Caribbean Islands – A Diverse, Beautiful World

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Caribbean Islands Sea Palm sand

Caribbean Islands – the paradise on Earth

If you by chance still don’t know that the Caribbean is a region in Western, tropical part of the Atlantic Ocean North of the equator, where the Caribbean Islands are part of this region is important. Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Riko are large to the Antilles. The Group of children is made by Barbados, the Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Tobago, and Dominika. They make a number of factors, among which also the Caribbean music, unforgettable for anyone who directly or indirectly has come with this geographical region in contact.

Caribbean Islands – geographic location

Caribbean Islands geographical location

Resources and natural beauty

It’s a small geographic region, which is however rich in resources. They are spread all over the world. Some are important to the industry. But you can find here amongst some of the best bananas, coffee and cocoa varieties. These and the natural beauty as such ensure that tourism is very well developed.

Secluded romantic and fresh breeze

Caribbean Islands romantic relaxation Palms

Exotic fruits on the market

Caribbean Islands Caribbean exotic fruit market

Holiday resort with traditional houses

Caribbean Islands traditional houses

Caribbean Sunrise

Caribbean Islands romantic Sunrise


Well, here you have more animals than people. Only 2% of the land area is inhabited. So they have the chance to enjoy authentic nature.

Accidentally rediscovered

The Islands were named after the local Indian tribes, who actually were cannibals. Many colonial buildings remain from the period of colonization. These look simply ravishing before the magnificent natural scenery. They are also major attractions on the Islands.

Renovated colonial building on Curaçao

Caribbean Islands colonial buildings Curaçao


Seen style muliti-Kulti in Caribbean music, but also in all other aspects of everyday life. Most of the residents are descendants of African slaves. The cultures and religions of the various tribes and ethnic groups are very diverse. This can be explained by the rule of monarchies. Very striking for Haiti which is Voodoo culture.

The Caribbean music

The Caribbean music filled all spheres of life on the Islands. It is much more common as a means of communication in other places. It is also the message that bringing millions of people all over the world love the Caribs, without having been there once.

The world famous styles which had its beginning here are about reggae, Kalipso, lively sound, salsa, chutney and pan.

Carnival in Havana

Caribbean Islands Havana Dance Carnival

Reggae trio on Jamaica

Caribbean Islands reggae musicians


Unfortunately, these beautiful islands are also cruel storm exhibited. Storms regularly take their victims. This happens often in one of the two seasons here in the rainy. The dry is much better in this regard.


In the kitchen of the Caribs, you get a delicious taste from Africa to Spain and China. Also from other cultures, but in much smaller mass it has borrowed food. Fish, chicken, and seafood are the most commonly used products. To get vegetables under which the hot chili pepper and various beans find a very wide usage.

Delicious goat Curry Caribbean style

Caribbean Islands goat Curry

Juicy chicken fillet kebab with pineapple and onion

Caribbean Islands chicken skewers

Grilled pork to Jamaica-art

Caribbean Islands pork Jamaica

Plant and animal world

The nature and their colors are varied and beautiful as in many other tropical countries. You get tourists to fall in love really into this. It has many dry forests, which are characterized by high humidity.

You will find here beautiful flowers like about BWA Kwaib (Dominika’s national flower), the bougainvillea (Grenada), Heliconia (Montserrat). And if you like tropical fruits, then you will feel like in paradise. Certainly already dream of a trip to the Caribbean! We also!

The gorgeous national flower of Dominika – BWA Kwaib

Caribbean Islands Dominika national flower

The majestic Heliconia

Caribbean Islands Heliconia Montserrat

Magnificent bougainvillea blossoms in violet

Caribbean Islands bougainvillea Grenada

The perfect place for your winter holiday

Caribbean Islands Caribbean winter holiday

Puerto Rico – San Juan’s old town

Caribbean Islands old town San Juan Puerto Rico

Picturesque cove on Barbados

Caribbean Islands Barbados Cove

Sunny terrace in Havana, Cuba

Caribbean Islands Havana Cuba

Jamaica – the tourist capital, Montego Bay

Caribbean Islands Jamaica Montego Bay

The Virgin Islands – romantic resort on the water

Caribbean Islands Virgin Islands Resort traditionally

Carnival mood in Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Colorful district of the Dominican Republic

Caribbean Islands District of the Dominican Republic

So taking a taxi in Haiti

Caribbean Islands water taxi Haiti

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