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The effect of colors should not be underestimated. They make a significant contribution to whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. But they can do much more, especially if you consider your personal color type when choosing. We have tips.

Effective colors and the color types

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The personal color type is usually ignored when living

Color specialists assign each person to a specific color type. These are differentiated according to the seasons. So there are summer types, autumn types, winter types and spring types, and of course also hybrids thereof. If you want to know which colors suit you best, you can be a part of it to find out with the color type test , Those who can not easily judge themselves will certainly find a type consultant in their area who can carry out a detailed evaluation.

There are warm and cold color types

The color types are roughly divided into”warm”and”cool”types. With a piece of jewelry that you hold in front of the face, it’s easy to test. Whose complexion of gold shines is a warm type, silver makes cool guys shine. Then you should be in the choice of clothes. This means that a summer type does not stand in gray-blue colors, while a winter type in a caramel-colored top looks weird. Often one can not say why someone does not wear a particular clothing – the determination of the color type usually provides information.

Color types and their favorite tones

Who has determined his color type, gets a whole range of colors proposed, which harmonize particularly well with your own personality. Soft, warm shades such as bright yellow, apricot or delicate greens are particularly pleasing to the spring types, while the summer type tends to produce bright and cool tones with a blue cast. The autumn type, which, like spring, tends to warm tones, feels particularly comfortable with terracotta, rust-red, orange and brown in all shades. The winter type, however, radiates with azure, pink, emerald green or a cold lemon yellow to the bet.

Anyone who tries once in front of the mirror will quickly realize: Here is the recipe to always look fresh and healthy. But determining the color type can do much more than provide clues as to which clothes to avoid. The colors that belong to our own type make us happy when they surround us in the living room.

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Colors in the living room

Anyone who knows his color type and ideal shades can now implement this concept in their living space. For this it is necessary to learn something about the effect of colors. Because only because red is one of the ideal colors, it is far from perfect color for the bedroom, and blue tones have to look for even in the dining room of a summer type. Let’s take a look at the effect of colors!

White – timeless classic

Whom the color white elicits only a yawn, which greatly underestimates this color. It is pure, light and clear and makes all other colors shine. With her small spaces seem bigger. Her innumerable shades of pure white to off-white and eggshell colors, especially in the shabby chic style, are flying high. White looks cool and elegant with gray and smoke blue, while radiating warmth with caramel and apricot.

White walls are ideal for creating the perfect frame for a color field in a particular tone. They are also the basis for the uncomplicated implementation of a color concept that lives from the use of colored furniture and accessories.

Red and orange – activating and warming

Red is not associated with fire for nothing, which makes it a color for the bedroom. Here we want to experience fiery moments, but the calming effect of a cool hue is more practical in the long term. Red activates, refreshes and invigorates, but can also make you aggressive. The famous”red wall”fits very well in a living room or study, and a bright red kitchen is also popular.

Orange is a bit gentler than red and is especially popular as a color in the nursery. This color also gives a small plank area a warm and inviting look.

Green – natural and refreshing

Green is a wonderfully refreshing color, which is available in a variety of nuances, which can also be wonderfully combined. At the same time, green has a calming effect and stimulates communication, which is why this color can give the desired effect to a dining room or office.

Blue – cool and calming

The view of the sea, a trip to the sea, a bright blue sky – blue brings inner balance and calms. A nice color for the bedroom and because of the reference to the water of course for the bathroom.

Yellow – invite the sun

Yellow is in a good mood and should encourage thinking. It makes smaller rooms look bigger and inviting. However, it should be carefully chosen from the different nuances, because cool and warm yellow act very different.

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Colored furniture and accessories

You do not have to paint a whole wall or the entire room to take advantage of the effect of colors. A bright tone on the wall, for example, makes the color of pieces of furniture or accessories with which accents are set shine particularly well.

In general, you should pay attention to create a balance and not dominate a sound. This quickly makes rooms look smaller than they actually are.

Before setting up, you create a color concept that you can use to orient yourself. Experts also recommend to express one’s own personality in the living space, consciously using the effect of colors. So if you are struggling with, for example, listlessness, you should activate yourself with fiery colors.

Otherwise, you can orient yourself to the colors that match your own color type and will quickly realize that you feel most comfortable with these tones.

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