Floor And Wall Tiles By Morick- Benefit From The Best Quality And Competent Advice

When designing a bathroom, kitchen or even a wellness area, it is primarily about finding the right design. To be surrounded by harmonious color patterns is pleasant, but is that all about choosing the right floor or wall tiles? And how can you be sure that his choice of this morning is still chic and looks like unused? And would it not be possible for the tiles from the home catalog to be so effective and eyecatching? To all these questions, we would like to find one or more helpful answers today and make new suggestions.

You are planning a large development, are builders, builders or simply want to get a clear, visual idea of ​​how the space to be tiled would look in many variations. A photoreal spatial planning in which you can judge in advance the color and texture, the patterns and not least the effect of the design is quite possible and even that In the German area ,

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Company history

The Düsseldorf-based company Morick is guaranteed to visualize and implement many of your wishes and ideas, which are connected with tiles and natural stone. Now one may wonder what makes this service provider different from the others in the area.

In our opinion, this is a special operation, which has found a fantastic interface between construction planning, competent consulting and sale of tiles and natural stone.

A firm balance between the traditional and the pursuit of sustainable and modern is also to be found at Morick.

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The interface between traditional and modern

On the website of the company one can read that Morick has been pleased for over 35 years over a satisfied Stammkundschaft. However, the company’s history goes even further back to the time when the tiler-master Franz Morick founded his company of the same name in Göttingen in 1948.

At the moment the name Morick is not only for excellent quality in the area of ​​the tiles. On a more than 400 square meters of exhibition space, the customer experiences a variety in the design with tiles and gets everything from expert advice to final implementation from a single source.

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The company employs 20 competent tilers, and the tradi- tional tradition is passed on to numerous apprentices. Room planners take over the visualization and offer you the optimum solution for every room of your building project.

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The German manufactories and barrier-free living

The specialist shop checks the quality of each tile and maintains contacts with German tile manufactures, which also have a long manufacturing tradition and write a proud history. The tradition is closely linked to the current trends and modern needs of our customers. The topic of”sustainability and barrier-free living”is treated seriously at Morick. Experienced architects can work with you in advance to make a construction plan that will save you a lot of nerves and costs in the long run.

If we have aroused your interest, contact us today with the friendly staff and profit from their competence and professional advice!

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