From Italy By Cerim – 124 Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

details wood collection chairs wood floor

The Italian tiles by Cerim are high quality products made of white clay for each home. The company Cerim Ceramiche itself was founded in 1962 and is engaged in the successful introduction of functional and beautiful ceramic tile on the market.

Cerim – tiles from Italy

concrete partition Eames Lounge

Yet since the beginning of its existence the factory proves great players all over the world. She has won collections and for years kept her flawless and faultless reputation thanks to the peculiar nature of the designer.

Color and design, which create significant added value in your home

concrete look tiles from Italy

The Cerim project is dedicated to the simple interiors, where it relies on character and color. The collections are specifically designed for bathrooms, living – and bedroom and designed by creating a specific residential theme.

A treasure trove full of furnishing solutions

flooring wood tiles look Italy

The versatility of each tile collection creates an interaction between the floor and wall decoration, by allowing custom vision. Cerim is aimed at all ages and draws attention to the style and design, without forgetting the customer personality and individuality.

Contemporary collection

Cerim contemporary tile style

Dynamic, versatile and multi-faceted surfaces and textures by Cerim designed improve and beautify the whole atmosphere in the room to increase the aesthetic impact. It offers solutions that meet each individual customer’s request.

New Cerim tiles

Mosaic wall in the bathroom

bathtub decoration sink

Sea Blue wall tiles for the bathroom

bathtub shower tiles from Italy

Beige color scheme by Cerim

beige tiles from Italy

Colourful stripes on a beige background

beige tiles from Italy books Cerim

Elegant bathroom design – tiles by Cerim

beige mosaic built a bath tiles from Italy

Chic color combination in the bath blue Brown tiles from ItalyBlue white tile from Italy

Several wood textures floor tiles wood black light

Elegance by Cerim

floor tiles sofa curtains elegance

Excellence Collection

floor tiles sink excellence

Bright Stone outdoor

Bright Stone Cerim tiles Italy

Dining room tiles by Cerim Cerim elegance design kitchen floor tiles

Cerim neutral floor tiles

Cerim Fleisen design ideas white chairs

Great Italian tiles in the modern home

Cerim tiles from Italy

Classic appearance

Cerim tiles from Italy material stones collection

Partition wall made of natural stone

Cerim tiles from Italy Chair

Massive, free-standing fireplace

Cerim tiles from Italy stone partition

Colorful canvas works aufpeppend

Cerim tiles stairs wood floor tiles

Industrial interior design

wood optics Greenwood window

Colours collection

colours purple shelves books

Concept lab

concept lab Italy Cerim tiles

Concept lab for a purist atmosphere

ideas tile dining room concept lab

Bathroom tiles by Cerim

concept lab collection mosaic tile bathcontemporary tiles Cerim

Highly modern and aesthetically designed

Contemporary Stone tiles Italy leather

Contemporary stone collection

Contemporary Stone tiles lying Brown

Glass partitions between three areas at home

contemporary Stone Leder Chair folding

Details wood collection

details Wood Holz optics design

Multiple Globes as decorative items

details wood wooden optics Italy tiles

Details wood in the urban living room

details wood collection tiles flooring

Elegance in dark hues

elegance bathtub bath Cerim

Hanging lamps with paper Lampshade

elegance stool wood Cerim

Excellence in the dining room

excellence floor tiles glass table

Excellence collection

excellence floor tiles Furniture lighting

Discreet floor tile designs

excellence floor tiles white cabinets

Tiles outdoors

excellence Cerim tiles

Excellence is the homely atmosphere

Excellence Grau sofas tiles flooring

Tile for outdoor use

façade color tiles from Italy

Rethink collection combined with colorful pieces of furniture

window glass grey floor tiles rethink

Large area outdoors

Cerim tiles from Italy

Wood look floor tiles

tiles from Italy design ideas

Material stones collection

tiles from Italy style material stones

Cerim tiles Tile mirror

tiles bathroom tile mirror pattern

Precious in Brown

tiles marble bathtub of precious

Black and white classics

tiles black white sink

contemporary stone in the hallway

Hall side table stool yellow Contemporary Stone

Gamma color smelts

gamma color smelts tiles wood surfaces

Chromatic floor tiles

curtains tiles from Italy greytiles Italy garden flooring

Brilliant light blue and dark blue tiles Gleaming stool dividing wall bath

Verdurous surfaces and textures

grey tiles from Italy carpet

Greenwood Collection

Greenwood collection wood ceiling

Floor tiles in outdoor wood

wood floor tile outdoor terrace

Wood Cerim

wood tiles look details Wood Cerim

Floor tiles in the stairwell

wood look floor tile stair Greenwood

Robust floor tiles in the kitchen

wood look dining room tiles from Italy

Living in a country house style wood table living room tiles flooring

Bathroom furniture made of solid wood

baskets rural style sink

Sunny light in the kitchen

kitchen Dinette window nature modern tiles from Italy

Kitchen furniture covered with tiles

kitchen breakfast nook white furniture tiles

Bright, clean atmosphere

kitchen cabinet dining table chairs mirror

Industrial leather chair

leather chair lights stairs

Brick walls in the living room combined with floor tiles

leather sofa ideas stone

Concrete look and grey textures

White leather sofa tiles from Italy

Freestanding bathtub and wall decoration with butterflies

Marble Stone bathtub tile from Italy

Marble stone

Marble Stone Braun mahogany color

Mosaic tiles – wall in the bathroom

Marble Stone mosaic wall tiles from Italy

Cool and meaningful designs

Marble Stone tiles from Italy mosaic

Marble Stone in the living room

Marble Stone yellow Dresser floor tiles

Another solution of marble stone

Marble Stone collection Cerim Italian tilesMarble stone tiles mirror Marble Stone rustic bath baskets wipes

Spiral staircase like a hurricane

Marble Stone Schwendeltreppe idea design

Feminine beauty in the bathroom

Marble Stone towels bathroom tiles

Sunbathing in the outdoor

marble tiles wall terrace material stones

Stone material

material Stone Cerim tiles from Italy

Material of stones in the shopping centre

material stones shopping business floor tiles

Material of stones – brick walls

material stones sofas cushion tiles from Italy

Memory of Cerim

memory of Cerim tiles from Italy country house style

Memory of Cerim – wall tiles

memory of Cerim tiles from Italy wall

Combined fabrics and materials

memory of Cerim tiles modern

Mosaic wall tiles

memory of Cerim sink wood

Stripe and diamond-shaped pattern

Moonlight collection tiles

Home Office

Office Office leather chairs shelving

Paint wood

Paint Wood of Cerim floor tiles

Material stones the façade

plate concrete material stones

Pool garden design

pool tile roofing wood

Marble surfaces in Brown

precious tiles from Italy Brown

Pure colours in the bathroom

pure colours colours bathroom tiles from Italy

Western stone

Wall shelves Western stone collection sofa

Memory of Cerim

shelves wall floor tile memory of Cerim

Resins collection

resins collection window light floor tiles

A modern magnificent pieces

rethink Cerim collection colors

Cute, pink wall tiles in the bathroom pink tile Italy shower bath

Girly pastels

pink pastel bathroom tiles

Resins collection ideas

red floor tiles Italy ideas of resins collection

Bang Red

red tile wall floor Cerim

Comfortable bedroom design bedroom tiles Italy bed

Silver mosaic tiles

black white ideas tiles from Italy

Minimalist and simple created

sofa floor tiles design kitchen island

Brown kitchen cabinets suitable for floor tiles

sofas floor tiles from Italy

Red-Brown floor tiles by Cerim

sofas living room ideas floor

Combined dining room chairs chairs floor tiles Italy

L-shaped interior

stairs wood floor tiles

Pale wall tiles

vintage collection wall tiles Italy

Interesting wall tiles in beige

wall tiles from Italy ornaments

Splendid, traditional wall tile patterns

wall tiles beige Brown kitchen Cerim

Rural kitchen rear wall

wall tiles wall clock sink

Geometric wall tile patterns

sink round wall tile pattern

Wall mounted bathroom sink

sink mirror bathroom Italy

Material of stones

sofa white material stones

Western stone style

Western stone sink candles bath

Wood essence

Wood Essence bathroom tiles

Wood Essence bath

Wood Essence bath runner tiles

Built-in Wall shelves

Wood Essence sink runner bath

Make veranda or terrace

wood of Cerim roofing tiles from Italy

Zen institution in the bathroom with indoor plants

houseplants bathroom tiles from Italy