Trendy Colors: Fabulous Bedroom Design In Gray-blue

Our contribution can be considered as the small Einmaleins of the trendy colors in the modern bedroom. We will introduce you to a color duo in which you could easily fall in love. It contains blue – the favorite color of millions of people worldwide and it is in an unbeatable combination with gray, with the most popular neutral, which for a few years is the absolute racer among the trendy colors. Blue has always been at the top of the list of the most popular colors for interior design and decoration. This delicate color can be used anywhere – from the cute baby room to youth room and bedroom to living room and kitchen. Blue’s main plus is that it fits well with all the styles and design styles. Now paired with some gray, the duo brings a fresh, cool touch into the interior. Elegant, chic and soothing – this is how the trendy color combination can be described. In today’s article we want to show you how well the perfect color duo gray-blue in the modern bedroom comes to light.

Modern bedroom with dark walls and wooden accents has a male look

Bedroom design gray and blue combine with wooden flooring

One of the many reasons for the enormous popularity of each of these two colors is to look for their varied shades. The combination gray-blue offers a wide range of colors from great nuances. Gray can act just as well as soothing and somewhat cooling neutrals as well as a dominant accent in space.

Blue takes on the role of a minor color with the same ease. This results in endless design options that you can use in your own four walls. Bright, refined and up-to-date are the following gray-blue bedrooms, which show unmistakable charm and a lot of refinement. Admire these trendy bedrooms with us and let us continue to encourage you to make great room arrangements at your home!

The visual effect of different blue shades is enchanting

Bedroom design gray wall paint blue bedding and white accents

Trendy colors inspired by the blue sea

Artists, fashion designers and interior designers, as well as all people, often inspire a magnificent view of the sea and are enchanted by this charming navy blue. The colors white and blue reflect exactly the magic of any beach strip, with its endless sky blue and dark blue waves. But why not in a different color like lilac, lilac or lavender? You can also introduce this natural charm into your bedroom. We recommend that you combine the classic maritime color duo and replace the white with cool gray shades. Apart from the fact that your nautical-style bedroom has a new, fresh look, this experiment gives you a lot of freedom in the room design and decoration. Actually, you can try new shades of blue in this way. They now have a lot of design freedom with Hellgrau. Why not add some color pigments in white, turquoise or emerald green and enjoy the WOW effect? For example, you can opt for blue linens and curtains and bring them out against a gray background. To refine the cool room look, you need a look in white or turquoise.

Different color nuances combine to create a spectacular look

Living room gray ground blue accent wall and beautiful blue bedspread

Chic and trendy in gray-blue

It would be possible you would have certain doubts about which blue-gray nuance to use exactly in your modern bedroom? How would you like a mix of bluish-gray? The mixture of these two shades is currently a real hit. This is the trendiest color that has definitely prevailed in space design. It can be used as a cool backdrop, which brings a natural flair to the bedroom. If you combine this color with a few decoration accessories in darker shades, then you will reach a stylish bedroom design, which is incredibly inviting and soothing. This color scheme works especially well in the modern Scandinavian style bedroom because it is cheerful and attractive.

This color combination provides a minimalist bedroom look

Bedroom design in light gray with dark accents

Experiment with colors and style

Just do not be afraid of an experiment in the bedroom. The trendy colors gray and blue can be combined with a third nuance, of course. This does not necessarily have to be white or neutral. Try to create an inviting ambience, where other colors will also appear. A little red or orange distributed here and there? This immediately attracts the eye and spares the nautical bedroom. Fuchsia or pink? These gentle nuances make every maid’s bedroom seem to appear. Yellow is also a hit in the modern bedroom, where it can be combined perfectly with gray-blue. It could also work well with brown, but then gives the modern bedroom a masculine look.

Schwarz brings more drama into the room

Bedroom design in blue gray

The blue-gray color palette is very rich and in it one can find different great shades. These can also be used in a small bedroom. If you decide to do so, make sure that the rest of the room is as clear and neutral as possible. Use only sparingly some accents in the room. In the modern bedroom, you can use pillows, sheets, curtains and vases to add a little more color to the ambience. And when you change the set-up trends, you can easily keep a blue-gray distance and accept a completely different color scheme! The decision is up to you!

Combine colors boldly

Combine the bedroom blue and gray and spice up pink

Also designed in dark colors, the bedroom invites you to relax for a long time

Bedroom design blue wall paint and gray bedspread combined with white carpet

Blue-gray bedrooms can also appear bright and spacious

Living rooms gray walls and textiles in neutral colors

Blue-gray bedroom design with rustic decoration

Living room bedroom gray design and dark blue accents