Five Areas In Your Home Where You Could Lay Tiles

laying wall tiles floor tiles bathroom bathtub

Lay tiles – the five most appropriate applications for

What memories do you have of rooms that were equipped with tiles? I have some from the school, where we were able to cover these with their own small projects. We could add sculptures and engrave our names in it. You could make any empty area at the own choice.

Also if you want to become not dirty hands, you could cover some of the areas of your home with beautiful tile with the same inspiration.

The floor in the bathroom

Carpet can be seen in a bathroom. And I have to say that makes me really happy. Hardwood floors are very popular, many more people can, however, make laminate.

Five areas in your home that would look wonderful with tiles!

laying glass wall tiles floor tiles, bathroom floor tiles

The tiles not only provide a more specific character, but they can serve as a long-term solution. The tiles are not damaged by the drops of water and steam.

The tiles are perfectly suited as flooring in the bathroom

tiles laying bathroom floor tiles wood cabinets

Tiles are a long-term solution for your home

tiles laying bathroom floor tiles wood glass

The walls in the bathroom

After you have once decided what kind of floor in the bathroom is most suitable, then pull at least the partial covering with tiles on the walls in consideration. You can use the same way as on the ground, and thus run the entire surface to the top. Provided the work areas and the overall environment.

Range for wall tiles

tiles laying bathroom wall tile

You can play with the size to create a focus on a prominent wall. You can create an accent area. It is important to remember that this is an area by splashes with toothpaste, shaving gel and soap bubbles occur. The adhesive should be applied so be very careful, because clean by scrubbing this can prove a problem.

Stone look wall tiles in the bathroom

tiles laying bathroom wall tile stone look

The kitchen floor

I’ve been in many kitchens, where the floors were wonderfully equipped with tiles. Here, the owners often opt for tiles with a texture with soft slopes and ridges. These look very good and promote the running on it, but their maintenance is much more difficult.

Opt for a tile floor in the kitchen

tiles laying floor tiles kitchen

Also small shadows are formed and they have always a gloomy look even if they have been cleaned ideal. As you can see on the example of transverse rectangular black-white tiles, soft tiles are elegant and chic. Anyone who has tried to free those stains will admit that they are very apt to do so.

A practical solution for your kitchen

tiles laying back wall tile wall floor tiles kitchen

Lay tiles in the kitchen

tiles laying kitchen floor tiles grey

The rear panel

Just as in the above examples, you should carefully choose the Tile Grout. Here, this is all the more important because of the grease and food stains. That doesn’t mean but by far that you should avoid on a beautiful and expressive face.

Kitchen rear wall tiles

tiles laying kitchen wall tile stone look white kitchen rear panel

The most appropriate area for tiles with patterns, textures or colours, often represents the back wall

tiles laying kitchen wall tiles black geometric pattern kitchen rear panel

Wall tiles of different size, style and color

tiles laying kitchen wall tiles kitchen rear panel

Tile stairs

Vertical wood bears the severity of this staircase. It shows a polished wooden surface and fit in with this even more noble solutions as the spider webs. The mosaic-like tiles, which show a different pattern on each step are popular for such places. Each piece is such a wonderful part of a collection. Danish or bathroom tiles provide also a great character. You can mix them and customize without having the whole thing for the eyes looks messy.

Tiled flooring, wooden stairs and stair railings made of glass

staircase floor tiles tiles laying

Wood look floor tiles

staircase wooden stairs, glass floor tiles tiles laying

In the stairwell laying floor tiles

staircase floor tiles tiles laying glass wood

Harmony with natural materials – wood, glass and stone

staircase floor tile stairs wood tiles laying glass