A Perfect Mallorca Holiday – Discover The Beautiful Treasures Of The Island!

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Mallorca vacation times differently – tips on how you can create that

A perfect Mallorca holiday sounds something funny to many people. On the basis of some so not very cultured behaviors approve forms of tourism, these wonderful places have lost much on image in recent years as health resorts.

It has helped that the dream vacation on Mallorca by many people as an option is discarded. We want to show you in this article that this can be regarded as unfair. Because there are many other aspects, as the pubs and the alcohol fats.

There’s especially wonderful nature, much cultural heritage and history, and much more…

Find your dream Bay on Mallorca

Mallorca holiday scenic Bay yachts

Exotic climate

Climate change itself is a wonderful thing for the recovery. Here you have a hot climate with lots of Sun and no rain. You are can soak up abundant vitamin D and thus also energy and joie de vivre.

Stay right on the sea in a nice beach hotel

Mallorca Holiday Beach Hotel Palm trees Mediterranean

They need to know where to go

There are many bars and pubs, as well as noise. But thank goodness, the scenery is so that it can get rid of them. There are, especially in the southern part of wide Beach Strip, on which you can relax so real.

Many luxury villas in the same regions, including the holiday homes of famous personalities are also available. The fans of these spas include Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Jeffrey Archer, Boris Becker, Claudia Schiffer, the Spanish King, Raphael Nadal. You have here their homes or staying even on the island.

What a hotel could stay during your Majorca vacation?

You need not own luxury villa to spend a dream holiday in Mallorca. There are also wonderful hotels. You could live in a hotel in a great historical building. So, you have lovely architecture and all modern facilities in one. Both will make sure you feel perfectly relaxed.

Also a typical country house with pool for rent

Mallorca holiday typical Finca pool

Enjoy the excellent Spanish cuisine in a traditional setting.

Mallorca holiday traditionally restaurant


Is it connected to your Majorca vacation with sailing? If Yes, then you’re again absolutely correct on Mallorca. You can watch many international competitions here. There is regatta competitions for advanced skiers as well as for everyone else.

The regatta Copa del Rey in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca-holidays Palma regatta in Copa del Rey

Many great tourist attractions

We were already at the beginning of it to speak. This may be at a disadvantage in many materials, but actually it may be. Because culture and history are still much more present as the pub tourism here by their heirs. You have monasteries, churches and ruins from many different eras. The combination with the Mediterranean landscape is simply picturesque and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Roman ruins of the ancient city of Pollentia

Mallorca holiday Rüinen Roman Pollentia

The medieval gate of Alcúdia

Alcúdia North Mallorca holiday city gate towers

Go for a walk through the narrow streets

Mallorca holiday Alcúdia alley shops

Change of pace

Summary one can say that you will experience unforgettable days full of variety in Mallorca. There are main regions here and visit different parts of the island to all the days of your dream holiday on Mallorca. Each has its own flair. The experience will be quite different then each time. In northwestern history, on the eastern side you will experience many beaches and coves in the North and West, mountains and dream houses.

The picturesque small town of Deià in Serra de Tramuntana

Deià Städchen Cerra De Tramuntana Majorca holiday

The Cove of Deià

Cala Deià Cerra De Tramuntana Majorca holiday

The dreamy Valldemossa in the Northwest

Mallorca holiday Northwest Valldemossa town

Are you also interested in closer contact with the local culture? If Yes, then you should the central region’s PLA meet. There you will find olive groves, windmills and small town. What are you waiting for? Have you already booked?

Traditional windmill in es PLA

Mallorca holiday's PLA windmill

Quiet Bay with fishing boats

Mallorca holiday Bay fishing boats

Lighthouse at sunset

Mallorca holiday Lighthouse sunset

The Almond Blossom time

Mallorca holiday almond flowers mountains

Playa de Muro, Alcúdia

Alcúdia Playa De Muro Mallorca holiday

The breathtaking panorama of Sant Elm and the island of la Dragonera

Mallorca holiday Sant Elm panorama of la Dragonera Island

Don’t miss the harbour promenade of Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca-holidays Palma de Mallorca promenade port

The Cathedral of La Seu is no less lovely

Mallorca-holidays Palma Cathedral La Seu

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