Modern Tiles From Decotal – Innovative Combination Of Technology And Craftsmanship

modern tile Decotal floor tiles golden flowers Fotor collage

Modern tiles from Decotal

On our Web site, you often had the opportunity to enjoy a rich collection of tiles . Today we present you a great innovation in terms of modern tiles. It’s the patented creation by Decotal. Each individual tile is a unique hybrid of metal and stone with the remarkable thickness of less than 2 mm (~ 1/16 “). The product itself is a result of a combination of advanced technology, in-depth research and careful craft. The stone is called advanced polymer concrete. It feels warm and is extremely durable. Combined with the light reflecting metal each tile ensures a special luxury effect.

The metal graphics are unlimited and can be custom. In this way, a limitless range of designs and patterns can be achieved. The type of metal and the plating depends on the application type of the tiles and the specific physical and aesthetic needs. At the moment, the offer includes over 50 graphs and patterns that can be ordered in sizes ranging from 200 mm x 200 mm up to 600 mm x 600 mm in square or rectangular shape. Customized patterns, sizes and stone colors are available on request.

Majestic and palatial gold

modern tile Decotal ceiling tiles dark red gold

Thanks to ultra-light weight and minimum thickness, the modern tiles from Decotal directly to the existing tiles can be laid. So, to save not only money but also precious time. The tiles are perfect for covering every surface with minimal intervention. After installation, a seal is not necessary and they need no special and expensive care, but only regular cleaning with detergent and water.

For more information, go to the official Web site of Decotal and discover the wide range of patterns and colors. You may find exactly what you are looking for. Or create your very own tile design and order it online. Good luck!

Elegant Silver vine pattern

modern tile Decotal floor tiles pattern floral

Stylish geometry in the bathroom

modern tiles Decotal bathroom classic pattern gold

Interwoven star in black and white

innovative tile Decotal floor tile black white star

Stylized flowers with metal gloss

modern tiles Decotal metal wallpaper

Tender grape leaves on the back wall of the kitchen

innovative tile Decotal pattern Grau Gold vine

Sea touch in Azur

modern tiles Decotal wall tiles Blau Silber waves

Wall tiles with 3D effect

innovative tile Decotal wall tiles three-dimensional

Beautiful abstraction in black and gold

modern tiles Decota wall tiles circles crosses

Subtle floral pattern with engraving

innovative tile Decotal wall tiles tendril pattern

Minimalist with Leopard skin

modern tiles wall tiles long Leopard gold

Magnificent, shiny flowers in gold

innovative tile Decota floor tiles golden flowers

Metal gloss and massive cross

modern tiles Decotal details cross

Golden waves with filigree ornaments

modern tiles Decota delicate waves

Leopard print in silver

modern tiles Decotal Leopard print

The classic Star

modern tiles Decota pattern star

Three-dimensioned tiles in detail

modern tiles Decotal network pattern

Balanced vine pattern in gold

modern tiles Decota tendril pattern gold black

Field geometry in black and white

modern tiles Decota star pattern black white

Stylized Sun in silver

modern tiles Decotal stylized Sun

An unlimited variety of patterns and colors

modern tiles Decotal pattern

Lightness and flexibility in one

modern tiles Decota thin

Fine profile and State of the art technology

modern tiles Decotal profile thin