Climb, Climb, Climb: The Most Beautiful Destinations For Climbers Around The World

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Although you can spend a lifetime of climbing in the Alps, but who really wants to have seen everything, who must embark on a journey around the globe

Matterhorn? Boring! Zugspitze? Tourist magnet! Mont Blanc? Gääähn! If you think so, when he looks at a list of the most popular peaks of the Alps, will have thrown usually have an eye on other continents: time in the Rocky Mountains braving the elements? Or maybe somewhere else: climb the Andes mountains in South America? Or rather on the “roof of the world” made real by the height and the prestige of “boss of bosses”, climb Mount Everest? Or if you’re in Asia, maybe a detour after Australia make?

Climber and real climbing adventure begin often not the most prestigious walls, but there, where only insiders know

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The world is full of travel destinations, just waiting to be climbed with hooks, crampons and much perseverance. Follow us on a world trip around the globe in terms of mountain climbing. Of the Americas eastward until in the lonely expanse of Australia leads our tour. And even if some mountains a term being be not only fans, so they too are part of this special world map that doesn’t want to be one thing above all: boring.

The Rocky Mountains as North America’s largest mountain formation provide similar climatic conditions such as the Alps

mountaineers and climbers mountains around the world

(1) American Doppelkontinen

Entire books have been written about the mountain ranges between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego: the American double continent is no longer only climbing destination for locals, but often enough dream destination for adventurers from “Old Europe”. But where can an experienced Alpine climbers use? Perhaps in Utah, which has the nickname “Climbing paradise” not entirely without reason.

1.1 Utah – the climbing paradise

1.1.1 American Fork

The steppes-State of Mormons in the West of the United States. The fact that the Utahansjust made a gun designed by him to the State symbol John Moses Browning, in honor of one of its most famous sons, the engineer, shows: here, the clocks tick differently. While the State offers everything the heart of climbing: If you arrive in the summer, can climb cracks in blistering heat and in winter, when the State under a snow cover disappears, dieEisfans come at their expense.

Gorgeous: In Utah many climbing holidays can be spent, without being ever boring

summiteers mountain peaks worldwide mountaineers

Starting point for such a climb could be the town of American Fork in the Central North of the State. Located directly on the Wasatch Mountain Range , it is a magnet for skiers not only because its powder snow, but offers lots of exciting even for climbers. description

Some of the most challenging climbing routes of the whole State can be found to American Fork around. The ideal time is to arrive between spring until late summer. Afterwards, the snow season starts and it is full, for ice climbing in many places is possible then. During the climbing, there is hardly any traffic jams or waiting time alone due to the expansion of the area. highlights

Who dares to it should the Hell Cave between the Qu’eldiablo wall and the Light wall hike. There she waits with a degree of difficulty 5. 13a numbered wall. Although she is aligned to the South, the Hell Cave is shady and cool even in summer. route number, materials and other fundamentals

The underground in American Fork consists largely of limestone. The area covers a total of 60 climbing sections, which are all divided again in different routes and names such as The Bone Cave or cannabis wall were – baptized more than 500 pieces. equipment

Of equipment only the essentials must be included: there are shops in Utah in abundance. Buy place can bring themselves so depending on the dollar exchange rate and costs for special baggage on the plane quite worthwhile.

Mountaineer summiteers summiteers chart 1

1.2 Vermont – for ice cream fans

The small Vermont can be found in the northeast of the United States. For climbers, the State in which has it: here is not only the venue for Olympic Winter Games, but also the mount Pisgah with Lake Placid.

1.2.1 Mount Pisgah

Caution risk of confusion: there are mounts Pisgah namely just eight times in the United States. Is a dream of all ice climbers in northern Vermont though. Quite a few say that even the most beautiful ice routes of throughout the continental States are.

Experts sagem the mount Pisgah, there find the best ice routes throughout North America

summiteers Mountaineer beautiful nature pictures worldwide description

Mount Pisgah is located on the eastern shore of Lake Willoughby and is easy to reach across a parking lot. If you are travelling to ice climbing, should do so between January and March. During this period, the ice has reached its maximum thickness and quality of the climbing. Incidentally, depending on the route are also mixed styles possible. 1.2.1. 1 Kurzbeschreibung1. 2.1.1 short description highlights

Who is accustomed to alpine climbing, should commit itself to wall the 150-metre last gentleman . Caution on sunny days: then can the ice screws out melt faster, than one would like. route number, materials and other fundamentals

The base of Mount Pisgah consists of rock, ice, which is very evenly to climb about in winter. There are 31 route with difficulty between WI2 and WI6 depending on weather conditions. The following article explains exactly what these degrees. equipment

Ice screws and pimples are a must here. To secure themselves an Abalakov sling can be helpful. As ice-climbing the head should be protected at the Pisgah through a high-quality climbing helmet, which protects not only against rockfall, but also against injuries caused by falling ice. There are different variations, as shown in the following figure:

Mountaineer summiteers summiteers graphics customer link


1.3 Peru – in thin air

Who would like to adopt from the civilization, which must as Europeans long on the plane sit: in Peru, there are not only musical attractions, but also plenty of action for mountaineers. And not just because located here several 6000 Summit.

1.3.1 Cordillera Blanca – the Andes description

The name White Mountains or better white Cordillera suggests already, what is there in the North of Peru: not only with 33 peaks over 5500 meters the highest mountain range of the double continent but also strong glaciation, which make the area for both ice and rock climbers. A review on the trekking in the Cordillera can be read on

No less than 17 6000 peak in the Cordillera Blanca waiting for mountaineers. But be careful: the area is a total so high that acclimatisation is essential

Mountaineer targets worldwide summiteers nature pictures

The Cordillera Blanca is spread over a length of almost 200 kilometers through the Western Peru. Total 722 glaciers, 663 snow-capped peaks and 17 6000 waiting for mountaineers. But be careful: who is accustomed to only the Alps, should acclimatize themselves because of the height of the entire area. highlights

Who wants very high addition (and height has appropriate experience in these), should go the highest mountain in Peru at the 6746 meter-highHuascarán . The more southerly of the twin Summit located 91 meters higher, is frequented more. The base camp is located at 4200 meters.

Mountaineer summiteers summiteers graphics 2 route number, material and other fundamentals

Only two routes to the Huascarán: the normal route has a degree of difficulty of PD-AD. informs about the European scales for high gear here. The second route is called The Shield and is significantly more demanding with D +. The substrate consists of rock and ice, vergletschertem. If you have no experience, can hire from local guides. equipment

Climbing equipment is mandatory, wire ropes and ladders are installed on the route, however, should be rock hooks and hammer.

(2) Africa

Who thinks of Africa, only Safari trips, Lions, Tigers, and all sorts of other animals invade the, inhabiting the “black continent”. But also for climbers here quite interesting offers.

Although the vernacular from Mount Kilimanjaro to a mountain, may refer to the entire mountain range. The highest of the three volcanoes there is the Kibo

Kilimanjaro Summiteer mountaineering objectives mountains from around the world

2.1 Tanzania – mother Africa

2.1.1 Kilimanjaro

In Tanzania, in the South-East of the continent, is exactly this Safari-land, that was described above. In addition, but also the largest mountain of in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro rises.

The mountain massif of the West high forests stands on an area of 4800 square kilometers. The whole area is located on the East African rift system, is so volcanic in origin.

Less classic climbing equipment is required for the volcanic rocks of the Kibo as good walking shoes and high endurance

mountaineering objectives worldwide summiteers extreme sports description

Mount Kilimanjaro is mostly rugged Frost rubble desert stretching to the three dormant volcanoes of the Massif. With decreasing height meter number the area passes slowly into jungle, whereas snowfields are located further up. Kibois the highest of the three volcanoes and thus also the highest peak of the continent. highlights

As mentioned, the Kibo is a dormant volcano. His saddle runs on Mount Kilimanjaro in about 4300 meters altitude, the Summit rises once 1598 metres higher and makes the Kibo 5895 metres high. The good 4.5-square-kilometre crater that partially frozen like other parts of the Summit where here resulted in a significant reduction in global warming dominated the Summit. route number, material and other fundamentals

On Mount Kilimanjaro, alone six different climbing routes exist seven trekking routes. Who wants to climb the volcanic material, should note that it is not possible to classic rock climbing on the Kibo, the slopes are not steep enough. The tour is not easy yet: the mirror called it a few years ago also “the hardest walk of the world”.

Mountaineer summiteers summiteers graphic 3 equipment

The climbing equipment is rarely needed in the Kibonur. Hingegenbequeme hiking boots are much more important. Also, who considers “Retired equipment” sticks, should arrive without, because they help immensely in the partly steep sections. A complete equipment list can be found here.

(3) Europe

Yes, also the area of many European mountaineers belongs to such a world journey, especially, because here is the cradle of alpine climbing. Although no unbestiegener mountain is located in the Alps, aberdort there are some goals that every climber finds exciting.

The Alps: Here it all began for many European mountain fans. And so to speak, there is still much to discover

Mountaineer goals worldwide peaks mountains

3.1 Alps – the classics

3.1.1 Pitztal

One of these goals lies in the Ötztal Alps in the Austrian Tyrol: the Pitztal Valley. description

The Pitztal Valley is a valley of the Inn River measured about 40 kilometers and due to its location, one of the driest areas in Tirol. Climbers can spend many days, because around the Valley, just 62 climbing routes exist.

Around the Austrian Pitztal alpine climbing in its usprünglichsten form is possible

mountaineering objectives worldwide summiteers high mountains snow highlights

Who would like to gain experience for the climb of 3201 metres high PitztalerUrkundis offered. The tour takes up the northern ridge, and via the South Ridge down to the saddle of the witness. The difficulty level is III. The advantage: A descent passage can be found only on the South Ridge, the way up can be entirely climbed from professionals without backup. route number, material and other fundamentals

The Pitztal witness tour leads from 2434 m 3201-metre Summit. The best time for a tour is up in September by early June. The ground is Rocky and atop a particularly impressive views of the surrounding peaks is the Mountaineer. equipment

Classic high tours equipment. Depending on the weather conditions can be waived crampons, a 50-metre single rope for the South Ridge should be carried as well as terminal equipment and renewable Expressen.

3.1.2 of the Eiger – for professionals

158 years after his first ascent mountaineering highlight of the Alps is KurzbeschreibungDer Eiger. Although the difficult North wall dominates the perception, but the Eiger is generally a great mountain to climb. You can read more about the history of the mountain here.

The unmistakable Eiger North wall is extremely well today even for experienced climbers one “teaser”

Mountaineer targets mountains worldwide summiteers snow

3970 metres protruding peaks of the Eiger in the Bernese Alps. The normal route on the western flank. The southern flank was climbed first in 1932 for the first time. The north face, however, had to wait another six years for their first ascent. At that time because of some dead climbers asmurder wall decried, Ueli Steck 2015 climbed the north face in 2 hours and 22 minutes – a record, the mirror reported in detail online. highlights

The highlight of the Eiger remains its North wall, above all, because it is also experienced climbers with modern equipment with major challenges. The Heckmair Route may be considered classic after the ErstdurchsteigernHeckmair, Vörg, Harrer and Kasparek. Interesting: Who wants to, can climb here already virtually the North wall. route number, material and other fundamentals

Even if the north face “only” 1650 bridge altitude, so climbers because of the complicated structure of the wall have to travel almost three times. Today, route 33 – exist at least difficulty V alone on the North wall all and higher. The Eiger consists mainly of limestone, mixed with other rocks. equipment

The North wall consists of rock and Eis.Wer that goes Heckmair route, should not compete without mountaineering equipment, cats and even ice cream equipment. For safety’s sake, always appropriate catch should be because you are often bad existing in the wall.

(4) Asia

Hardly a climber passes the huge Asian continent which it has made to the target really “at the top” to stand. Because higher than here, at any other place on Earth.

The Himalayas – here is a picture of the air – the highest mountain range in the world and at the same time also the geologically youngest

high mountains climbers goals worldwide summiteers

4.1 the Himalayas

On the roof of the world, you have to tell nothing more passionate climbers. For lay people but some data: Good 1 million square km area between Pakistan and Burma, India and China. Ten of the world’s 14 8000 peaks are located here, also the Himalayas is the geologically youngest mountains of the planet.

4.1.1 Mount Everest – the boss

The Nepalese part of the Himalayas is he, the highest mountain in the world and also one of the most famous peaks, nearly every child knows: the Mount Everest. description

8848 meters – by moving the Indian continental plate to the North and rising. In the 1920s the first climbing expeditions all failed. Until 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made it to the top. Although a commercialization of Everest ascents held since the 80s, climbing to the boss of the bosses is not an inexpensive undertaking: several ten thousand dollars are for permits, spend a carrier and equipment (see chart below).

Although he is the highest mountain in the world and is also extremely difficult to climb, Everest is not the most difficult mountain of the Himalayas – this title due to the Annapurna, also an 8000 m peak, which was first climbed only from 190 people

mountaineering objectives worldwide summiteers all continents highlights

Nevertheless, the Everest is not a simple mountain and a highlight in itself. Especially the unpredictable weather makes difficult the rise especially for weather reasons exist only a short window of time – which means in turn that traffic jams form on some passages. route number, material and other fundamentals

A total 20 trails lead to the Summit of Everest – regularly be boarded only North and South route (the latter was the first ascent). All other routes were climbed mostly unique and are even more difficult. The final ascent to the slopes existing mainly from granite will take over one day. Who have to spend a second night at the close of the Summit, is in acute danger to life due to the impending hypothermia. The whole mountain has difficulty 4E. Without experience in the Alpine AD grade and routine in height an ascent is not only thinking over 6000 Meternsollte. equipment

Due to the extreme conditions on Everest also suitable equipment is required: oxygen, this protective clothing and all that is required for the climbing in cliques and on fixed ropes along. Also, Sherpas and yaks are condition to transport the equipment to the base camp. Here a look at what the British on the expeditions in the 1920s were wearing.

Mountaineer summiteers summiteers graphic 4(5) Australia

Even if rock is a many at the thought of the fifth continent of often only the Ayers, so it is excellent climbing in Australia but also in other places.

Red Earth, red stone: In Australia, climbers expect not only mountaineering, but also optical highlights

Mountaineer targets world's summiteers extreme sports climbing

Mountaineer summiteers summiteers graphic 5

5.1 blue mountains

In the Blue Mountains in New South Wales it can be to climb – a mountain range, which is namely only around 1000 meters high, but over 300 kilometers in North-South direction extending.

5.1.1 Mount York KurzbeschreibungDer mount York is one of the lowest mountains in this article with 1061 metres, however, is unique to the sandstone mountain. Before, because it is located in a nature reserve, and it heard there to so little hook to use, as possible climbing code not to damage all the mountain.

The mount York is in the midst of lush Eucalypt forests and is covered to a large extent by these plants.

The blue mountains, here of the echo point, got its name because the shimmering blue vapours from Eucalypt forests, which hangs over the region almost always

Mountaineer mountaineering objectives around the world highlights

Classic rock climbing is possible on the whole mountain. It’s especially nice on the Bard ‘ sLookout, which is waiting with a difficulty degree of 5.11a and is also equipped with solid adhesive hooks. Partially unsecured climbing walls at low altitude, which can cushion a possible fall or jump easily with the feet is there auchBouldern possible, so. route number, material and other fundamentals

The mount York composed almost entirely of sandstone and has a total of ten climbing routes, which are all below of 5.12. Especially on the weekends, many Australian climbers in the area come so perhaps can cause congestion and waiting times equipment

As already mentioned, the mountain to be climbed gently, therefore adhesive hooks are mandatory. Otherwise, a normal climbing equipment is sufficient. In any case, a small camera should be taken with due to the magnificent panorama.

(6) summary

There are exactly two types of climbers. The first has lost her heart to a certain region and can not even imagine ever somewhere else to climb. However, is absolutely nothing, finally climbing objects provide more than enough alone already dieAlpen for whole life. Who however belongs to the second type for which it is not only on the character of a mountain range, he wants to see more. And if you belong to this group, it can be worth, maybe sometimes to look at what are to climb it in the destination when planning your next trip. Climbing is finally everywhere, even on the next Rock next to the hotel.

climbers in the snow goals worldwide summiteers

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