Climate-neutral Holidays – Is This Possible?

The CO2 footprint, houses with zero emission car-sharing – the principle of sustainability is now integrated into all of our lives. We buy at the Organic grocery store, recycle and we separate the waste for years anyway. We pay attention to our water consumption, recycle and conserve raw materials. And also in the most beautiful time of the year we attach importance to environmental compatibility. A climate-neutral holidays – is there?

Compensation for flying

Can there be, when we at the same time to dream destinations all over the world Jet and thereby neatly burn kerosene? Seen in this way, a climate-neutral holidays is nearly impossible, although there is always the possibility to make eco-friendly follow his environmentally unfriendly acts. When we fly to the Canary Islands, for example, it would make sense to do something for the own “CO2 compensation”. Vendors such as Atmosfair calculate the CO2 consumption, determine compensation, and making the calculated contribution to climate protection projects.

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A small calculation example:

A person flying the route Frankfurt-Lanzarote-Frankfurt.
This creates an adverse climate effect of 1,582 kg of CO2.
37 euro will be donated to outweigh the damage.

The Casas Bioclimáticas in Tenerife

But apart from that there are also interesting projects that have written on the flags firstly to enable a climate-neutral holidays and secondly also to optimize it. And it must cost all that much. Suppose you secure a cheap flight to Tenerife with the low-cost airlines, SunExpress and then spend your vacation in a sustainable and still affordable bio housing project. Such a located namely in Tenerife. It is open to the public and the best: you can spend a fantastic holiday. Name: Casas Bioclimáticas with the location in the scientific Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables.

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In this construction project funded by the Government of the island, you can spend his holiday in one of the 25, by different architects-designed, passive houses. Climate-neutral, CO2-neutral, with an only a few minutes walk away Beach and in exclusive architecture, a part of sci fi movies, at the Bauhaus, or in one case even to the “LOTR” suggests. The entire residential complex supplies itself over near wind turbines and solar cells that power even their own energy-intensive desalination plant for the production of salt water.

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Research and reality – if tourists encounter scientists

Despite the hot climate is consistently on waived before air conditioners down to röhrende and instead to intelligent cooling of homes. Since a stream then flows into one of the passive houses through the living room, while others have such as underground chambers and manholes. The daily rent per holiday home is approx. 130 to 180 euros in high season in summer. While the behavior of tourists is recorded in the House using sensors and collected data on energy consumption.

Everything is optimized for optimal climate impact. But the scientists have noticed over the years, which is the resort already in operation, their ideas and wishes and holiday guests sometimes run counter to. So many are used to keep open a window – though this unnecessary or even harmful scientifically for the energy balance from time to time.

climate-neutral holidays of casas bioclimaticas teneriffe

It’s bad for the climate, but a holiday must-have: car hire

Because the system compared to the traditional tourist hotels and holiday homes is somewhat secluded, many tourists will rely on a car. Shopping for daily needs want to be done, made excursions on the island. For the former, there is a special service though, but you know it: it does something traditionally prefer even – if not a Butler called his own. However, the reviews of the Casas Bioclimáticas are well within the scientific community.

The project is groundbreaking seen in the development of climate-neutral holiday plants – in addition to the leisure property developers from around the world gather again, directly on-site in Tenerife learn that and inspire to want to leave. Miren Iriarte, the spokeswoman of the Institute looks forward to these visitors as guests on holiday, because eventually both such diverse groups as multipliers help to carry the idea of climate neutrality in the world. At the same time they bring new ideas and provide various new data that enable further optimisation of the CO2 footprint of the resort alone their holiday.

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climate-neutral holidays teneriffe casas bioclimaticas