Italian Tiles FAP Ceramiche Represent The Timeless Interior Design

Boston atmosphere bathroom Fap Ceramiche Blau

The tile collection by FAP ceramiche represent the ideal combination between the best, traditional ceramic tiles and explore the contemporary design. Huge variety of white wall tiles and floor tiles made of porcelain can be seen here. A pop of colour and surface effects that are home appropriate for each room. Several tile sizes for the apartment, as well as for outdoor use are still available. Discover the style that best suits you!

Italian tiles and Boston industrial effect by FAP Ceramiche

Boston atmosphere hanging lamps grey

The history of FAP CERAMICHE began mid-60’s, when the art factory (Fabbrica Artistica Piastrelle) in Sassuolo produced wall and floor tiles. For thirty years it drove successfully on the international market and in 1997 the company has become part of the Concord Group (Gruppo Concorde), one of the most important manufacturers worldwide in the ceramics industry.

Creta collection for a rustic look

Creta ambience wooden table sink round

The catalogue includes the description of all tile collections, by developing the combination of inherited traditions of ceramic production and use in the contemporary interior design. Fine, ornate, colorful, shiny and matte tiles reflect the different types of marble and stone, mosaics, and special parts for a perfect complement in the bathroom and living room. To make your dream home, you put on the designer porcelain stoneware by FAP Ceramiche.

Desert collection for the bath

desert bathroom mosaic license

The range of floor coverings offers traditional patterns and not rectified tiles with large grooves edges for a continuous and seamless wall decorations and wall decoration. The company FAP CERAMICHE shows also an elegant series of products from granite and embodies a combination of advanced technological achievements with a focus on the fashionable style of living.

Desert product line

desert stone effect porcelain stoneware

Boston wall tiles in bold colors

Boston atmosphere bathroom Fap Ceramiche Blau

Living room Boston tile line

Boston ambience collection FAP Ceramiche

Massive, free-standing wall

Boston ambience television wall tile

Masculine appearance in the bathroom

Boston setting tile wall bath

Vintage furnishing styleBoston ambience wood furniture table lamp

Boston in rough gray Boston atmosphere Wandflampe sofa gray

Creta Adettaglio with relief texture

Creta Adettaglio tile mirror bathroom FAP Ceramiche

Creta ambience

Creta ambience bath lighting bathroom

Built-in lighting illuminates the Creta wall tiles

Creta ambience bathtub installed sink

Patchwork pattern in neutral gray colors

Creta atmosphere bathroom wall tiles patchwork

Reliefed wall tiles in the living room

Creta ambience FAP Ceramiche couch outerwear

Gorgeous, patterned kitchen rear wall

Creta ambience colors wall tiles FAP Ceramiche

Concrete look in beige

desert surfaces of course touch wall tiles

Shining, sparkling vision in the bathroom

desert stone effect bath wood ceiling lights

Shiny floor tiles desert stone effect porcelain wall tiles bathroom

Artfully designed

desert stone optical effect ceramic wall tile

Traditional touch to home

desert stone look porcelain ceramic

The next tile collection – docks

docks parket effect porcelain FAP Ceramiche round dining table

White dock wall tiles

docks parket effect porcelain stoneware living room

The tiles can create a homely, cosy atmosphere

docks living room sofa pillows stained

Evoque – bold wall tiles in Brown

Evoque Bagno hotel bathroom tiles

Optical illusion at the rear of the kitchen

Evoque Bagno Hotel ceramic tile wall

Evoque in pale beige

Evoque Bagno Hotel beige wall tile

Vintage bathroom facility

Evoque freestanding bathtub bath

Mosaic tiles in warm colours

Evoque Golden gloss wall tiles mosaic

Alternative, eccentric furnishing solution for the living room

Evoque hotel front desk beige Brown

Here you set the high-gloss

Evoque collection partition bedroom lighting

Striking design in the shopping centre

Evoque mosaic brown beige clothing

Monochromatic can be really luxurious

Evoque mosaic tile bathroom sink Wall

Innovative bathroom design

Evoque mosaic glossy grey sink

Acosy ambience in the restaurant

Evoque restaurant tiles wall grey

Classified wine bottle box minimalist

Evoque restaurant grey wall tiles wine bottles

Evoque offers simple, clean look

chairs wood dining table fireplace

Golden accents and pieces in the bath

Evoque partition wall bathroom lamps mirror

Evoque – abstract appearance

Evoque grey wall tiles bathroom

Diamond-shaped pattern

Evoque living room floor lamp black curtains

Feminine tenderness and flower pattern

ceramic floral design bathroom tiles

Firenze in the living room

Firenze atmosphere grey floor tiles sofa pillow

Firenze in beige

Firenze ambience collection glass table

Firenze Dettaglio beige tile collection

Kitchen design with style in black and white

Firenze ambience kitchen island Grau Weiß pattern

Meltin concrete look grey concrete kitchen island Meltin FAP Ceramiche

Havana has a Moody in the bathroom collection

Havana Blau tiles shine mirror sink

Havana in red – mosaic pattern

Havana effect ceramic wall tiles bathroom

Industrial and urban atmosphere

Havana ceramic wall tiles bathroom kitchen

-Art and strictly

ceramic wall tiles bathroom Havana

Lumina in water colours

lumina ambience bathtub glass hanging lamps

Extensive bathroom design with lumina

lumina setting floor tiles FAP Ceramiche

Wood look by Lumina

lumina ambience brown beige wood grain

Purist decorated in white

lumina ambience FAP Ceramiche gloss bathtub

Combine several wall tiles and colours

lumina ambience wood bathroom furniture sink

Opulence can be also white

lumina ambience modern tiles Italy

Unique kitchen walls with tile clad

lumina ambience wall tile dining room kitchen

Rustic and it connects like vintage

lumina ambience white wall tiles pattern roses

Manhattan collection by FAP Ceramiche

Manhattan FAP Ceramiche idea wall tiles

Manhattan design

Manhattan ceramic wall tiles kitchen bath

Marsala colors are absolutely adorable and up to date

Manhattan Marsala wall tiles restaurant

Manhattan in the Metro style

Manhattan U Bahn ceramic wall tiles kitchen bath

Manhattan in great blue

Manhattan U Bahn style blue wall tiles

Cool, glamorous black

Manhattan wall tiles slip black

Meltin tile line

Meltin beige wall bathroom warm optics

Sole improvisertes mosaic

sole mosaic flower glass vase wall tiles

Meltin in concrete look

Meltin concrete effect optics ceramic wall

Artistic demo by Meltin tiles

Meltin Braun wall tiles bathroom

Whimsical, classic living idea

Meltin Mosik bathroom art

Country-style combined with State of the art bathroom tiles by Meltin

Meltin FAP Ceramiche Italy rustic concrete look

Remarkable wooden stand for bottles of wine in the kitchen

Meltin kitchen plate black sink

Meltin license installed bathtub FAP Ceramiche cute, female bathroom design, where the tiles with decorative patterns are completed

Some examples of pink and purple wall tiles in the bathroom

Sole flowers wall decoration sink ceramic wall

Every vain lady would love to relax in as a bathtub

Sole ceramic tile wall purple bathtub

Sea Blue environment in the bathroom

Sole ceramic wall tiles bathroom flowers decorations

Girlish ambience in the bathroom

Sole ceramic wall tiles bathroom FAP Ceramiche

Traditional wall tiles on the back wall of the kitchen Sole Strip cuisine back wall tiles wall

And Feng Shui bedroom

Terra ambient floor tiles bedroom bed

The last tile designs belong to a particular product line by FAP Ceramiche

Terra ambience FAP Ceramiche floor tiles greyTerra ambience FAP Ceramiche sofa Bettdecek floor tilesTerra ambience collection FAP Ceramiche floor tilesTerra Dettaglio FAP Ceramiche floor tiles restaurant