Porcelain Stoneware Tiles By Ariana Ceramica Italiana

Agata Tortora precious floor tiles

Porcelain stoneware tiles from Italy in your own home

We will show new, exclusive collections of fine porcelain stoneware tiles in this post, which are manufactured by the Italian factory Ariana Ceramica from natural materials. Tiles this product lines capture color and texture in a perfect way and today this decoration has become a real trend! Ariana Larix series consists of six pieces: two main areas, two decorative designs, small rectangular tiles (no pattern) and a border element. Ariana Larix product range is available in a wide range of sand-coloured shades.

Larix sabbia Ariana Ceramica

sabbia Larix collection wood tiles

The main offer and the decorative elements are the same size 60 x 60 cm, which allows you to establish your home suitable. Also, you can experiment with colors and textures. You can also make the still original accents by Ariana Larix. There’s ceramic tile for outdoor use in this collection attached, which have excellent, physical surface properties.

Bali product line

grey Bali wall concrete tiles

The number of ceramic tiles Ariana Larix immerses in a festive luxury atmosphere us, so we could create a comfortable home.The factory of Ariana Ceramica, which is located in the heart of Italy, Castellarano, was founded 40 years ago. A large part of the success and prosperity of the company is based on the main designer and the design agency, that have made the company known and still continue to develop. Ariana management aims to emphasize the individuality of their products and customers. Even Pierre Cardin was invited to the Chief Designer of the company!

Bali / grey collection

grey Bali wall tiles wooden table

Each individual collection of ceramic tiles has a recognizable, Italian style. All product lines include wall and floor tiles in porcelain with floral patterns, vintage, wood and even with Oriental motifs. Daring and bold colours offer all Fleisenserien by Ariana Ceramica Italiana. The color scheme of the produced wall tiles Ariana shows a brave character. Still bright and pale shades are offered in addition to the classic color combination.

Portland 325-Dove gray

Dove gray floor tiles Portland collection

All ceramic tiles have a glazed cover that provides a high resistance to abrasion, moisture and extreme temperatures. Constantly updated equipment, modern technology and round-the-clock monitoring play a significant role for the high-quality products. The Italian ceramic tile factory Ariana opened new possibilities and perspectives for your furnishing solutions!

Precious by Agata Tortura

Agata Tortora precious floor tiles Ariana Ceramica

Fluido collection

Ariana Fluido collection porcelain stoneware tiles

The smoky and Larix series

Ariana Fumé Larix wooden wall

Perla series – Larix

Ariana Larix Perla wood look wall tiles

Larix / sabbia

Ariana Larix sabbia wall tiles

Chic wall and floor design with tiles

Ariana Larix Tortura dining room chairs tables

Quarzo Grigio in the bathroom

Ariana precious Quarzo Grigio antique patterns bathroom wall tile

Floor tiles in wood finish for outdoor use

Ariana veranda Larix sabbia

Avorio Rovere

Ariana tiles design light wood optics

Bali Camou

Bali Camou floor tiles design

Bali exotic

Bali exotic living room tiles sofa

Larix Tortura

floor tiles bathroom Larix Tortura

Portland 325-bone

bone Portland 325 chair wall tiles

Fluido Bronzo

Bronzo Fluido Ariana Italiana tiles

Bronzo series in gray – floor tiles

Bronzo Fluido porcelain tile wood table

Camou Bali at the Mall

Camou Bali collection design business clothes

Cenere Larix Futura

Cenere Larix Futura bathtubChalk Ariana

chalk Ariana wall tiles round chandelier Portland 325 – chalk

chalk Portland 325 head bathroomPortland 325

chalk series Portland 325 collection bar counter

Convivium wall tiles

Convivium bathroom tiles tub

Convivium Bianco

Convivium Bianco ideas wall tiles

Convivium floor tiles

Convivium floor tiles gold accents

Convivium Cenere

Convivium Cenere pale floor tiles

Convivium Cenere

Convivium Cenere pattern wall tiles

Mosaic tile bathroom design

Convivium Cenere wall tiles bathroom mosaic

Convivium Cerene

Convivium Cerene wall tiles bathroom

Convivium Cuoio

Convivium Cuoio collection floor tiles

Convivium wall tiles with Golden patterns

Convivium pattern round sink beige

Convivium Nero

Convivium Nero floor tile pattern

Convivium Nero as living room flooring

Convivium Nero design floor tiles

Exotic Bali

exotic Bali wood tiles flooring

Fluido Luna

Fluido Luna tiles mosaic wall

Fluido series in the bathroom

Fluido series Ariana Ceramica Italiana

Futura Antracite

Futura Antracite design wall tiles

Futura serene

Futura Cenere floor tiles Ariana optics

Urban living room furniture

Futura Cenere wall tiles wood

Futura Tortura

Futura Tortura floor tile coffee table

Futura Tortura

Futura Tortura wall tiles beige designPortland 325 floor tiles

graphics floor tiles dining room Portland 384 325

Fieno of Larix Larix Ariana Fieno Holzotpik kitchen

Bright, pale shades

Larix Fieno Ariana collection white dining table

Cappuccino wall color

Larix collection Perla series Brown Wall colors

Perla tiles Larix collection

Larix Perla wood look wall tiles classic

Sabbia Larix feminine ambiance

Larix sabbia classic floor tiles

Effective floor tiles wood

Larix sabbia wood floor tiles flooring effective

Floor tiles with great patterns

Larix sabbia floor tiles pattern

Tortura Larix Wall and floor tiles

Larix Tortura wood tiles flooring

Bali and light gray

Light Grey Bali wood look floor tiles

Light natural by Bali collection

natural Bali design floor tiles light

Panna Madreperla

Madreperla Panna design wall tiles

Several wood textures

natural Bali Ariana wall tiles hanging lamps

Perla series of the Larix Collection

Perla series Larix Ariana floor tiles stool

Portland 325-chalk

Portland 325 chalk Ariana wall tiles

Graphics series in the living roomPortland 325 graphics dining room tilerough surfaces and floor tiles

Portland 325 wood round coffee table

Venato Grigio

precious Ariana Venato Grigio floor tile

Precious Ariana in the bathroom

precious Ariana wall tiles bathroom

Precious wall tiles in the bathroom

precious bathtub wall tiles

Wood optics and effective floor tiles

precious floor tiles wood optics

Marble effect in the Home Office

precious floor tiles Chair yellow

Pale, feminine embellishment

Precious Grau design mirror fine porcelain stoneware tiles

Cute bathroom design

precious Madreperla Crema wall tiles bathroom

Precious – Quarzo Ametista

precious Quarzo Ametista mosaic bath

Quarzo Cipria

Quarzo Cipria precious mirror circular mirror fine porcelain stoneware tiles

Warm brown tones in the bathroom

precious wall tiles sink bath

Rovere Avorio

Rovere Avorio series Ariana porcelain stoneware tiles

Rovere Bianco

Rovere Bianco floor tiles living room

Rovere Bianco

Rovere Bianco plate wall decoration wall tile

Rovere naturale

Rovere naturale children toys porcelain stoneware tiles

Rovere Noce

Rovere Noce wood look floor bedrooms porcelain stoneware tiles

Rovere Wengé Floor tiles

Rovere Wengé design floor tiles

Sabbia Fluido

sabbia Fluido collection wall tiles Ariana porcelain stoneware tiles

Sabbia Fluido

sabbia Fluido series Ariana floor tiles

Sabbia Fluido in the dining room

sabbia Fluido living room Setup

Portland 325 Silver series silver Wanddliesen cement porcelain stoneware tilesTitanio tiles for the bathroom

Titanio tiles bathroom ideas design

Fluido Titanio

Titanio tile bathroom wall Fluido porcelain stoneware tiles

Fashion foyer

Titanio Fluido Ariana Ceramica floor tiles

Comfortable interior

Tortura Futura wall tile fireplace

Tortura Larix

Tortura Larix wood optics bath

Venato Grigio in the bathroom

Venato Grigio wall tiles bathroom precious

Portland 325 in soft pink

wall tiles beige chalk Portland 384 325