12 Trendy Wall Paints, Which Designers And Interior Designers Love

In both the design of the room and the fashion, the designers give the impression that the house residents like the latest trends. The wall paints rarely come up with anything new, because you like to rely on classical and well-tested nuances. These are the shades, which often have great visual impact. These spread in their four walls a good feeling of ease, assure you inner harmony and balance. In many cases, the wall paints are the visual basis, depending on which one selects the whole device in the room. Do you want to bring a fresh wind into your home? Then you are in the right place today. Because we want to help you with the next make-over of your apartment and now show the latest trends in the wall paints. These are great pastel shades that never go out of style and will certainly remain trendy for many years to come.

1. Lavender, Benjamin Moore

Lavender is a striking wall paint that could not leave any indifferent. This skilful mixture of red and blue, which tends to violet, brings a fresh note into your home without controversy. Do not underestimate the strong effect of the lavender color! It fits perfectly to a classic, but also to a modern interior. Lavender is easy to combine with other colors. This is how you create a modern ambience that looks airy and natural.

Lavender, Benjamin Moore – the typical orchid nuance radiates naturalness

Wall paint lavender benjamin moore in the bedroom

2. Salmon Peach, Benjamin Moore

Often we meet perfect color combos in the wild, which we would like to introduce into the interior. The next example is also a proof of this. This is a successful mixture of a salmon-colored nuance with the so popular Pfirsichton. This way you can never go wrong with your wall design, because the color mix ensures balance and reduces the effect of other colors in the room.

The wall color, which creates an inner harmony in the ambience

Wall paintings Salmon Peach Benjamin Moore

3. Palladian Blue, Benjamin Moore

This wall paint is classic and refreshing. Palladian Blue is actually a blue-gray-green shading, which looks good in every room. Especially in the bathroom! If you have a particularly sunny room, this light blue nuance can”cool down”the sun. In the bedroom, you can create a quiet atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind.

The calming nuance – Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

Palladian Blue Benjamin Moore the workspace modern painting

4. Calming Stew, Clark + Kensington

This graunuance can be seen in every style, bringing peace and harmony. Also introduce this soothing gray into your interior and it will remain up-to-date for years. This is really a shading that has passed the test of time successfully. This is why the Steingrau is the favorite wall paint of many designers and interior designers.

Palstellgrau in all possible shades is and remains trendy for a long time

Classic chic wall clark + kensington in the living room

5. Manchester Tan, Benjamin Moore

Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore points to the remarkable sandstone façade of the historic city hall in Manchester. This is a neutral color, which is classic and elegant. This is pearl-gray, but not quite! The favorite color of many designers is a light gray nuance with a slight sandstone luster. It is a warm tint, which always appears light and fresh, even the shading changes, depending on the light source in the room.

Classic and trendy at the same time

Manchester Tan Benjamin Moore neutral color in the bathroom

6. Compatible Cream, Sherwin Williams

A delicate nuance has conquered the fashion world for a certain time – that is the creamy yellow. It pushes forward and also comes on the walls at home. It is even favored at the moment, because the color radiates heat, but is not as bright as the sun-yellow. This creamy yellow nuance is inviting and can be combined with other colors in the interior.

The creamy yellow pastel nuance is easily combined with many other colors

Wall paints for a cozy bedroom Compatible Cream Sherwin Williams

7. Intense White, Benjamin Moore

Do not be fooled here, the shading in the color collection of Benjamin Moore is really”intense white”, but the color contains gray undertones. This is the ideal wall backdrop for those who do not like to use subtle color in the interior and always seek the fine contrast to the white. This broken white can be perfectly combined with the main colors of the furniture. So you get a modern room look.

The modern room look in broken white

Wall paints for a harmonious living room Intense White Benjamin Moore

8. Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore

Again at Benjamin Moore you will find a light gray shading, Revere Pewter, which you can easily access when designing a room with an open floor plan. This is a neutral and you can be absolutely sure that with their choice you can not go wrong. The color fits all the styles, from the traditional to the modern, and is a wonderful addition to warm and cool color palettes. This color is a welcome alternative to white, it brings enough vitality to a room without making it overwhelming.

Classical meets modernity

Wall paints for kitchen kitchens in Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore

You can now look at our picture gallery and find more fashionable shades. For us all, however, is fixed, the neutrals are in advance! These are the wall paints that are popular and popular all over the world. Have you found your favorites as well?

Sprout 06 – the gentle nuance also suitable for the ceiling

Wall paints for a harmonious home Sprout 06

Bright wall colors and dark upholstery furniture form the perfect contrast in the modern living room

Wall design in the wool reindeer wall sherwin colors and darker furniture pieces

Do you want to have a modern bathroom? Then put on light gray!

Wall design in nursery light gray walls and white children's furniture

Neutrals are everywhere in advance!

Wall design with bright wall light gray in the bathroom