall decoration in the bathroom

ceramic tiles craquelure technique bathroom bathtub

Elegant bathroom tiles in grey shades make the bathroom appear noble

ceramic tiles craquelure technique bathroom of wall design grey shades

Wall and floor design in various styles

ceramic tiles kitchen metro wall tiles flooring white black

Beautiful wall design with ceramic tiles

wall design ideas tile craquelure technique bright shades

At the same time fresh and stylish wall design in green

ceramic tiles wall green bathroom wanddesign

Metro tiles in white and grey

wall design ideas bathroom tiles craquelure technique

White, black and gray combine in the bathroom

ceramic tiles bathroom craquelure technique white black beautiful flooring

Give an industrial look of the kitchen

wall design ideas kitchen wall tiles craquelure technique

Make beautiful accent wall in the kitchen

wall design ideas kitchen brick wall tiles lighted cake Island

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