Christmas Black And White Mood Is Not Always Defined By Color

Slowly you bring out all the Christmas decorations and decoration from the basement and finds that has accumulated over the years much. After you’ve just cleaned the boxes and boxes with a damp cloth, discover that half of the Christmas decoration does not set you a particularly festive mood. It can be to one, that the Christmas decorations has participated in many festivals and no longer has its splendor. On the other hand, our eyes need an exciting change, something shiny and new on festive occasions, which restores the desired mood.

Christmas black and white – without color, but a lot of precision you can make wonderful

Christmas black white symbolic

Christmas decoration ideas without colors

In today’s article we want to present you something completely different, which is just impressive. We dare to propose different and very alternative ideas on how to decorate at Christmas, without any colors.

Black and white is a real challenge, especially at Christmas time

Christmas black white Christmas tree Christmas tree

And what happens to the great Christmas spirit when we just make the colors of our Christmas picture disappear?

It’s true that colors make our world more beautiful and colorful and especially festivals, such as Christmas for a special atmosphere. The truth is that we ourselves have talked about the connection between festivity and colors, because colors have an important and symbolic meaning for us. The mood is actually defined by the light and the symbolism.

Aesthetically balanced in the contrasts – every Christmas decoration without colors succeeds

christmas black white christmas table monochrome

Christmas black and white stylish and elegant

If you focus on the Christmas symbols, like stars, fir trees and balls and want to achieve a contrasting, but balanced design, the Christmas black and white but succeed quite well.

An advent calendar can be put together in the craziest ways – for example, by exact determination of black and white parts

christmas black white christmas decoration ideas

In a monochrome design, you rely heavily on the contrasts. Work with natural fabrics, graphic motifs and matching patterns in black and white that can work well against the potential severity.

Transparency and reflection can be used well here as design elements, because the monochrome color space offers a good playing surface for light and form.

When crafting with natural materials, cozy Christmas decorations in black and white can also be created

Christmas black white pinecone

Nature and culture meet – opposites have the ability to attract each other

decorate christmas black white

When designing with black and white you always need something in the foreground

Christmas black white poinsettia lace

A Christmas decoration in black and white should be suitable for the entire interior design

christmas black white stars tinker christmas decoration

Graphic appearance – so could the balance between the white and the black look

Christmas black white graphic young

Black and white are the colors that make it possible to really express the winter

christmas black white christmas decorations

Graphic motifs are even more effective against a colorful background

Christmas black white graphic

Black and white does not necessarily mean only black and only white

christmas black white minimal

The coolest graphic patterns are created by both extremes

Christmas black white own interpretation

Black and white are also the shadow games to which you can tell old stories

Christmas black white windlight crafting Christmas tree

Black and white can be contours reminiscent of important Christmas symbols

Christmas black white Scandinavian

Black and white can be quite atmospheric and enthusiastic

christmas black white fireplace christmas decoration

The color duo black and white drops all the bells and whistles away

Christmas black white indicated

Elegant, extravagant, but honest and authentic – that’s the combination of the two extreme colors

Christmas black white decoration ideas

Through the mix of black and white you get a series of pleasant grays

Christmas black white christmas presents

White and black Christmas tree balls stand out as elegant and even extraordinary

christmas black white christmas decoration

The art of creating a magical atmosphere with simple means is supported by the black and white duo

Christmas black and white star next to Hyazynth

Black and white create spaces and sharpen the eyesight

Christmas black white white star ornaments

Christmas black white christmas decoration

Depending on the pattern, the combination of both (non) colors can be very sympathetic and familiar

christmas black white christmas decoration cart

Wrapping paper in black and white can be described as extremely elegant

christmas black white christmas decorations wrapping paper

A chalkboard is the perfect design playground (also at Christmas time)

Christmas black and white chalkboard
Christmas black white atmospheric
Christmas black white christmas ball
christmas black white white christmas star stocking
Christmas black white poinsettia
Christmas black white Christmas table stars

The room in the shared apartment is good for a Christmas tree and black and white decoration fits in very well

christmas black white christmas table wg

It would be excellent if the wrapping paper is adapted to the Christmas decoration (or vice versa)

christmas black white white luminous bw

Christmas table decoration in black and white – here you win with quality and fine taste

Christmas black white Christmas table
Christmas black white white fir on black fireplace
Christmas black white white fir on black Scandinavian
Christmas black white white fir on black
Christmas black white white star checkered
Christmas black white white starlight
christmas black white white drink christmas stocking
Christmas black white white drink