Bordeaux Color And Its Effect In Terms Of Interior Design

The bordeaux color is often declared as claret, although there are dozens of wines that give just as many claret tones. What is Bordeaux, where does it come from and why does it play such a bewildering, as well as dignified color such a big role in fashion or interior design.

Bordeaux color – meaning and effect

Why is the color Bordeaux so special, as just stated? Well, there are the well-known color stereotypes that are pink for girls and blue for boys. The same applies to all red tones as female and the blue tones as male. The only proof of this is the human color perception alone, which can be traced back in history.

Bordeaux color – a symbol of courage and grandeur

Bordeaux color pompoes

The Bordeaux color contains in addition to the red also many blue components which is why she could often be explained with the color purple. Since it is impossible to assign a sex-specific property to this color, the Bordeaux color is considered both female and male.

Centuries ago only the Cardinals got the courage and the honor to wear such a special color.

At that time, the church gave the right note, the color Bordeaux got a meaning for dignity and grandeur.

The noble color shows on noble materials well to the validity

Bordeaux color ceiling

In wealthy houses you could admire fine furniture, which of course was papered in burgundy velvet. Tablecloths and carpets in Bordeaux red add extravagance to your interior design, but also treat and luxury.

Bordeaux red is a color that is not just about gender, but can be absolutely universal in every room of your home. A design in Bordeaux red is bold, cheeky and extroverted.

The festive days are ideal as a fresh color experiment

Bordeaux color Christmas table

Bordeaux color as wall paint

The unisex color, which can be perceived as both cold and warm because it is simply at the boundary between the two color scales, is an excellent choice for wall paint. An accent wall or even an entire room painted in Bordeaux red provides warmth and coziness in bulk.

Wall clocks are far from what they were

Bordeaux color marble wall clock

In a design with the color Bordeaux you can create beautiful color spaces – from sober to completely turned on. The eye-catching color matches well with natural and qualitative materials.

Bordeaux red has many nuances that want to be discovered

Bordeaux color placemat

Textiles in Bordeaux red

Whether you are thinking of bedspreads or a new carpet surrounded by the color Bordeaux you will feel confirmed and arrived and perceive the cozy home even more intense.

Be inspired and encouraged by the attached pictures!

The color Bordeaux can confuse you and also enchant you

Bordeaux color curtain holder

As a wall paint and also next to natural materials, the color appears special, but pleasant

Bordeaux color wall paint figural

The brick look can be well transferred to the bathroom

Bordeaux color wall paint bathroom

Light and colors – a relationship where everything matters

Bordeaux color glamor

Lampshades in Bordeaux red are simply timeless

Bordeaux color wall paint lamp

Before you paint the wall, you can test the color effect with a successful table decoration

Bordeaux color table top christmas

Opposites can attract each other

Bordeaux color with blue

Christmas in Bordeaux Red can be magical

Bordeaux color Christmas

As far as the bedroom is concerned, you can make plenty of use of the Bordeaux Red palette

Bordeaux color DEko cushion

If you’re looking for a color, there are easier ways to do it

Bordeaux color Christmas purple

Small or larger accents in the color definitely enliven the room

Bordeaux color examples
Bordeaux color bedding

Bordeaux red means cosiness and luxury at the same time

Bordeaux color furniture

One should have a good reason to paint entire walls in Bordeaux

Bordeaux color wall paint bathroom

Cozy and luxurious – the Christmas tree made of feathers in Bordeaux red

Bordeaux color feather Christmas tree

On fabric printed with motifs, the color does not stand out as Bordeaux

Bordeaux color bed linen with white

The color of the cardinals tolerates a lot of gold, which ultimately impresses them

Bordeaux color overlap

A color that was obligatory in wealthy homes

Bordeaux color wall paint cardinal color

The color Bordeaux red can make the simplest room look noble

Bordeaux color wall paint blue plusch

Bordeaux red – at the border between the color stereotypes

Bordeaux color flower

Bordeaux red loves you or leaves you

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Bordeaux color dabs
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Bordeaux color grape

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