Brothers Grimm And The German Fairy Tale Road

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Brothers Grimm German fairy tales say Bad Oeynhausen

The fabulous way of life of the Brothers Grimm

The German fairy tale route called the way, have the two brothers Grimm fairy tales to carry out research and collect committed and mounted. The fairy tale route is approximately 600 km long and lies between the hometown of the Brothers Grimm Hanau and the city of town musicians on the Weser in Bremen.

“in 1975, which became in Steinau” German fairytale road “AG founded.  The idea was to increase the tourist attractiveness in the Hesse region and to draw the attention of the passengers on the cultural contribution made by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Hanau and Steinau, Bremen was added into the working community and shortly after more than 40 cities, towns and municipalities joined, who considered themselves connected with the work of the Brothers Grimm. The successful AG in 2007, became a stand-alone Club and gets an own Office in the documenta city of Kassel.

The beautiful, small home of the Brothers Grimm in Hanau is located close to Frankfurt am main

Brothers Grimm book Denkbal brothers

The fairy tale road of in Germany includes remarkable mileage, yet stunning natural parks and many stations, where many of the fairy tales are based.

The first three stations are Hanau, Steinau and Kassel. Here are Jacob and Wilhelm, born and grew up, went to school and did their first encounters with the world of fairy tales and the legends. In these places the Brothers Grimm are held a year Festival fairy tale and in Kassel Museum is located in the beautiful Palais Bellevue the Brothers Grimm. A piece to the West and later in the life of two brothers, we come to Marburg. Here, Wilhelm and Jacob studied and they are called the founder of the German literature. Not far from Marburg, is the town of Alsfeld, where visitors can discover the fairytale House, the Rotkäppchenhaus and numerous half-timbered houses from the middle ages.

Brothers Grimm dedicated her life to the fairy tales and legends, but also of the German language

Brothers Grimm book glasses

The way whose work is now called “The German fairy tale route”

Children's book snow map

One of the exciting stops on the road is the snow white Museum in bad Wildungen

Brothers Grimm snow white

The two brothers have studied in the picturesque town of Marburg

Brothers Grimm Marburg Christmas

Between their hometown and Bremen, they have researched legends and fairy tales and written

children's book Rapunzel

There are also in bad Wildungen, where is located the picturesque Museum of snow white fairy tale performances and attractions for children. Our literally magical journey continues through the picturesque Reinhardswald. Here we can visit the magnificent mandrel rösschen Castle of Sababurg.

Before we reach the idyllic town of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, we can pass also Palmer’s hometown of Aschenputtel-. A detour leads us to one of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Located on three Flüssen-Weser, Werra and Fulda – Hann. Münden. This city will definitely inspire you with their beauty. If you are already here, you can refund a visit to the country by the Baron of lies.

The fairy tale about the little Red Riding Hood is located in the District of Marburg, in the town of Alfeld

Brothers Grimm Rotkäppchenhaus

Rests in the middle of the Reinhardswald the mandrel rösschen Castle of Sababurg

Brothers Grimm to Thorn roesschen Castle of Sababurg

There is also the famous pond of woman is hell

Brothers Grimm woman Holle

City is brought AK with the tale of the Pied Piper in connection

Brothers Grimm Pied Piper

Further north, we reach the town of German legends Museum Bad Oeynhausen to reach the home of the famous Bremer town musicians.

If you passionately love fairy tales, make a trip to the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hannover and see the original drawings and stories about the Lout Max and Moritz.

The Bremen town musicians need not be presented

Brothers Grimm Bremen

The Baron of lies has nothing in common with the Brothers Grimm. His country is on the same route

Brothers Grimm Munchausen

And if you are already on a journey of discovery, let the Wilhelm Busch Museum not to be missed

Brothers Grimm Maxundmoritz

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