10 Tips For The Perfect Road Trip Through The United States

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10 tips for the perfect road trip through the United States

Who is planning a trip in the United States, which can for an adventurous journey decide or for a scheduled tour by American attractions. What differentiates the two versions of the holiday, is the degree of planning, because: only the arrival / departure is set for the Adventure trip. The planned tour focuses on the most popular parks, towns and landscapes. The following top ten tips for an adventurous road trip will be presented by the United States.

This could be a typical picture of a road trip through the United States. For example, special instructions, how much water must be kept apply here in Death Valley.

tip for the perfect road trip through the United States

The credit card is the most important thing on a United States road trip. This is not only necessary in the United States, to pay, but also to book a hotel room or rent a vehicle.
The goal is to determine the day of the week. On weekends, there are often cheaper accommodation in the cities, because the business guests have already departed.

In the National Park to drive (an overview of the parks there are here), is advisable, however, during the week, because: the Americans appreciate their national park for a weekend getaway. An overnight stay can be correspondingly expensive.

The decision whether using cards or a navigation device is l’estanyol, not every day should be equal. Tends to be a Navi in the big city is a reliable help. Outside the cities, the “fastest route” but often prevents a beautiful view over the picturesque details of the region. Here, there are other useful equipment around individual recreational ideas.
The tour should be adapted to the individual skills. In other words: beginners should choose classic East or Westkustenrouten. Professionals can cross through the different States of the country, however, also a drive and pure nature, for example, in Wyoming. Each blue which is route, the chance to experience interpersonal encounters of a special kind is the greater. Potential travel highlights have been collected here.
A road trip is always something special when it is varied. So, it is equally important to plan “Track days”, which have to offer perhaps fewer things, but promote a few miles for the planning. Then, a day with less miles on the odometer, but a trip to a lake or even in the desert is a welcome change. To spice up something “Track days”, is the recommendation to avoid highways. Save while fast progress, but things happen off mostly away from American life, is occasionally quite dull.
Ideally, the road trip should be designed as American as possible. This means that the morning in a real American diner allows also a truly American start (incl. coffee non-stop) in the day.

Who takes up the Yosemite Park in his itinerary, must reckon with snow even in summer

tips for the perfect road trip through the United States

In the United States must to adapt to the terms of each driver or particularly designated driving instructions. This means that those who pass through Death Valley, must carry a predetermined water ration. Who instead goes into the mountains, who must expect National Park, for example, in the Yosemite in the summer months snow.
Who is on the search for accommodation, should not only keep your eyes open when crossing the place plate. Often coupon catalogs are available in fast-food restaurants, which offer more favorable accommodation conditions. Also has shown that online booking is often cheaper than a room by phone to reserve.

Anyone cruising on your own through the United States, will do this usually by car or with the camper. Regardless of the vehicle it is necessary to carry that no Verkehrswidrigkeit will be celebrated this on the American roads. If it doesn’t see the police and the drivers to stop is moved, these rules shall apply: (1) sit In the vehicle (unless the police officer asked explicitly to get off). 2 let hands on the wheel.
If you’re planning a road trip on his own, should allow not only time for the route, but also sufficient residence time. This means that not only the entrance of the National Park would like to be photographed, but also the natural beauties, hiding behind it. Experienced United States travellers therefore recommend a careful planning with plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping or the one or other nature.

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