With Paisley Tiles Ceramic Tiles Pattern – With Oriental And Geometric Accents

Decorating with ceramic tiles, which are inspired of the Paisley Muster

If someone says Paisley, one thinks of first place at swatch. Because it is primarily to the ornamental design of these. It is believed that their homeland is Persia. However, the patterns were named after a Scottish town. In this, it has begun production of very expensive fabrics at the beginning of the 19th century which mimicked this popular Oriental patterns. They won by their originality and appealing character then in value and popularity.

Like many other popular patterns from the textile industry, the Paisley Muster found a wide application in the interior design. There are also ceramic tiles in Paisley and we will show you the following great examples of this.

The Paisley Muster and its distribution in the Middle East

ceramic tiles ideas with paisley pattern wall tiles

The Paisley Muster occurs in many other countries outside of Persia. There it has a different name. You can find it with various names, such as “Turkish cucumber”, “Cucumber”, “The tears of Allah”, “Indian palm leaf”, etc.

Description of the pattern and beautiful examples

ceramic decorative tiles with paisley pattern ideas bathroom tiles

The appearance of the Paisley pattern can be compared with a drop or a cucumber. One end is slightly rounded. It is found in combination with different patterns and it is running in different styles of decorative graphics.

The ceramic tiles in Paisley can have matte or gloss finish. There are no restrictions with regard to the colour.

Subtly patterned floor tiles

ceramic decorative tiles with paisley pattern ideas living room floor tiles

Eye-catcher in the bathroom with an elegant design

ceramic decorative tiles with paisley pattern ideas bathroom modern bathroom tiles

The Paisley pattern inscribes itself in various styles of Interior Design. It suits best but our opinion to the following: Eastern style, colonial style, neo-classical, Art Deco, minimalism.

Styles of Interior design and matching tiles

ceramic tiles with paisley pattern decoration ideas wall tiles

The ceramic tiles with Paisley patterns support to execute a colourful Innendesignsbei. But also other surface treatments could successfully apply this pattern. It is very fitting, if you want to give a classic and at the same time exotic flair to your premises.

If you want to apply it but in a modern style, then we must Access necessarily to the stylized variation of the Paisley pattern.

Accents with Paisley tile

ceramic decorative tiles with paisley pattern ideas floor tiles

Tiles with geometric patterns are a hit

ceramic tiles bathroom tiles ideas pattern colors

Make a modern ambience with interesting pattern tiles

ceramic tiles floor tiles ideas photos

Be inspired by the following examples!

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