Tiles Design By FAP Ceramiche – Luxury Italian Tiles

Bagno zero collection flowers bath

Cupido – bathroom ceramic wall tile

Hello, dear readers! Today we continue with the tile designs from Italy. This time we present factory brand Fap Ceramiche some collections of luxury, we have presented last week in detail. Here, you can enjoy the luxury designs of Cupido, zero, supernatural, materia, Cielo and select the best floor and wall tiles for your bathroom.

Design by FAP Ceramiche tiles

Cupido brown beige wood bar bath

CUPIDO irresistible: a heart, two souls. A collection of refined, white wall tiles with different finishes. A tile, which traces the subtle woven threads of iridescent beads and passionate red pop. The decoration and the mosaic by FAP Ceramiche completed the unmistakable style.

Cielo – shiny wall tiles for the bathroom

Cielo Africa mosaic Brown Mocha colors

CIELO collection consists of white wall tiles. The color is the soul of these tiles. Vibrant shades that cover the walls in the bathroom, show the practical beauty of ceramics manufactured in Italy.

Nuances – porcelain stoneware tiles in wood finish for Interior and exterior

nuances floor tiles FAP Ceramiche wood

There is the life story of thousands, of different pages.  The sense of originality of this porcelain stoneware porcelain wood makes the tiles in unique. The veins and the tones are incredibly faithful to the original and completely different and customized for each individual tile. The floor tiles are still available for interior design and exterior design in multiple sizes.

Base – porcelain stoneware in stone look as flooring for indoor and outdoor

base bathroom wall tiles Zen institution

BASE turns your home into a cozy home. Sophisticated pattern stone effect show the floor tiles that are ideal for Interior and exterior designs. Matt floor tiles in different sizes, see this collection by FAP Ceramiche.

Zero – ceramic wall tiles for the bathroom

Bagno zero collection bath

send Italian tile designs Blau

ZERO collection offers wall tiles that look absolutely error-free. The smooth surface and texture of these tiles radiates with perpetually iridescent patterns. They remind us of mild tissues, which is swaying in the light. Eight color shades can create a perfect room.

Materia – 3D ceramic wall tiles for the bathroom

Materia bathroom original dark Browns

MATERIA – the originality of of feeling of true. Engraved surfaces create an elegant mosaic effect. Nice, simple and stylish range.

Supernatural pasta bianca – ceramic wall tiles with marble look

supernatural living room tiles design Italy

SUPERNATURAL so delicate and of course like a kiss. Collection of wall tiles with marble look

Base floor tiles for patio design

base FAP Ceramiche outdoor use terrace design

Base collection for the working atmosphere

base collection beige floor tile Office

Carpet pattern tiles

base collection pattern carpet tile design

Opulent living room furniture

base living room floor tiles design sofa

Cielo Wall tiles with floral patterns Cielo bathroom tiles beige flower pattern sink

Rural, floral pattern

Cielo flower pattern design tiles

Splendid beige wall tile

Cielo beige red pattern flowers design

Bright blue

Cielo Blau Knall wall tile design bathroom

Amber yellow ambience

Cielo bold wall colors tile bath

FAP Ceramiche and the Cielo collection Cielo collection FAP Ceramiche pattern wall tiles

Contrasting cuisine back in red

Cielo kitchen rear wall wall tiles design Italy

Tender bathroom colors purple flower bouquet bathroom tiles design

Cool purple wall tiles with floral motifs

Cielo purple violet design tiles Italy

Cute bathroom design

Cielo purple wall colors Italy wall tiles bathroom

Lemon freshness in the bathroom

Cielo lime Frisch exotic colors wall tiles

Flying butterflies as wall tile patterns

lime lemon yellow butterflies

Mocha colours

Cielo MoCCA colours wall floor bathroom

Browns restaurant

Cielo neutral dark shades restaurant

Chic styled shopping centre

Cielo cute pale wall tiles shopping centre

Lemon-yellow shades

Cielo PartLime bathroom shower bath towel

Classified exotic in red

red wall floor tiles bathroom design

White floral pattern

red wall tile design bathroom

Other proposals by Cielo

red wall tiles design pattern gloss

Dark and light stripes

Cielo wall colors shiny bathroom

Shiny blue tile color

Cielo wall tiles design FAP Ceramiche gloss

Formal flooring in the kitchen

Cucina Pietra FAP Ceramiche base collection dining room

Graphic tile pattern

FAP Ceramiche bathroom tile pattern

Silver lines in the circle

Fap Ceramiche Blau Cupido Wandfleisen

Cerulean wall decoration in the bathroom by Cupido

bathroom tiles Blau Himmel

Reliefs lines on the wallCupido FAP Ceramiche flowers mirror

Cupido in mocha color

Cupido Fap Ceramiche Braun beige colors

Brown wall tiles

Cupido FAP Ceramiche sink

Cupido in warm Brantönen

Cupido FAP Ceramiche tiles beige bathroom

Diamond-shaped wall tile patterns from Cupido

Cupido FAP Ceramiche tiles design Italy

Reliefed wall patterns

Cupido FAP Ceramiche tiles vases bathroom

Striped wall tiles

Cupido FAP Ceramiche sink design

Loving color combination of black and Red

Cupido mosaic heart wall tiles black

Pop notes

Cupid red wall tiles design sink

bathroom design Cupido wall tiles Cupido tiles are available in light blue

Mosaic effect to the wall

Cupido Wall shelves cosmetics wall tiles design bath

Pale yellow and pale green vision

Cupido wall tiles FAP Ceramiche bath

Masculine Bathroom furnishings

wall tiles FAP Ceramiche bathroom

Mosaic wall tiles for the bathroom

Cupido wall tiles mosaic glass optic pattern

Zero collection

ceramic tiles for bathroom zero FAP Ceramiche

Striking floral tile wall

pattern bathroom wall tiles zero

Materia by FAP Ceramiche  

Materia Bagno naturale bathroom

Materia design

Materia flowerpots houseplants bath

Materia collection with 3D optics

Materia ceramic tile 3d optics

Strict, clear lines

Materia collection bathroom design

Chromatic colours of the tiles

Materia wall tiles Strip bath

Ceiling kitchen rear wall tiles

Materia collection kitchen rear wall tiles design

Peach wall tiles

Materia peach wall tiles bathroom

Elegant wall design with pattern tiles

Materia Rosa pale wall tiles bathroom

Simple floor tiles in the living room

modern living room base black floor tilesshades collection outdoor

nuances floor tiles design restaurant set up

Rustic warmth in the living room nuances floor tiles parquet Chair

When viewed from above

nuances floor tiles Chair Brown pillow

nuances collection design tiles parquet floor tiles

Hotel reception

nuances corridor design Brown colors lights Hotel

Floor tiles for outdoor nuances pool garden swimming outdoor tile

Built-in garden pool surrounded by tiles

nuances tile outdoor pool wooden optics

A rotorcraft ambience

nuances vintage rooms room

Wall tiles in the bathroom in wood finish

nuances wood effect tiles bathroom

Materia collection in red

red Materia collection flowers wall color

The Materia collection

red Materia wall tile sink

Monochromatic colors combined with a little green

black green mosaic wall floor tile

Purist bathrooms in white

supernatural bathtub white diamond wall mirror

Cute wall tiles in pale colors

super natural beige flower pattern wall tiles

Expressive floral motifs – pattern carpet

Supernatural Braun beige pattern floor tiles

Cappuccino color

Supernatural Braun effect design tiles

FAP Ceramiche and supernatural collection

supernatural porcelain FAP Ceramiche

More seen

supernatural gloss beige slip wall tiles

Extravagant tiles design

supernatural collection FAP Ceramiche Wall lamp

Brown slip in the bath

supernatural Kühn Braun wall floor tile

Aesthetic interior design

supernatural luxury slip ladies

Pale wall tiles by Supernaturial

supernatural marble effect pale shower

Classic luxury

supernatural marble effect wall mirror license

Silver Certificate

supernatural pattern wall tiles curtains mirror

Furniture by Poltrona woman

supernatural Poltrona Mrs. Brown wall tiles

Carpet pattern in black

supernatural porcelain design tiles floor wall

Supernatural collection porcelain stoneware floor tiles in the glossy marble look

supernatural porcelain grey candle light

Warm ambience for the bathroom

warm tiles design FAP Ceramiche Italy bath

Zero kitchen countertop

zero ceramic tile kitchen work platform

Retro living style in the kitchen

zero ceramic tile kitchen

Zero collection

zero collection Bathroom furnishings pale colors

Combined shades

zero FAP Ceramiche tiles beige