Capital Of Bosnia-Herzegovina – Sarajevo Visit

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capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo town

Other attractions in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is the next article of our series of articles representing the not so well known destinations in South-East Europe. Today, we report on Sarajevo – the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina. Years after the war, there is again normal life. It offers more exoticism and charm than most could expect people at all.

Sarajevo represents a unique romantic

Bosnia and Herzegovina capital visiting

We want to now likes attract you attention to this side of town and maybe give you a fresh idea for a summer town travel. She can be connected to a fabulous route through Croatia.

There is always interesting to visit old buildings,

Bosnia-Herzegovina capital of Sarajevo meet

A mix of cultures

You don’t believe that a synthesis between the Occident and the Islamic traditions in Europe cannot exist? Yes, that is and that is not even in the large Muslim cities such as Istanbul. No! It has for centuries in the Balkans. See the exciting symbiosis of different cultures in Sarajevo. How this is related to the war, is not our topic. But find Muslim traditional clothing and plenty of places where you find typical Balkan delicacies that richly prepared with pork.

Admire the impressive architecture of this Cathedral

capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Cathedral

Take a walk through the old town

capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo old town

Interesting stuff about the European history

If you are interested in history of Europe, then you need to the Balkan countries. While Bosnia is one of the most important destinations. Listen to the guides. Voluntarily adopted the Islam in contrast to the other countries. That’s why the population also and has an entirely different cultural character.

Organize a pleasant round of the town

Bosnia-Herzegovina capital of beautiful destinations

You have to love the story

When we write about the capital of Bosnia – Herzegovina , we must emphasize this again and again. Because the city itself is perceived by most people as something bleak and not very inviting. It has fascinating heritage.

If you know to appreciate this story, you would valuable experience the journey as a real

capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo interesting places

The food

The food, which we have already spoken, also represents an important part of the cultural heritage of the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The local cuisine is varied traditions, influenced both the Christian and Muslim populations. You can taste all typical Balkan specialities, which you might know from Turkish or Greek restaurants, but with a specific, peculiar, regional taste.

A typical dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina cuisine

Burek-a popular food in the kitchen of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina capital kitchen Barber

Not be better

The city has a rich cultural heritage, but to Western eyes is not good it wont. This is the dark side. The good here, however, is that everything seems authentic and unaffected. This is unique! Once go to Bosnia-Herzegovina and enjoy it!

This city has something authentic in itself

Bosnia-Herzegovina capital of Sarajevo city views

Sarajevo Film Festival 2014

Bosnia-Herzegovina capital of Sarajevo Film Festival 2014

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