Ceramic Tiles In The Different Areas

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Dress up the floor of the various rooms in ceramic tiles

Faces a renovation? Then you must decide now also for a new floor covering. The ceramic tileswould be a possible option, but you are not sure whether they would be right for your home? We want to help you to make the right decision. Let’s together closer the main aesthetic and practical advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles.

Make the living room floor ceramic tile – colored and chic

ceramic tiles living room flooring chic corner sofa panoramic window

Ceramic tiles in dark shades

ceramic tile interior design ideas living room green furniture

Combine bright bathroom walls and dark floor

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We also remember that there are many different types of ceramic tiles . This means that some pros and cons of one or another variant are more or less pronounced.

Select floor tiles for the modern living room

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Non-slip ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles often come into question as flooring in the kitchen. In this case is the safety of particularly great importance. You would have to ensure to limit the risk of slipping, totally avoiding the best this.

Be careful in the selection of floor tiles in the kitchen

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The disadvantage of the non-slip ceramic tiles is that the clean up is something more complex and more difficult. To clean the kitchen often anyway, so there, this variant is quite suitable. In the living room or bedroom, we would recommend you to look for another option.

Tiles in a rural style

The ceramic tiles in a rustic style are very original from their appearance. Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult variations, what’s the care. But worth the effort. There are tiles which mimic different rustic materials. You can imitate the look of wood. You can make an atmosphere at competitive prices particularly elegant look. As regards the maintenance, a matter of comparison it is ultimately about. Ceramic tiles are, after all, much easier to clean as a floor covering made of wood.

Floor tiles for the kitchen-rural style

floor tiles kitchen flooring ceramic tile

Other important properties of the ceramic tiles

In addition to these two most popular ceramic tile types, there are many others. They all share some common properties. These are to be observed in addition to the special features of each group. Ceramic tiles are made from clay. You are a relatively environmentally friendly solution, so what’s their origin. Unfortunately, the production can cause sometimes big pollution. The tiles may be between 5 and 30 cm thick. This has much to do with their insulation strength. Ceramic tiles are not shock resistant. So, you should be aware in this respect. Depending on their type, the ceramic tiles may have a gloss finish or not. That can make them more sustainable. Generally, it is recommended the ceramic tiles for rooms where usually many people go back and forth. Modern ceramic tiles offer much diversity, what is the imitation of other, more expensive floor coverings.

Ceramic tiles are in a rich variety of colors and patterns

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Sparkling floor tiles give the room more style

floor tile design ideas living room ceramic tile

Beautiful floor tiles bring the kitchen to a higher level

floor tiles flooring kitchen ceramic tile kitchen island pendant lamp

Ceramic floor tiles for the flooring in the bedroom

floor tiles ceramic tiles nursery floor

Ceramic tiles are in various optics

Schick floor tiles flooring ideas fireplace living room

Luxurious floor tiles for the bedroom

ceramic tiles flooring chic white walls

Cleaning of ceramic tiles

The cleaning of the ceramic tile is usually easy. Only the non-slip and the rustic varieties are somewhat problematic in this respect. Still, there are some kinds of ceramic tiles, which are more sensitive in terms of cleaning agents. Do a test in less visible places before you wipe the whole floor. Generally, you should use less detergent and more water. So you are on the safe side.

Properly clean the ceramic tile

ceramic tile flooring ideas cleaning tips

How it looks now? The ceramic tiles are an appropriate choice for you? What other questions would you imagine the final decision?

Wood imitative floor tiles

floor tiles bedroom flooring ceramic tiles wooden beams

In dark shades, floor tiles look more stylish

floor tiles bedroom dark ceramic tiles green carpet

Wood-look ceramic tiles

floor tiles ceramic tile design ideas bedroom

The bathroom with ceramic tile

stylish floor tiles flooring bathroom ceramic tiles

Make the living room in dark shades

floor tiles for interior design ideas living room flooring ceramic tile

Spice up the ceramic tiles by a beautiful fur rug

floor tiles for interior design ideas living room Black ceramic tiles

Ceramic floor tile with beautiful pattern

ceramic tile bathroom flooring small bathroom ideas

Ceramic floor tiles in cream color give the bathroom a mild appearance

ceramic tile bathroom flooring wall tiles tub

Bathroom tiles can be in bright colours small rooms appear larger

ceramic tile bathroom floor tiles light flowers

ceramic tile bathroom floor tiles wall tiles tub

ceramic tile bathroom corner bath modern sink

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