Italian Tiles By La Fabbrica – Granite And Ceramic Tile For Your Home

5h Avenue collection la Fabbrica Italian tile

The Italian company La Fabbrica is active in the production of high-quality wall and floor tiles for your home. This factory is a meaningful example of cutting-edge, contemporary tile designs. It is one of the best companies, where it produces ceramic and granite tiles.

All collections by La Fabbrica are at the highest level – the structure of the tile surface looks similar to natural stone.

Italian tiles by La Fabbrica

Agorà floor pool outdoor use tiles

La Fabbrica is one of the most famous Italian companies for the production of ceramic tiles. La Fabbrica produces and distributes high-quality wall and floor tiles for more than 10 years, and differs from the other companies through a wide range of luxury ceramic tiles. La Fabbrica turned in this decade into an elite player in the world of ceramic production.

Agora Collection

Agorà la Fabbrica kitchen tiles

The tiles and fine stone products of the Italian brand La Fabbrica are very popular among designers. On our website, we provide a wide range of the designer collections that are available in the network for sale.

Selected exhibition and high quality

5h Avenue product line

5h Avenue collection la Fabbrica Italian tile

Brown floor tiles by 5th Avenue

5th Avenue chocolate floor tiles la Fabbrica

Elegant, bold wall tiles

5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica

5th Avenue bathroom tiles

5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica bathroom

Wavy pattern

5th Avenue chocolate waves Italian tiles la Fabbrica floor

Bathroom furnishings

5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica stool

5th Avenue tile in a clothing store

5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica shop

5th Avenue wall tiles in the bathroom

5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica pattern

Natural wall motifs

5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica nature

White living room floor tiles by La Fabbrica 5th Avenue chocolate waves tiles Italian la Fabbrica living room

Translucent patterns

5th Avenue shining coral Crystal la Fabbrica Italian tiles

Agorà Amalias

Agorà Amalias floor tiles mirror bath

Agora as floor tiles

Agorà floor tiles color design collection

Agora Wall tiles

Agora tiles la Fabbrica

Tiles in outdoor Agora la Fabbrica outdoor use tiles

Agora floor tiles

Agorà la Fabbrica design tiles

Agora floor tiles with a glossy texture

Agorà la Fabbrica idea tiles living room

Agorà Navona in the living room Agorà Navona collection Brown nuances Italian tiles la Fabbrica

Amazon Arara collection

Amazon Arara wood deception

Amazon in the bedroom

Amazon Arara la Fabbrica bedroom

Warm wood texture

Amazon floor tile wood look

Bright, welcoming floor and wall tiles

Amazon Kamba wood texture built pool

More seen

Amazon Kamba bathroom sink round

Wall tiles in the bathroom

Amazon Kamba wood look wall tile

Infinity garden pool Amazon Kamba pool garden

Amazon Matis in the kitchen

Amazon Matis la Fabbrica kitchen

Amazon NAWA in the restaurant

Amazon NAWA la Fabbriac kitchen dining room Italian tiles

Living room design

Amazon NAWA living room sofa lamp hanging

Amazon Tuxá

Amazon Tuxá fireplace living room sofala Fabbrica tile designs modern living room design

Remarkable floor and wall tiles

tiles designs original firewood fireplace la Fabbrica

Astra Cucina

Astra Cucina floor tiles kitchen dining roomsmooth Bathroom furnishings bath sink mirrorelegant bathroom tiles flowers hanging lamps

Simple, extravagant vision

clean clean lines flooring tiles sofa white

Astra Camera Astra camera la Fabbrica bedroom tiles

Brown wall tiles for the bathroom

beige Brown shades bathroom tile wall

Mosaic tiles in the bathroom

mosaic bathroom shower bathroom sink mirror Italian tiles

Astra by La Fabbrica

Astra la Fabbrica floor tiles marble effect

Floor tiles for the living room

floor tiles table living room la Fabbricabathroom sink sink beige colors

Mosaic tiles with style

tiles mosaic bathroom shower

Blueside flooring

Blueside la Fabbrica sofa living room

Cap Bleu Cap Bleu iron Beauvais dark texture

Cap Bleu – Pearl’s license

Pearly mosaic bathroom design

Cap Bleu – shower cubicle with glass screen

Cap Bleu snow la Fabbrica

Flower pattern la Fabbrica

pattern flower wall tiles la Fabbrica Italian tiles

Rain shower over the pool

pool interior design la Fabbrica tiles

Floral pattern design

flower pattern beige colors rain shower wall design

Cathay pattern on the wall

Cathay 4Fine Hami Ares

Floor tiles by La Fabbrica in shopping centre

columns design shopping center clothing

Solid, stable floor tiles

red surfaces textures stool la Fabbrica Italian tiles

Floor lamp is absolutely choice

Cathay Sigiriya floor tiles la Fabbrica design

Living room furniture with floor tiles by La Fabbrica

Cathay Sigiriya floor tiles living room

Agora collection

kitchen rear wall la Fabbrica Agora designs

StoneArt Alhambra

StoneArt Alhambra tiles pattern

StoneArt Binet

StoneArt Binet wall tiles

StoneArt Elimea

StoneArt Elimea beige tile

Thrill collection thrill Alps bathroom tile shower

Thrill Ceramic tiles

thrill Alps living room tiles

Brown bedroom wall that serves as a dividing wall

thrill bone rock bedroom wall tiles

Beautiful patterned tiles

thrill Frost pattern floor tile stair

Thrill Jasmine thrill Jasmine bathroom bathtub tile

Thrill Product line

thrill Jasmine luxury tiles la Fabbrica

Floor tiles in two colors

thrill rock bone design chandelier Chair

Thrill Walnut color

thrill Walnut bathroom tiles

Neutral bathroom design

thrill Walnut bone bathroom tiles la Fabbrica

VisionTouch Ecru

VisionTouch Ecru bathroom

VisionTouch Ecru as floor tiles

VisionTouch Ecru window floor tiles

Vision touch

VisionTouch Ecru window nature

Bright, pale nuances

VisionTouch Ecru pool sink

Romantic atmosphere in the bathroom

VisionTouch Ecru swimming pool

VisionTouch Mocha

VisionTouch Moka wall tiles

Mosaic of VisionTouch

VisionTouch Mosaico Esagonale wall tiles

Floor tiles at the Mall

VisionTouch Noir shopping mall ceiling

Matt surfaces

VisionTouch Peridot living room

Living room