Are You Interested In A Semester Abroad?

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If yes, then you should already consider well in advance, where you want to go exactly. Because the whole world is open to you. Whether in the US or Australia, Latin America or China… you can try it anywhere. But if you prefer a study abroad in Europe, then the best solution is an Erasmus semester abroad. This year, the world’s largest funding program for foreign study stays is celebrating its 30th birthday. Officially, the Erasmus program was introduced by the European Union in 1987 and has so far supported millions of students at their international semesters. Thus, an international semester opens up not only many professional doors, but also enriches intercultural as well as linguistically. As before any journey or an international stay at all, you should inform yourself in advance about the conditions and the conditions of an abroad study and prepare yourself extensively.

Choose an Erasmus Plus semester abroad!

Erasmus plus funding program european union training

Erasmus International semester: Brief overview

All the EU programs for education, youth, sport and lifelong learning (such as Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus and Grundtvig) were incorporated in 2014 Erasmus + United. By 2020, more than four million people will benefit from it and continue to develop professionally and personally.

Of course there are Certain conditions To be able to enjoy an Erasmus foreign semester. If, for example, you are a student, it is advisable to do your foreign stay in the second year of studies or while writing your master’s or doctoral thesis. Since 2014/2015, students have even been able to spend more than 12 months in European countries within the framework of Erasmus + At any university. The program also promotes foreign language traineeships as long as two months.

EU funding for youth workers

A positive side effect of the new Erasmus program is the increased support of young people’s youth workers. Through numerous seminars, training courses and study trips, youth workers and teachers get valuable hands-on learning experience, detailed insights into intercultural communication and even more competencies in their learning areas. NGOs and youth networks thus have an even greater chance to continue their charitable projects, both regionally and at European level, and to contribute to a better future.

Combined in diversity – Erasmus +

European union training program erasmus auslandssemester internship

And where should I go?

Of course, all important prerequisites play an essential role when applying for an Erasmus semester abroad, which can not be underestimated. You should definitely explore this in advance. The actual place of residence seems to be one of the tempting aspects of the Erasmus program. Not true? Because it has a touch of adventure and wanderlust in itself… Many of the Erasmus students, who benefit from the support program, choose for the most part such places of study, which also correspond to their ideas emotionally.

If you are also looking for a suitable place to study abroad, then we have the perfect help for you. Below you will find an interactive Erasmus map (interactive map) showing all universities where you can study in the context of the EU funding program. You can also find out about the quality of the university, the cost of living, the housing situation and the infrastructure of the city as well as other important details.

How to find your dream study destination:

click here If you want to know more about the cultural offer of your favorite city.

How about the seductive Barcelona?

Barcelona erasmus auslandssemester support program european abroad

Or does it draw you south, perhaps to Greece?

Erasmus auslandsssemester support programs eu

And did you know that more than one million Erasmus babies have already been born?

One million babys erasmus study abroad semester

Benefit from the world’s largest educational program!

Erasmus support program auslandsemesterstudium

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