From Italy – Ariana Ceramica Stoneware Tiles

arenaria Ambra style floor tiles from Italy

Tiles for the bathroom and living room, order online and buy

Founded in 1967, the company represents your new identity to Ariana Ceramica. It remains the best tile factory in the area of Sassuolo ceramic. The large variety of products is constantly tested and improved. Ariana offers granite “double-fired” and wall tiles from faience technology.

Chic and exceptionally the Ariana design this you is looking for unique alternatives to ceramic tiles.

Galassia Avario collectionTiles from Italy

wall tiles bathroom patterns Galassia Avario

Ariana Ceramica tiles are characterised by extraordinary license, aesthetic and functional vision, and here one relies on the quality of natural materials and the know-how of the manufacturers. First check the product lines in this post and choose the practical wall and floor tiles for your home.

Styles collection arenaria Ambra

arenaria Ambra style floor tiles

Arenaria Ambra and mosaic tiles in the bathroom

arenaria Ambra wall tiles floral pattern

Legend – Brown

legend Brown floor tiles design

Warm, natural atmosphere

legend brown sofa living room tiles from Italy

Fior di Tabacco by the styles collection

Fior Di Tabacco styles wall tiles Ariana

Galassia Bianco  Galassia Bianco men shoes floor tiles

Galassia Moka in the bathroom

Galassia Moka wall tiles glitter bath

Galassia Nero as wall tiles

Galassia Nero wall tiles crystals beads

Habitat / Avario

Habitat Avario bathroom tiles from Italy

Combining blue and grey in the bathroom tiles

Habitat blue tiles bathroom Italian style

Habitat – Cemento series

Habitat Cemento wall tiles bathroom sink

Habitat corteccia

Habitat corteccia Ariana bathroom tiles

Habitat Glicine in purple

tiles Habitat Glicine sinks purple

Habitat Grigio Perla

Habitat Grigio Perla pattern wall tiles from Italy

Habitat Tropea

Habitat Tropea Ariana purple wall tiles design

Legend collection – Brown

legend Brown floor tiles sofa

Legend gray series

legend gray flooring wood effect tiles from Italy

Legend Havana as floor tiles

legend Havana design tiles Ariana Italy

Legend Havana

legend Havana wood effect hanging Chair tiles from Italy

Seta Nero in the bathroom

mosaic wall tiles black bathroom Seta Neropattern wall tiles Seprentino Miele Ariana

Seprentino Miele

Neo-Classica Bianco wall tiles design Italy

Neo-Classica Caffe

table lamp Brown wall tiles

Neo Classica and Nero series

neo Classica Nero mosaic tiles Italy

Sabbia for the traditional bath

neo-Classica sabbia beige mosaic wall tiles


neo-Classica sabbia beige wall tile

Great pattern in black and white

neo-Classica black wall tiles pattern

Tiles from Italy

neo-Classica Tortora Strip wall tilesBlack floor tiles white styles Seta Nero

Seta gesso by styles

Seta gesso styles sink wall tiles Ariana

Styles Seprentino

styles Seprentino Miele Fleisen from Italy

Seta gesso and the styles series

styles Seta gesso design wall tiles red decorative pieces

Brilliant, pale wall tiles

styles Seta gesso wall tiles design gloss pale pattern

Styles Venato Avario

wall tiles design styles Venato Avario Italy

Avorio Venato

tiles from Italy beige brown stripe Avorio Venato


wall tiles neo Classica designs Bianco