Camping Tents: The Future Of Tents With Camping Doughnut

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camping tents camping doughnut tent buying

Camping doughnut is a real pleasure camping

Tents should be only fun. Not infrequently it happens but so that the tent structure much spoils the mood. So you can simply skip this part of unpleasant, you need a modern tent that will build up quickly and easily. In the blink of an eye would be perfect right?

Dream Han Kim, Hyumook Lim and Sungha Lim, the three Japanese design students the tent camping doughnut have designed. Until now, this has stopped still at the level of “Project”. But this is the beginning of each ingenious invention and we like to take a look at the possible future tent. Are you?

Tents of the future camp camping made easy – make it possible

camping tents camping doughnut modern tent

Camping consists of a few curved fabric tubes that can be assembled easily doughnut. Every single “pipe” offers enough space for 2 to 4 persons and has separate input and output. Doughnut you can configure only the form of camping, depending on weather conditions. Time around, even snake-shaped camping tent offers many shapes. The boredom factor here tends toward zero. S, C, I, or O-shaped can be the tent of the future.

Round design, just like a Berliner (doughnut)

camping tents camping doughnut round shape tunnel

More form options

camping tents camping doughnut form variable

Built on an s-shape directly on the beach

camping tents camping doughnut swinging tent

The material from which the camping doughnut tent should be customized, is 100% wind-resistant and enables the construction of the tent in windy regions, as for example on the beach.

Fully enjoy your camping time

camping tents camping doughnut on the beach tents

New camping tents

camping tents camping doughnut shape and properties

Camping doughnut is as compact and easily portable

camping tents camping doughnut compact portable tents

The project camping doughnut

camping tents camping doughnut on the way his tents

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