Combination Of Tiles And Hardwood As Flooring – Seamless Transition Between Rooms

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Combination of tiles and hardwood flooring – seamless transition between rooms

The transition between the tile floor in the bathroom and hardwood in the other rooms is not considering more often in advance. If you schedule it but not in a timely manner, the results might be disappointing.

The usual ground are ceramic tiles, vinyl, carpet and hardwood materials in North America. Many customers want but these days large natural stone tiles.

The next wish is that there is a seamless transition of the tiles. This is feasible, but the House with extra strength and stability for the weight should be planned.

Hereby, you learn what you should consider when planning.

Plenty of space, light, a great bathtub and a barrier-free shower

floor tiles and hardwood as flooring bathroom bathtub

This bathroom design is a good example of the modern trends in the bathroom: plenty of space, light, a great bathtub and a barrier-free shower.Note the transition between hardwood and tile. The marble tiles are large (approximately 30 cm x 60 cm) – so, it requests a harder bottom.

Note: If you want to use larger tiles or natural stone tiles, plan a greater bending rate L / 720 instead of L/360 for your room. This ratio measures how much bend to the floor in front of the tiling.

The large hardwood is 20 mm thick. In other words, the choice of materials is critical

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The tiles are usually between 10 mm and 20 mm thick. You need also a specific base.Note: The installation of a second sheet of plywood layer in front of the hardwood floor allows future several ground facilities. This is a solution if your home bar for heavy soils were not planned. You need to know this but nevertheless in advance, since it concerns the stairs of construction of.

Here be laid tiles on a protective film, which prepared the plywood for the tiles

floor tiles and hardwood as flooring tiles

Note: If your House is not strong enough planned, the backing would help you. Reinforcement of the beam or the construction of an additional plywood is a better and secure solution.

The orange material was laid with mortar

floor tiles and hardwood as flooring Orange

Here we see the installation of a second layer of plywood and sheet. . As the home for the new tiles was not planned, these measures for the longer life of the tiles were needed.

Note: Follow the General rules of construction, they are certainly more stringent.

We’re transitioning oak between the bathroom and the bedroom. The installation was made so that only tiles in the bathroom to see are, and in the bedroom – wood floor.Note: the vertical part of the door frame should overlap a bit the tiles. This need lay mounting the tiles at the door.

The easiest method is the connection between tile and hardwood of different heights by threshold Strip

floor tiles and hardwood as flooring black white

These strips can how the ground be removed or deleted so that they are.Note: Plan in advance a channel under the door for this bar.

The floor champion could find another solution for you.

The tiles were already finished and the wood is cut directly on the border, but overlaps the tile

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