Trend Colors 2017 – Millennial Pink In The Interior Design

Posted on May 08, 2017

Fashion trends in fashion also have a strong influence in the interior design. How do you stage the desired trend color right in your home? It is now about the trend color Millennial Pink in the Innendesign. It does not matter much whether you paint all the walls in Millennial Pink, create a single accent wall in this color, or just consider decorative items in these pinks. The main thing is that this trend color simply exists in the room! Let’s see how to integrate them into the interior!

Different setup elements could be selected in unexpected colors

Beautiful residential ideas in millennial pink for the dining area

What is Millennial Pink?

Since a certain time, Rosa has been back, but this year the tendencies of the Millennial Pink remain. The mixture of salmon and apricot has led to the development of this trend color. Neither as a Barbie pink, nor as a baby pink one can describe the Millennial Pink. If you would like to imagine this color, then you are more likely to think of a subtlety for all delicate rose tones.

Millennial Pink and Black create a strong color contrast

Trendfarben 2017 millennial pink soft wall paint for the dining room

Furniture in Millennial Pink

A must in every apartment is this trend color! Since the furniture is these furnishing elements that characterize the room the most, Millennial Pink bring you the lightest in the interior design with a few pieces of furniture. Living and bedrooms have a distinctly romantic character due to this color. They create an inspiring interior, which also has a positive effect on your well-being!

Plants emphasize the beauty of this trend color

Trendfarben 2017 millennial pink in the living room the wohnzimmersofa

Walls in Millennial Pink

Since the wall color has a qualitative influence on the spatial mood, one should pay particular attention to their selection. Millennial Pink is an excellent solution for an airy interior design with its own charm. Not only a whole wall design in Millennial Pink shows this trend, but also a single accent wall. Then consider how to combine these with the other colors in the room.

Paint the living walls in Millennial Pink

Trend colors 2017 millennial pink accent wall

Crockery in Millennial Pink

The festive table decoration could appear quite different when one integrates Millennial Pink in the decoration. Crockery appears as a unique decoration, which can also be found in this trend color.

Combine bowl in Millennial Pink with white utensils

Beautiful residential ideas millennial pink colored dishes

Decoration in Millennial Pink

Do you plan to organize a party soon? The color theme actually plays an important role at such events. In Millennial Pink, you can create a beautiful holiday, especially when it takes place in the garden… For accessories in old pink are undoubtedly a real sight! Smooties and cupcakes in Millennial Pink are also a great decision for the Festplatte. Even delicate flowers can provide the good festive mood…

Provide a fresh decoration

Beautiful residential ideas millennial pink flowers for decoration

The salt crystal lamp

The salt crystal lamp itself appears as a real highlight in this trend color. This makes them a popular accessory at home.

Functional salt crystal lamp in trendy color

Salt crystal lamps are, besides lighting fixtures, also gorgeous decoration

Beautiful residential ideas millennial pink salt crystal lamp as decoratio at home

Want to put a nostalgic touch in the interior design; You want to enhance the space by a nice color; Or give the bedroom a female look? One and the same color is suitable for all these cases and it is called Millennial Pink!…

Make the mood cheerful by a fresh wall paint

Trendfarben 2017 millennial pink as wall paint in the bedroom

Millennial Pink furniture with matching walltapeten combine

Trendfarben 2017 millennial pink armchair and polka dot wallcovering

Accessories in this trendy color make the room comfortable

Beautiful residential decoration in millennial pink

Through the wall paint a romantic feeling into the bedroom introduce

Beautiful residential ideas millennial pink in the bedroom in combination with black

Millennial Pink has a strong presence in this living room

Beautiful residential ideas in millennial pink pink living room sofa and light wall paint

Millennial Pink with white combine

Beautiful residential ideas millennial pink wall paint and bed linen

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