Granite Tile Installation: This Is Trendy!

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The irreplaceable granite tiles

Each flooring has certain advantages and disadvantages. But the granite tiles are a successful and refined choice for many centuries. It’s always good to pull it as an option to consider. You are a subspecies of the ceramic tiles. The other is terracotta. In all cases, it is a very good choice.

Floor covering made of granite

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The difference in the two is especially in the endurance. Terracotta can be damaged very much under extreme circumstances.

The advantages of granite tiles

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The granite tiles – an art material

Granite tiles are an art material. It was created in the 80s of the 20th century in Italy. In practice, it is the artificial granite in able to replace many natural materials. He is close to the porcelain, but in terms of the strength and endurance, he reminds very much of natural granite. It can be made from white clay with many different accessories. The resulting uniform structure is cold pressed. She can then be baked at a temperature of 1200 degrees. If this is once ready, you can apply the typical designs.

The granite tiles fit in any room in the House

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This improves more and more on the basis of the development of digital technologies. Granite tiles will experience a new comeback in recent years. At the same time, also the terracotta evolved. It is preferred especially for specific areas and functions. This gives a more customized still each setting and partly, upscale character. The combination of the two would make a certain hierarchy in the room wonderfully.

Kitchen flooring granite

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Learn more about the role of digital technologies for the granite tiles

As I have just said, the digital technologies will help if you want to apply different diverse designs in the granite tiles. The print comes out before baking. So, the design will remain there intact after many long years.

Open plan living area in the modern style

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The Garnet tiles elaborated according to the latest technologies are typically two kinds. At the first, we have a single compact material.  With this technology, the tiles have greater endurance. It has but unable to win many different colors. Also, the print directly to the texture may occur. For this, you can reach the maximum dimensions.

An elegant solution for their living space in the minimalist style

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In the second type, the mass of different materials is created. The latter makes much firmer consistency. The dimensions are also here enough. Anyway, the best-selling tiles 75 X 75 or 80 X 80 are large. The large dimensions are appropriate only in certain situations. This is the case about when you have to dress up the levels on spiral stairs so. In this particular case, to use also an effect of concrete or marble tiles.

With a concrete or marble effect you can find granite tiles on the market

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Prepare the ground

No matter which solution you would choose, the soil should be well levelled. The materials are drawn with a length of 120 cm (extruded) rather than drawn. So they are flexible and the large dimensions are no longer a problem!

By the way, this technique is also important on many other occasions.

Neutral colors in high-gloss

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Now we would like to describe some trends at this point in the design of the granite tiles. It strives to achieve the relief of many other popular textures. It mimics wood, concrete, stone with patterns or designs. But the tip is that you manage to paint all pictures in this way. You must be pretty sure if you opt for a solution. Because it is something that must not be replaced for decades due to quality.

Inviting wood look tiles

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The illusion for a relief

Granite tiles can provide also an illusion of texture. As I said, this is only an illusion. They imitates the Panel with special materials. This can be very useful in some cases, don’t you think?

Simple concrete look in the bathroom

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Make the apartment luxuriously furnished with little means

You can succeed with a smaller investment, that the apartment appears to be luxurious. Like you would be due to the properties of granite tiles able to equip all premises with a uniform-looking floor. Because this is a modern trend that you hardly could afford by other means without large investment.

Contrast wood and granite in the kitchen

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Granite tiles in the outdoor kitchen – why not?

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