Bicycle World Tour – Adventurous And Eco-friendly Travel

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Reasons why it is worth to travel by bicycle around the world

Imagine this picture: the landscape opens very slowly in front of you and you feel the wind! You feel free and one with nature… This is just one of the beautiful feelings which you can experience in riding a bike. You can do this even in your environment. And it is all the more fascinating, if your destinations are every time new and unknown.

Riding a bike is safe and at the same time becomes an adventure

The modern infrastructure in many countries offers you quite a lot security. On popular cycle paths there are many tourists and you will feel among people and in safety. At the same time cycling is always a great adventure, much more interesting than traveling by train or bus.

You can get to know on your bike tour interesting people

Certainly, a person who travels by bike through the world, will feel no boredom. During his tour, he meets other cyclists, including many interesting people. Perhaps meet there people, which remain your friends for life!

A bicycle bring together people round the world tour

bicycle world tour bike mountain outdoor equipment

You feel what is the absolute freedom

No vehicle can offer you as much freedom as the bicycle. Neither public transport nor the car. You can make something individual and weirder each route. There are different paths, but you yourself can decide where to go.

You will have plenty of time to think

Have you had many personal experiences lately? Want to stay to himself? You want to come with clear? On the bike, you stay alone with himself and at the same time, you will continue to move and come forward – and is very supportive for thinking. It may be that you come after a long bike ride on the answers of important questions that you were always looking for…

Company a bicycle trip around the world through South America!

bicycle trip around the world bike ride desert South America

You improve your health…

Cycling is also as an attractive sport and thereby improve your health. You lose weight and strengthen your muscles. However, under certain circumstances, this cardio sport can be somewhat dangerous! Problems with blood pressure and heart problems you must discuss it first with your doctor, if the long bike ride was a good idea and, if necessary, whether you need to take any medication.

You behave in an environmentally friendly way

The emissions that you produce when riding a bike, are quite small. You are almost at zero. Well, there’s no greener way to get to know the world! Unless you run may prefer walk…

Combine sport and adventure

Enns cycle path world travel cycling

Picturesque landscapes in Norway

bicycle world tour mountain Norway bergen bike

Sleepy villages in France

bicycle world tour mountains biking villages France dordogne River

For extreme adventures in the mountains

bicycle trip around the world carry mountain bike ride extremely

Experience the magnificence of nature alone

bicycle world tour mountains bike mountain travel

Visit remote places

bicycle trip around the world mountains bike luggage adventure travel

Less is more often

Bicycle world tour mountains bike luggage mountain forest

A world tour of a special kind

bicycle trip around the world mountains bike travel

Bicycle tour of Scotland

bicycle world tour mountains bike travel Scotland

Or relaxed in the Mecca of bicycles on the road

bicycle world tour Netherlands amsterdam

Admire the vineyards of Provence

bicycle trip around the world vineyards route France

Experience unforgettable sunsets

bicycle world tour mountains bike travel adventure

And the endless starry sky speechless looking at…

bicycle trip around the world mountains bike fields starry sky travel

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