Italian Tiles Of Floorgres Designed And Offers

Afrodita setting wall tiles

A trademark of the architecture

Floor Gres is reflected best the architectural requirements, the company offers materials and surface of quality and combines technical and aesthetic vision along with the last environmental building codes.

Floorgres ensure environmental respect from natural sources and by latest technology.

His name is nature – Italian tiles

bathroom sink round reverse

There are ways, on which you can make endless rows of shapes, colors and textures. The world provides original technology, which took millions of years to create priceless heritage. Floor Gres was always striving to produce according to the respect of the environment and the rules of nature. Technological innovation is oriented to the use of architecture by standing on functional and appropriate materials.

Development, density, strength is the time! Floorgres floor tiles Office work

The time is geological stratification, which leads us to the desired optimism and success.

The time should be our friend in the awareness that our future depends on the respect of the environment and our sense of self.

Less floor tiles

Floorgres less leather seat

Floor Gres guarantees the safety of a 50-year technological innovation by the company strengthens the connection of the natural world and the people. Standing on the relationship of the artificial and the natural environment.

Magnificent recreation cornerfloor tiles Orange cushions garden floor

Absolute functionality and high aesthetics are the end result of every project – from the urban architecture to interior décor. untouched by the seasonal influences draw the Floor Gres designs the public attention and prove to be as deep, pervasive and persistent.

Archtech floor tiles

Archtech dining table wood chairs

Archtech by Floorgres

Archtech tiles Floorgres

Floor tiles in the dining area

Archtech Floorgres dining room dining table

Archtech tiles – built-in wardrobe

Archtech red built cabinet

Inner wall of natural stone

Archtech soft carpet tiles flooring

Wood look floor tiles

bath design ideas ceiling beams

Basic  Collectionbasic Floorgres floor tiles

Chromtech tiles

Chromtech concrete partition wall floor tile

Chromtech collection

Chromtech floor wall tile Floorgres

Chromtech by Floorgres

Chromtech tiles floor sofa

Metro station Setup

Chromtech tiles wall Metro station

Chromtech home

Chromtech tiles living room modern

Chromtech by Floorgres in the kitchen

Chromtech Floorgres rinse kitchen

Kitchen furniture made of solid wood

Chromtech kitchen wood kitchen furniture

Ecotech – minimalist living idea

Ecotech floor tiles dining curtains

Ecotech – robust floor tiles

Ecotech floor tiles kitchen dining room

Walks tiles by the pool

Floorgres walks pool tiles

Styletech floor tiles

Styletech Floorgres tiles

Marble effect – terrace decorated with floor tiles

tiles white pillow sofa white

Ecotech – walk in the backyard

Floorgres Ecotech walk garden

Stontech floor tiles in front of the fireplace

Floorgres tiled hearth Stontech

Discreet panels make the walk in the garden

Floorgres tiles grass outdoor outdoor

Industrial collection

Floorgres brick wall industrial

Tech2 outdoor tiles

Floorgres Tech2 design tiles outdoor

Floortech parlor tiles

Floortech floor tiles sofa

Floortech tile designs

Floortech Braun outdoor tile

Floortech floor tiles

Floortech dining room Wohnzmimer tiles flooring

Floortech pool tiles

Floorgres pool Italy tiles design Floortech

Tech2 outdoors

gazebo Tech2 tiles white Italian tiles

Geotech designs

Geotech floor tiles wood column Lantern

Feng Shui room facilities

Geotech tiles couches Feng Shui

Geotech tiles

Geotech grass design outdoor use garden

Globe of Floorgres

globe Floorgres shelf vessels

Globe tiles

globe collection of Floorgres Sun Sun

Styletech tiles

indirect light stone wall tile Styletech

Simple interior design

industrial floor tiles sofas sconces

Industrial floor tiles

industrial Floorgres floor tiles sofas

Industrial tiles

industrial collection of Floorgres dining room

Industrial floor tiles combined with brick walls

industrial brick sofas rustic touch

Gray, neutral floor tiles

coffee table leather sofa white glass

Reverse floor tiles

are rattan outdoor reverse

Outdoor floor tiles

Palm concerns pool facade summer Italian tiles

Walk with Floorgras tiles laid

paradise pool garden gazebo Italian tiles

Exotic surroundings in the backyard – garden swimming pool

pool outdoor use garden tree

Walks collection outdoor

pool large tiles grass outdoor walks Italian tiles

Designed indoor swimming pool with style

swimming pool swimming pool tiles River stones

Stontech and retro pieces

retro style of Stontech Floorgres tiles

Reverse -cosy

Chair reverse floor tiles sofas

Reverse in the living area

reverse tiles hanging lamps Chair

Reverse tiles

reverse wood chairs pillow light

Walks in the living room

bedroom wooden tiles walks

Floortech tile designs

seating design Floortech tiles

Colorful, exquisite wall lights

sofas wall lights floor lamps industrial

Stontech pattern tiles

Stontech shelf wall tiles Floorles

Styletech remarkable tiles

Styletech tile bathtub pillow

Styletech kitchen rear wall in grey

Styletech tile bath sink

Styletech in the rustic room

Styletech tile bath Floorgres

Styletech in the modern home

Styletech Floorgres tiles kitchen plate

Free-standing partition with apertures than shelves

partition dining table chairs flowers

Industrial tiles range

partition collection headboard beds

Stontech floor tiles

Vintate motifs of Floorgres tiles Stontech Italian tiles

Architectural innovation

walks outdoor tiles walk

Walks tiles for outdoor

walks Floorgres pool ideas robust designs

Walks tiles for living room

walks collection of Floorgres living room

Geotech tile for outdoor use

wall tile outdoor loungers Geotech

Monochromatic wall tiles

wall tile bath industrial

Reliefed wall tiles in the bathroom

tile mirror wall tiles bathroom sink

Designer wall tiles from Italy

mural tiles sofas

Floortech tiles in the bathroom

washbasin white mirror Floortech