An Unforgettable Trip To Croatia Company

old Town Dubrovnik travel to Croatia

Planning a trip to Croatia?

Croatia is a reizenderes country, as most people think. Because although it is known as a holiday destination. However there is, especially for the Western tourists many corners, still waiting to be discovered during an individual trip to Croatia.

Good roads, smooth ride

Croatia is although not part of the EU, but as far as the streets, is certainly ideal destination the country. With regard to this criterion, you could be sure, have no reason to stop him from a trip to Croatia by car.

Breathtaking moments in Dalmatia

travel to Croatia Dalmatia rocks town near OMIS

High price performance

You can discover many and small picturesque villages. There’s also great hotels and restaurants. In general the price you have to pay for it, will pay off clearly also in tourist resorts. In many cases even multiple.

With regard to the coast, you can gorgeous views and quality experience with the Adriatic and to compare the French Riviera. You pay for it but a really modest price.

Dreamy fishing village in Dalmatia

travel to Croatia fishing village boats

Search for great accommodation in the vicinity of the spa resorts

Usually, the accommodation directly in the large resorts are several times higher than in the villages, which are drum around. You should therefore try to stay, if in these over the night. You can usually reach the next day just as easily on the beautiful beaches. Tourism is a common and very well developed product. Therefore, you will have no problem to find something easy.

We would you, if you want to spend time in a spa, but without having to spend much money to stay in Opatia. This resort is located in the immediate vicinity of Rieka which is a much famous and expensive resort. Opatia is quieter and has, in addition to lower prices, also many other advantages. Seen here stiff hills with castles and villas in Mediterranean style.

Magnificent panorama of the city of Opatia

Opatia trip to Croatia

If you like to connect a romantic summer vacation a walk in baroque gardens, then you are also right. The sea promenade is absolutely fabulous. Just if you would, take a trip to Croatia to spend time here, this would be absolutely not a bad idea. The appearance of the town is quite high. Also the very usual people who directly have nothing to do with tourism, often speak English, German, Italian.


Also this wonderful peninsula is worth a trip to Croatia very much. There, you should visit, including Pula. This city is beautiful and very exciting from a historical and architectural perspective. No wonder because it is an ancient capital of rich Roman province. If you like such small town with Mediterranean character, you are clearly right.

Total two or three days would be enough to see the main attractions of the peninsula and to enjoy it also relaxed.

Centinera resort on the peninsula of Istria

Centinera resort Istria Travel Croatia

Waterfalls in the Park in Istria

travel to Croatia Istria waterfalls

Magnificent view from Pula

panorama Roman Theatre trip to Croatia Pula

The ruins of the castle in Pula

travel to Croatia, Rieka ruins of Castle

The picturesque Rovinj town

port travel to Croatia Rovinj Istria

To Dalmatia

If you are already here, treat yourself to a tour of the beautiful Adriatic coast along, then head towards Dalmatia. The ride is quite close to the water take place and in itself represents a pure pleasure. Take time for this much. There are many picturesque and inviting bays. It is certainly worth to stay at all this for some time.

The town OMIS in Dalmatia

travel to Croatia OMIS city panorama

The sunny Riviera of Vaska Voda

Vaska Voda Riviera travel to Croatia


During a trip to Croatia you can’t miss also split as a destination. This is a beautiful city, which has the character of an industrial centre at the same time. You can’t miss the castle complex, which displays wonderful places and above all, architecture and design in a Venetian style.

The majestic spit city

split travel to Croatia city panorama

Visit one of the small islands

As you drive the Dalmatian coast long, you should visit one of the Islands, which are located in the vicinity of this. You are achieving by this out over a bridge. The fish dishes and the wine served at some places here are hardly amount to something else.


Dubrovnik can be described as the Pearl of the Adriatic coast. It’s a city protected by UNESCO. You can visit wonderful, well-preserved, and fabulously restored objects and is in the spirit of the many earlier eras here.

The legendary Dubrovnik

old Town Dubrovnik travel to Croatia

Visit the beautiful town Trogir in Dalmatia

town Trogir travel to Croatia Dalmatia

The Castle Kamertengo near the town of Trogir

Castle trip to Croatia Trogir Dalmatia Kamerlengo

Magnificent Mediterranean atmosphere in Primosten

travel to Primosten Croatia Beach City Dalmatia

Rovinj from bird’s eye view

Rovinj travel to Croatia from the top

Romantic moon over Rovinj town

North trip to Croatia Rovinj Romantic