Tiles Of Natural Stone For Your Bathroom

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tiles from natural stone and minimalist design

What you should know for the tiles made of natural stone

The look of natural stone tiles in the modern bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. The stone tiles, also stacked stone, give a natural look to your bathroom and will give you a warm feeling in the atmosphere. This stone is available in many colors, shapes and sizes. The choice also linked to the cost. Today we have a few tips for the orientation for you.

Small antique furniture pieces are perfect accessories for natural stone tiles

tiles from natural stone antique flair wooden stool of round mirror

The basic information:

Usually, this kind of wall of natural stone is worked out. These are previously elaborated in thin, rectangular shape. They differ in height. After installation, this stone ensures a drama, which is immediately to the Rotary and focal point of the room.


Most of the stones have the masses about 15 to 50 or 15 to 70 cm. The stones could be matched before, or but you might be available in individual sections.


In addition to the gorgeous texture, this material can be combined also with very different styles. Many apartment owners integrate wall lighting, in addition to illuminate the fabulous surface.

Here you can either recessed or Wall lamp placed long, in this case above the level

tiles from natural stone Woodart white tulips


This stone is very heavy and can cause damage to other objects during installation. Attaching a mirror to such wall would be risky and extremely difficult.

Also for security reasons, you should avoid such walls in families with children. For the clash with such a wall would be very painful and sometimes quite dangerous.

In this case, the lighting is very discreetly hidden

tiles from natural stone grey glazed shower cubicle


If you are crazy about cleanliness, the stone is probably not your thing. The inequalities and the curves are quite difficult to clean. At least you should place not as a wall next to the shower, because washing the wall with clean water each time after the bath can be exhausting.

In the sense of easy care you should decide for a professional installer, which allows no gaps between the different stones.

There is also flat design, which give the illusion of such stone

off stone light grey and white ceramic tiles

Modern showers and bathrooms with tasteful by CJB Designs LLC

tiles from natural stone full glazed sliding door


It is in most cases a very eco-friendly decision. Most of the stones were created from industrial waste.

But do not forget that each stone that was gained outside of the environment, has contributed to many exhaust fumes in the air.

Special tips

Maybe some of you have already decided for the stacked stone. Specifically for this and for all others who are interested, I would like to give the following tips:

In the shower, during installation, you should necessarily present a glass surface. Make sure that the installer has thought of it. Surrounded with mirrors is gorgeous. However, make sure that the corners are clean. The cleaning is virtually impossible.

Comfortable and relaxed for two showers

tiles of natural stone wall niche decoration

Yes, the beauty requires care. If you have to clean areas but in the rest of the House easily, is worth the effort. I think the view of stacked stones with nothing is to compare other things.

tiles from natural stone rectangular sink of dark marble

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