Textiles: The Most Beautiful Summer Colors

It is always exciting to observe which colors are particularly popular and with which trends you have guaranteed everything right. Not only in the nature of fabrics are new trends and innovations emerging, but there is also plenty of room for color. Whether individual colors, patterns from nature or in the abstract area, or historical retreats to the past decades – new color trends are always taking place again and again.

Vibrant colors make a good mood

When the sun is shining in a bright yellow, the sea is in its most beautiful turquoise, and the flowers unfold their full color, the summer is truly there. Colors create holiday associations: Flamingo-Pink as the favorite swimming reef or a deep orange like the sunset on the coast of Florida. Brightly colored fabrics sometimes require courage, but when is the time more appropriate than during the Joyful summer months ?!

Textiles trends colors colorful garden furniture sofa dekokissen

The trend back to nature

In the refrigerator detox drinks, organic products and ingredients from the local agriculture. The trend back to nature is characterized not only in the diet, but also in cosmetics, fashion and much more. So are natural substances more than ever come. Biologically certified cotton, wool or linen are beautiful and versatile. Natural colors are also very popular, as moss green, clay mud or sandbeige can be combined in a variety of ways and have a soothing effect.

The dream of a flower sea

The vegetation is spreading in hardly any degree, and the Urban Jungle experiences its renaissance. Hanging plants, giant palm trees and wildflowers are still covered with the seal”Hippie”until some time ago, they are found in almost every home. Just those inspiring patterns and fresh dyes find their counterpart in Summery textiles ,

Boho style cushion color summer hammock

White fabrics like a shallow summer breeze

A warm wind whistles through the wide open window and carries the scent of sea air. The light curtain moves steadily with the breeze. White stands for purity, clarity and freshness. An annually recurring trend, along with the urge to restart, following the dark months. Radiant pure white, ecru or mother of pearl – white is not equal to white. The different gradations can evoke different impressions, from the maritime beach house to the elegant city villa.

White color nuances summer color trend dining room chest of drawers
Summer colors white curtains baldachin teak

Greenery – The color of the year 2017 provides a fresh look

A company is familiar with colors like no other and presents the trends every year: Pantone. With Greenery, the color of the year 2017, the trend is clear: the tender yellow-green lies somewhere between wide meadows and dreamy jungle. Fresh and modern, it is the direction and thus lays itself in the other colors of the Fashion Color Report Spring 2017 on. Both bright colors and quiet earth tones can be found here and invite you to combine and experiment with this color palette.

Greenery colors 2017 trends maritime sleep furniture