Modern Flooring In White For Your Comfortable Home

flooring hardwood floors white chairs white pendant luminaires of round padded carpet of knitted pouf

Modern flooring in white

Increasingly perceived the white floor coverings as a particularly modern. You have clearly distinct advantages and disadvantages. The good side of the modern white floor coverings is that they enlarge the space and refine. The downside is that they are sometimes really difficult to maintain.

The usual pros and cons can be more or less severe depending on the context. What criteria your decision per or contra decisive should be, in the following we would like to discuss.

More about the benefits of white color

As already mentioned, the main advantage is that the white colour brightens the room and visually enlarged. Sometimes this is desirable. In other cases you can refrain from simply not.

Modern floor coverings in brilliant white

flooring white dining room table cloth of lace benches natural wood stool crocheted covers

The right questions, you find out what works best for you.

Do you need above all peace and comfort?

How is the dominant temperament in your family? Are set more on movement and energy, or love the tranquility and comfort? If it is the second option, then you should decide rather for the modern white floor design.

White wood flooring in the bedrooms make for more comfort

modern floor coverings white floorboards bedroom geometric pattern bedding

You have a very tight space?

Do you have a too narrow space? You have to do the white color probably he is slightly larger and roomier.

A too dark room

Insufficient to get natural light in your room? A modern white flooring is virtually mandatory in this situation.

Do you love the variety of decoration?

You repeatedly change the decoration at home and want to share? Then you need a background that works well with many different variants.

Highlighting ethno motifs and small accessories

flooring hardwood floors bedroom carpets bedding houseplant

Would you necessarily demonstrate your properties in the household?

There are some people who are especially talented in order and cleanliness. Also like the other people you want to see this. White is the right color, which you should take in this case. An always clean and modern flooring arouses the admiration of even the most demanding guests.

Disadvantages of modern white flooring

Now, find out how bad the disadvantages of white flooring are actually for you. Maybe there are things with which you can live. Or there are no disturbing facts in your case.

Purist establishment Moroccan style

flooring hardwood floors, white brick wall white rug woven Moroccan wedding blanket

Do you love above all the warm atmosphere at home?

It is most important that the rooms particularly warm and inviting look in her house some people. Know something can feel too cool and neutral. If that would be a problem for you, then take a different shading better. It must be quiet bright if the room is too narrow.

Have too little time to make clean?

Everyone wants a clean home. It also seeks. But in the home they are very busy and the care not really works. In this case do not prefer the white floor tiles. He can make clearly to difficult life.

Play with texture and relief!

modern flooring natural stone flooring bathroom round River stones

You want something for the kitchen and the bathroom? Better no white flooring…

You may have heard that the white tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen should be bright. That’s all right. But they have not necessarily white. Take some light better. Beautifully see the bright shades of green and blue off or shades of beige and silver.

The right decision for or against a white floor covering is only yours, and is so individual. You should to asking the right questions and accordingly decide what is right or wrong for you.

White is also very for the nursery

flooring white nursery cot toy carpet runner

Nostalgic vintage furniture for the kitchen

flooring white kitchen dining room vintage facility metal pendant lamp retro chairs cupboard

Modern minimalist kitchen in polar white

modern flooring concrete look kitchen kitchen island hood

Neutral colors and warm wood

modern flooring floor tiles cream white kitchen kitchen island dining table open shelves

Stand on the Scandinavian décor?

modern floor coverings dining room purist establishment white flooring

White mosaic floor tiles fit particularly well in the small bat

modern floor coverings of small bathroom mosaic floor tiles honeycomb pattern shower

Use fresh color accents by cushion

modern floor coverings loft apartment white sofa red pillow arc lamp wood flooring wall tiling

White marble with fine grain looks particularly sophisticated

modern flooring marble white grain luxury apartment leather sofa

For more dynamic you can try with it with stripes

modern Bodenbeläg wooden planks white floor lamp linen stripe black white

Designer furniture and home accessories

modern Bodenbeläg white Barcelona armchair minimalist set up living room flower

Rustic bathroom with white wooden floorboards and oval freestanding bath

modern floor coverings white floor boards wood white bathroom curtains Rudné stand free bathtubmodern floor coverings white floor boards wood apartment bedroom living room

Puristic and modern bathroom

modern floor coverings white floor tiles Bathroom furnishings freestanding bathtub

Pleasant gloss white

modern floor coverings white floor tile shiny leather couch pillow violet carpet runners

Modern loft apartment in white and fine wood

modern floor coverings white floor tiles granite loft open beam ceilings kitchen island

Chic living room with leather sofa, white floor tiles and striped cushion

modern floor coverings striped white glossy floor tiles leather couch cushion

Introduce more comfort in your home!

modern floor coverings white floorboards flooring Wicker woven cushions of crochet pouf

If you masculine like it

modern floor coverings of white Bodenbalag striped carpet bedroom

Natural wood and antique furniture for the romantics among you

modern floor coverings of white flooring antique Dresser freestanding bath Naurholz Bath Stool wall cladding wood

Chevron pattern and white marble in the bathroom

modern floor coverings of white flooring bathroom Chevron pattern freestanding bathtub

Supple fabrics and pastel colors in the bedroom

modern floor coverings of white flooring hardwood floors white purple linen of weave pouf Chronicly

Designer furniture in white and elegant home accessories made of glass and chrome

modern floor coverings white floor living room leather sofa arc lamp chrome Barcelona chair

Modern meets rustic

modern flooring living room white floor tiles marble look textured wall fireplace open beams

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