Color Living Room – Benefits Of Blue And Green Shades

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How would you describe the colors out there now? We think gray and brown dominate above all else. So what do we need to keep harmony and inner balance? Certainly our favorite colors green and blue can be very helpful.

Green color ideas in the living room or children’s room

There is a lot of room for maneuver when one chooses green color ideas in the living room or children’s room. In the modern households both have a lot in common. They are used for several different functions.

Normally, living rooms share an open plan with the guest and work area. In the children’s room the children do not only play, but they learn and play there most of the time. In order to keep the inner peace under so many functions, one needs some support. Green and blue color ideals act on an unconscious level and reach it. You can see this very well with the examples.

Green wall in children’s room

Colored living room neon green

The green wall here is just right for the animal drawings, which were placed in the small picture frame. No less great would be the adult version of this design.

Blue coloride with art

Colored living room sea blue

Here we see a blue color idea for the living room in comparison to the children’s room. That’s what we meant.

Lighted niches

Colored living room nursery

Illuminated niches like these are a great addition to the green color schemes for residential, children’s rooms and many other rooms. Among other things, they are also super-functional. We think such an idea would also look wonderful in the kitchen.

Neutral furniture with green color ideas in the living room

The usual method until a few years ago was to put on great accents before a neutral background. But it is slowly becoming clear that the opposite solution has been successful. Bright colors in the living room are great for the realization of such ideas.

Green colors in the living room play together well with neutral furniture

Colored living room gray sofa

Ombre color ideas for the living room in green

Green is wonderful for great Ombre color ideas in the living room. By their calming effect they can always make the transitions work well. However, to make sure that the perfect harmony prevails, brown elements in the form of a carpet and a wall strip have also been used.

Ombre Green color ideas with wood for the living room

Colored living room natural colors

Grass and apple green in the children’s room

Colored living room apple green childrens room bed

A dreamlike children’s room in heavenly blue

Colored living room aquamarine tree

A wonderful baby room

Colored living room baby room walltattoo

Living room in retro style

Colored living room blue accent wall

Natural materials and colors and soothing, blue tones

Colored living room blue couch armchair

Elegant living room with leather in blue

Colored living room blue furniture leather

The blue background provides for calming and balancing

Colored living room blue wall

Blue and green shades in a great interaction

Colored living room blue green

Ethnic motifs and Persian carpets

Colored living room blue velvet beds

Decent in white and turquoise

Living room blue white

Bubbles and flowers decorate the cabinets in the children ‘s room

Colored living room flower bubbles motifs

The duo – lemon yellow, apple green is freshened by red accents and supplemented with light wood

Colored living room yellow wardrobe

Pastel colors soothe the senses

Colored living room yellow-green furniture

Opulence and luxury in green and mustard yellow

Colored living room grass green retro

An excellent color duo – neon green and white

Colored living room green workroom

High gloss and wall tattoo flowers

Colored living room green high-gloss walltattoo

Stylishly decorated teenager’s room

Colored living room green nursery

The light green backdrop is reinforced by upholstered seating furniture in pink and light gray

Colored living room green pink gray

Natural colors and materials and an accent in green

Colored living room green sisal carpet

The white wind lights on the cobalt blue wall give the living room a romantic touch

Colored living room hanging metal lanterns

Trend colors for the children’s room

Colored living room high pile carpet

Children will love a bunk bed

Colored living room nursery room

Three-dimensional and dynamic

Colored living room nursery light wood

A fabulous marine life in the children’s room

Colored living room nursery sea animals

Clear lines, minimalist design

Colored living room cobalt blue

Eclectic and colorful with blue background

Colored living room sea blue

Less can also be more

Minimalist living room minimalist lime green

Perfect children’s room in green nuances

Colored living room mint green nursery

White, green and black – just class!

Colored living room mint green white couch

For purists who like flashy shades

Colored living room neon green sofa

Your children will feel very comfortable with such a decoration with lime green wall paint

Colored living room neon green nursery

Neo-baroque in blue tones

Colored living room opulent

Working and bedroom in one

Colored living room oval pendulum

Pastel green and rattan sofa

Colored living room rattan couch

Azurblau for the girl’s room, why not?

Colored living room teenageroom

Design classics in the living room

Colored living room turquoise wall

Sky blue with white clouds on the ceiling

Colored living room turquoise nursery

Who says flower motifs do not fit into graphic patterns?

Colored living room turquoise white bedspread

Art meets minimalism in green color nuances

Colored living room white sofa green cushion

Soothing blue tones in the living room

Colored living room blue tones

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