Zona Notte Tiles In The Bedroom – Stylish Solution From Cerdomus

Arya circles pattern bedroom tiles Zona Notte

Clean and healthy ceramic bedroom flooring

Rarely, it opts for ceramic floor tiles in the bedroom. The main reason for this is that these spaces are for soft and resilient floor coverings such as carpets, Cork or vinyl floor. Nevertheless, the tiles have many properties which make them really stylish and elegant look in the bedroom.

Fresh air at home – the floor tiles have beautiful smooth, solid surfaces, allow the light and easy cleaning of dirt and dust. Usually one cleans the tile floor with cloth or keeping always fresh and clean, the air in the room wiping rags, in this way especially if you have breathing problems.

Tahoe – Zona Notte tiles in the bedroom

wood effect Tahoe Zona Notte Cerdomus tile In the bedroom

Easy to maintain- Because the floor tiles are extremely durable, they can withstand great strain. All you should do is to vacuum the floor regularly and to clean with cloth.

Durability – the floor tiles are meant to last a long time. Solid, strong and impervious Cerdomus tiles can withstand the hardest burden and are not easily spotted and scratched.

We want to present further collections cerdomus , this time we focus our attention on the tiles in the bedroom and the chic furnishing solutions and floors there.

Arya design in red

Arya circles pattern bedroom tiles Zona Notte

Arya in blue

Arya Zona Notte Blau floor tiles bedroom

Smooth and supple

Bathroom bedroom Brown flooring tiles Cerdomus

Chrome Zona Notte

chrome Zona Notte Cerdomus tile In the bedroom

Villa in the mountains

village Aspen Interior design Fiona Cowan Colorado private apartment

Tiles contempora

contempora Zona Notte bedroom tiles bathroom

Dynasty Zona Notte

dynasty Zona Notte bedroom ideas wood ceilings

Oak wood

barrique Zona Notte tiles In the bedroom

Gray wall decoration

forge Zona Notte bedroom bed Garcia colors

Children’s room with floor tiles

forge Zona Notte wall design of Cerdomus

Hiro’s product line

Hiro's smooth easy to clean floor tiles bedroom

Impero Zona Notte

Impero Zona Notte tiles In the bedroom of Cerdomus

Kyrah Zona Notte tiles provide a rustic atmosphere

Kyrah Zona Notte round bed rural style tiles In the bedroom

Bright, comfortable bedroom environment

Lefka Zona Notte design bedroom indirect lighting

Lily floor tiles

Lily Zona Notte bedroom tiled luxury

White and Brown pattern

wood look impressive bedroom Cerdomus tile

Pietra d ‘ Assisi

Pietra D Assisi Zona Notte Cerdomus tile In the bedroom

Pietra di Borgogna

Pietra Di Borgogna Zona Notte tiles In the bedroom

Neutral colors

tiles In the bedroom Cerdomus style

ROK Zona Notte

ROK Zona Notte tiles In the room divider

Savanna shows magnificent wood effect

savanna bedroom Cerdomus tile

Pop art canvas

stage Pointe Zona Notte canvas animated tiles

Tahoe in the bedroom

Tahoe wood optics Brown magazine tiles In the bedroom

Zona Notte luxury bedroom design

Zona Notte Hiro Cerdomus tile bedroom