Choose Kitchen Colors Correctly – 60 Kitchen Designs In Different Shades

White or black, green or gray, yellow or orange? What color would your kitchen walls look best? And what color is suitable for the kitchen cabinets to make them a good figure? Do you ask these questions? Then take a look at the following lines and pictures, perhaps you will feel somewhat relieved in your decision! Because today’s kitchens are the focus of the apartment and need special attention in the design…

Determining the right kitchen shape and style for your own needs can be a complicated task, what remains then for the color selection in the kitchen? This seems to be a real challenge! Because colors carry their own symbolism and effect different spatial feelings. Is the color design in the kitchen simply a matter of personal preference? It is best to combine individual requirements with current trends. So surely you will not commit any innendesign errors!

Stylish and expressive must be the modern kitchen!

Kitchen colors elegant color combination in the modern kitchen

The wide color palette should be used carefully in kitchen design. The spatial conditions play a huge role. The fact that not every color is easily combinable should also be taken into consideration. Thus, white kitchens are nowadays a popular solution to this space. But also colored kitchen designs are very popular.

If you choose white or black, make them more visible by combining them with other intense colors. One can create excellent interiors through clever color combinations.

Functional kitchen with a fresh flair

Modern kitchen green beige and gray make a nice combination in the kitchen

Black and graphite gray look wonderful in combination with wood!

Modern kitchen black kitchen island wood elements

In terms of color design in the kitchen today, the natural shades are still very popular. Brown, for example, is the shade of wood and is therefore used in many kitchen designs. And those who appreciate the industrial look can easily enjoy a beautiful industrial kitchen this year, as they are also in fashion!

But what should be taken into consideration when designing the kitchen:

  • A Matching color according to room size : Depending on the kitchen, you should set different colors. Surely you know the rule that small Rooms in bright colors Appear better than in dark, and vice versa.
  • The Kitchen paints according to their effect on mood Choose: For the color selection in the kitchen, it plays a role, what an atmosphere you want to create there. So you can choose orange for the kitchen, if you want to create a cheerful ambience, while blue ensures peace and relaxation in this area.

Industrial kitchens are a trend this year

Kitchen colors great color combinations in the industrial kitchen

Let us take a brief look at some of the hottest trends in the furnishing of the modern kitchen!


Nuances ranging from light blue to deep blue tones are the order of the day! The combination of trendy blue tones with white or wood results in a successful kitchen design. Stone and concrete give the blue kitchens as well a beautiful look. You have almost no limits when choosing a suitable blue, because both aquamarine and navy blue are very well inscribed in modern kitchen design.

Blue and white make up a beautiful color combination

Kitchen colors navy blue in modern kitchen combine with white

Choose fresh kitchen colors

Küchenfarben fresh küchengestaltung in blue and white

Kitchen sign that emits quietness

Dark colors can also soothe! The so-called Dusty colors prove this! In such kitchen decorations grayscales are combined with different green, violet, blue and brown tones, creating beautiful interior designs, where you can feel peace and relaxation, as well as an elegant kitchen look. Such muted and dull colors are a hit in kitchen design.

Trendy and comfortable modern kitchen

Kitchen colors gray wall paint and dunkellila accents

Color mixing in the kitchen

The mixture of different matching colors leads to a beautiful look in the modern kitchen. Saturated shades are also present in the modern kitchen equipment. Thus, yellow, orange, red and green tones find their place in the kitchen. Properly combined, these usually dominant colors quite a white, black or gray interior design. Such Dynamic kitchen design Are now very popular.

Yellow and gray are excellent color combinations in the modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen white kitchen with yellow accents

Black and red in the kitchen provide for beautiful contrasts in the room

Modern kitchens white black and red combine

Kitchen surfaces in black

Matte surfaces in black are now a hot trend in the kitchen furniture. These can be combined perfectly with white, light wood tones and concrete and unfold their beauty only in such combinations.

Schwarz brings a can drama into the kitchen

Modern kitchen kitchen design in black brightened by lighter files

Black and white – a classic color duo!

Modern kitchen black matt for the kitchen furniture and white walls

Matt Black is hip!

Modern kitchen black kitchen cabinets and fancy brick wall

So, colorful and cheerful or rather elegant and dramatic must your kitchen be? You decide for yourself! Fortunately you have a wide range of colors with trendy colors for your beautiful kitchen! Take advantage of this great selection. Apart from functionality and compactness, a beautiful kitchen look is also required.

Küchenfarben blue kitchen island with white cabinets and wooden floor
Kitchen colors bluunuancen combine in the kitchen
Kitchen colors create a fresh ambience with geometric patterns
Kitchen colors gray and white in the kitchen design
Kitchen black kitchen cabinets and wooden work surface
Modern kitchens kitchen cabinets in matt black and white walls
Modern kitchen black kitchen cabinets wooden working surface
Modern kitchen black kitchen cabinets are stylish and practical
Modern kitchen black kitchen cabinets and white walls make a wonderful color contrast
Modern kitchens black wall paint and dark kitchens for a dramatic kitchen look
Modern kitchen black matt for kitchen furniture and light gray flooring
Modern kitchens stylish kitchen design in matt black
Kitchen colors dark blue tones look splendid in combination with white
Modern kitchen white kitchen with red wall paint
Modern kitchens white gray kitchen design with red accents
Modern kitchens fresh cook sign in warm colors
Modern kitchen cozy kitchen in white with brick wall
Modern kitchens in warm colors
Modern kitchens small kitchen with red accents
Modern kitchen red kitchen cabinets and white floor tiles
Modern kitchens combine red and wood
Modern kitchens small kitchen in white red set up
Modern kitchen bright kitchen with red accents
Modern kitchen dark blue gray and black combine successfully
Modern kitchen bright kitchen design with green accents
Modern kitchens beautiful cozy kitchen design
Modern kitchen white kitchen with green accents
Modern kitchen white black kitchen design with orange accents
Modern kitchens set up bright design with crisp red accents
Modern kitchens for color contrasts in the kitchen
Modern kitchen beige and gray in the kitchen
Modern kitchens gray kitchen island open wall shelves and white metro tiles
Modern kitchen green kitchen cabinets and white work surface
Modern kitchens white and green combine
Modern kitchens combine green and gray
Modern kitchens crumbly find place in the kitchen
Modern kitchen white kitchen with green accents
Kitchen colors gray and green
Modern kitchen white kitchen with green accent wall
Modern kitchen white kitchen cabinets and green work surface
Modern kitchens yellow gray and red combine
Kitchen black is trendy and elegant
Kitchen colors navy blue kitchen walls and wooden table
Kitchen cooler industrial look with black walls
Kitchen colors that make an industrial kitchen
Kitchen colors gray by green
Kitchen colors green accents evaluate the room
Kitchen colors modern industrial kitchen in neutral colors