Coffee Or Tea Drinking? Meet The Tea Ritual!

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Coffee or tea drinking cup healthy ritual

Like to drink tea, or prefer coffee?

If you home at night come and get cozy, didn’t include very often also a fragrant Cup to your quiet, relaxing evening tea and a good book? What I call pure already enjoy! But how can the perfect tea preparation? And what kind tastes best? Today we want to offer you a small tea time!

Drink coffee or tea? That is the question

coffee or tea drinking cup book

No doubt, the English number are one when tea drinking. There, you very often hear the question: “Shall I put the kettle on?” is what German: “I should put on water?” Especially if you lived through a crisis situation – no matter whether you feel just heartache or have lost your job – you can find the best solution from the most difficult situation just for a cup of hot tea.

The English are number one when tea drinking

coffee or tea drinking cup healthy ritual England British

In Germany, however, prefer drinking coffee. Cappuccino, latte macchiato or classical filter coffee – each citizen drinks 149 litres per year, according to the statistical studies of the industry. Tea is drunk much less and the drink is much lower on the popularity scale with the Germans: the tea consumption amounted to only 27 liters per year per head of the population.

But the good news is: tea is becoming more popular and sought after among the Germans. Everywhere in the country, new shops open and you can see filled tearooms.

coffee or tea drinking cup the tea is becoming more popular and sought after among the Germans

What kinds of tea to be drunk like?

The tea is different for color, flavor and preparation. And not every variety tastes like the newbie. In principle, there are four types of tea:

Black tea

Black tea is one of the most popular types of tea for the Germans. Here we must necessarily mention such as Earl Grey or Assam. The tea leaves have a copper color after fermentation and develop its typical taste.

Black tea is one of the most popular teas

coffee or tea drinking cup healthy teapot

Oolong tea

This tea variety is grown in Taiwan, India and China. The taste of oolong tends more to green than to black tea.

The oolong tea comes from Asia

coffee or tea drinking cup of oolong

White tea

The name comes from the white light on the tea buds – these are fine hairs that form a light fluff. Known varieties are here to name Yin Zhen and Pai Mu tan.

Take time and enjoy a cup of hot tea

coffee or tea drinking cup flower green healthy herbs

Green tea

Green tea is not fully fermented tea. The tea leaves are heated immediately after harvest to prevent oxidation. Thus the transformation of aromatic prevents substances, making the leaves retain their original, natural flavor. The best known species is the Japanese sencha.

According to an ancient Japanese tradition

coffee or tea drinking cup green lemon sugar

Also let’s not forget it, there are wonderful aromatic, tasty fruits and herbal teas, fresh infusions of mint or Chamomile leaves. These types of cheer up or calm – taste it just fine!

Stay healthy! Fruit and herbal teas will help you

coffee or tea drinking cup flower herbs healthy

In so many varieties, tea making is always a whole ritual: she hangs next to the objective criteria such as quality of the tea and water, Tea Caddy, and steeping time also by subjective factors that like for example our own mood. Varieties can taste every day otherwise the same tea. Is it the tea itself? On the water? Or?

Our fundamental recommendation to prepare is: understand the tea as a must-have! Find your personal way, which leads to the pleasure!

For gourmets – a delicious piece of cake or an other candy

coffee or tea drinking cup tea pot Candy Cake cookies

Each variety you find a tip for the dosage and preparation. Also, learn how much the recommended tea is set for a teapot.  And let’s be sure some minutes pull your tea, so as to can remove the valuable content and flavors in the infusion. A rather short Ziehzeit, vigorous varieties need green tea and light black tea tea – a slightly longer, should pull while herbal and fruit teas from 5 to 10 minutes.

One more last advice from us: best when the tea, use a pot made of clay or porcelain; Before the infusion should be preheated with hot water.

Some like it hot… and with a slice of lemon

coffee or tea drinking cup lemon mint tea pot

We hope today’s tea-time was interesting and comfortable for you!Want to drink now some more tea?

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